Should I Buy Silver Coins, Silver Bars, Junk Silver, or Silver Rounds? BEST SILVER NOW

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Welcome to Silver Pros sponsored by Bullion Max I'm your host silver dragons And I'm joined by my co-host Yankee Stacking what's up Yankee how you doing My friend doing good really excited Today we're talking about the best Silver for stacking right now and this Is a really important topic right Yankee Right now yes it's very important Premiums fluctuate quite a bit and we've Seen this over the last few years and so It's kind of always changing you know The best thing to stack two years ago is Not the best thing to stack now should You be buying coins rounds or bars Yankee let's start with junk silver junk Silver Also known as constitutional silver or 90 silver actually it's it's the coinage Like these quarters Um end dimes and half dollars that were Made of 90 silver And uh that is you know a great thing to Stack usually Morgan and Peace dollars Also fall into this category to some a Degree but they have a higher premium so Junk or constitutional is usually the Silver half dollar Um the quarters and the dimes so these Coins I mean they are made of 90 silver 10 copper traditionally they've been Actually a really good thing to stack But I feel like that's kind of changed Don't you

Unfortunately yes I think it's uh really Been overpriced uh right now and uh I Think it's you know the premiums have Gone out of control Yeah you know I would say junk silver is Definitely difficult to price if you're Not familiar with how to do it correctly It's a little confusing because when uh Bullion dealers and coin shops sell junk Silver uh they price it based on how Many dollars face value right so if You're buying one dollar face value you Know four quarters or ten dimes or Whatever you'll pay a certain dollar Amount they don't charge you based on The amount of ounces that you're buying So it's very confusing for new people Yeah it really is the rule of thumb that A lot of people use is a dollar 40 is Roughly an ounce worth of silver in uh Constitutional silver but you got to be Careful I mean it can be sneaky when you Look at the price and you go well that Doesn't sound that bad right yeah yeah Yeah exactly so whatever the dollar Amount is uh so for example a one dollar Uh face value purchase uh you're gonna Take that dollar amount times it by a Dollar forty so let's Let me Give an Example let's say you go into your local Coin shop tomorrow and they're selling a Dollar face value for 22 bucks they'd Say like 22x Um that would be over thirty dollars an

Ounce that you're actually paying for Your junk silver So it's that is it's Sneaky right you're Like oh I'm getting a good deal it's Only 22 but you you look at that and you Say it's 22 bucks an ounce but it's not It's actually it's not over 30 an ounce Those numbers just kill me man you and I I we were we were trying to fill our Guard house boxes I know I filled my Half dollar guard house box just Finished the quarter guard house box I Wanted to do a silver dime guard house Box but Can't do it I'm not doing it even though Supply is dwindling I know I just No I can't do it so would you say uh if Someone wanted to buy silver for like Investing or you know just silver Stacking in general they should probably Pass on the junk silver right now Yeah I I think you should I think it's Great barter material potentially it's Really why I stack it Um but you know like that other than That I think it's just something I'm not Focusing on at the moment yeah so and Then uh the next category would be Silver coins Um these can be a great option and Historically you and I have both stacked A lot of silver coins right Yankee yes The American Silver Eagle uh the Canadian maple leaf we've put a lot of

Time and effort into those but there are Others like the Philharmonic the Britannia Like these Yeah yeah there's a lot of them they're Sovereign Silver made by a uh government Mint exactly exactly so it'll have a Face value on it Um you know it'd be a dollar two dollars Or whatever Um other good ones would be like the Kangaroos yeah from Australia those are Good the crew grants from South Africa Those could be a good option so I would Say if you want to buy silver coins you Know try and figure out which ones are Priced the cheapest and go with those Um American silver eagles man those used To be like the best thing to stack for a Long time and now the the premiums are Outrageous yeah you even said I forget What what was it maybe on our last Silver Pros you were saying that the Eagles had reached a hundred percent Premium yeah at that point in time they Were they have pulled back some yeah but They're still fluctuating around that I Mean that's insane you're literally Paying double the price for for you know Over spot price it's it's ridiculous so I would say yeah definitely don't buy uh The Eagles I mean Yankee I know you're Working on that monster box that we can See here on your screen uh britannia's

