Seth Stephens-Davidowitz On What Makes People Happiest – Retire Sooner

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A lot of things that make it tend to Make people unhappy are things you kind Of have to do in the maintenance of life So working it for example uh this is Kind of depressing working was the Second least happy activity it was just Slightly above being sick in bed hold on Okay so you got to be kidding me so out Of the 40 yeah the 40 the okay give me Alex give me the bottom couple here That's crazy I actually I would have Told I actually thought you were gonna Say like working was number like five or Six on the list Is very low It's number 39 39 yes sick in bed is Number 40. Yeah it's kind of depressing isn't it That's amazing what if what was 30 like 38 Care or help for adults Uh you know not telling people do that Often but if you're caring for Mom or Dad uh that doesn't make people happy uh Waiting queuing Waiting in line yeah uh administrative Finances organizing Seminar class Traveling commuting Oh yeah and you know just alone is 34. Wow okay and housework chores and do it Child's work and chores is 33. So one of the things you see in the Activities at the very bottom

Is there the annoying things that you Have to do as a part of life right so You can't not wait in lines uh you can't Not work presumably you have to feed Yourself uh you have to take care of Administrative Finance organizing you Might have to commute you have to do Housework chores do it yourself So I think the fact that those Activities perhaps not surprisingly rank So low Is one of the reasons that People above were a net worth of eight Billion dollars or ten million dollars Do legitimately get a boost in happiness Because if you're if your net Worth's That high you are able to do a lot more Fewer of those annoying things

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