But you're not doing that anymore I'm Probably gonna finish it off by the end Of the year all right just because I Can't stand a half full you know mini Monster box but really this is not where I'm focusing on as well I I gotta do it Right yeah you're close I'm close enough To pay a little extra and be done with It but if I was just starting I wouldn't Go after these right so yeah people that Are new Um I would agree I would say avoid the Silver coins unless you find a really Good sale Um or or maybe I don't know your local Coin shop they have an abundance of the Silver fill harmonics or something and They're doing a deal you know who knows Black Friday deal if I see a Britannia Black Friday deal I'm getting it jumping On it I am Yeah I gotta Gotta Buy the sales Um okay so we talked junk silver silver Coins what about silver rounds what do You think about those oh I'm really Starting to focus on Silver rounds now They are always a good option uh they Tend to be cheaper than most of the Silver coins junk silver they come in Some really good size one ounce rounds Is really what I I focus on it's great It's great for a lot of stackers a lot Of budgets yeah yeah one ounce size is Definitely the best size to stack when

You're starting off and really for Anyone even if you already have a big Stack one ounce in my opinion it's Definitely the best size so yeah would You care what kind of design it is Misty I couldn't care less Uh for silver rounds I mean okay some of Them look cooler than others obviously Sure Um so but if I was to buy a silver round Let's say there was five options I would Pick the cheapest option every single Time Um unless unless the design is so Egregious and there's one like for five Cents more you know that's really cool That has a dragon on it oh yeah if it Has a dragon clearly I'm gonna buy that One You know I've always been partial to the Uh Buffalo but I found that they can be Slightly more expensive so I've kind of I'll avoid them if they're more Expensive I don't have to get a buffalo But some people really love them and Have to get a buffalo yeah I would say Definitely Um the design is not the most important Thing the most important thing is that It's legitimate you know it's an ounce Of silver Um you know make sure you're buying from A trusted dealer like our sponsor Bullion Max let me just uh show them

Right here so Bully Max I've actually Bought from them many times never had Any issues Um so feel free to check them out There'll be a link in the description And uh definitely check out their deals I always when I go to a website the First thing I do go right to the deals Uh because you know I just like to get a Good price so I feel like you know That's what you should do right Absolutely So uh okay what is the last category Yankee Oh yeah my favorite right silver bars Not your favorite no they're very Similar to Silver rounds in fact there Really isn't much of a difference Between the silver round and a silver Bar one's round ones Square rectangular So but and they do come in all kinds of Sizes and they probably are the best Bang for your buck when you're looking To stack purely For weight and you don't care about Anything else right yes yes I would Agree so my top two choices for stacking Right now for people who want to just Stack silver you know get a good deal Maybe they're looking at it as an Investment potentially Silver rounds and then silver bars and As you mentioned they do come in a lot Of different sizes the most popular

Sizes are going to be the 10 ounce the Kilo and the 100 ounce So and the bigger you get the lower the Premium Um so if you can afford it if you're a Heavy hitter the 100 ounce bars are a Great option I mean you're gonna get Probably the lowest premium on that as Compared to anything else And the heavier the bar the more likely The hernia Okay don't buy the Thousand ounce comex Bars I've never bought one uh but They're extremely heavy so I just bought My very first temp I know this is gonna Be hard to believe but I just bought my Very first 10 ounce bar Proclaim it was A liberty silver bar and I got it for a Really really good price I'll be Unboxing it next week Um but Yeah it's just you know when I'm if if Yankees buying silver bars you know Something big has changed right because You know it's crazy right now and it's Sometimes you just gotta get what you Gotta get silver silver right Bud yeah Yeah absolutely I couldn't agree with You more Yankee Um so yeah those are basically the Different categories you could be Stacking uh me and Yankee it seems like We both agree kind of hold off on the Junk silver be cautious with the silver

Coins you know really look at the Premium Um and then silver rounds and silver Bars those seem like the go-to all right Well I think that's it guys thanks so Much for watching yes we will see you Next time On Silver Pros stack like a pro Foreign

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