Robert Kiyosaki – WARNING a Crash is Coming! BUY SILVER NOW

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm going to unpackage Some silver that I recently picked up It's silver coins I want to show you What I bought and talk about why I Picked what I did but also I want to go Over some tweets that Robert Kiyosaki Recently put out there he is calling for A crash and he's also doubled down on His 500 silver prediction so we're gonna Dive into that let's do it [Music] Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel alright so before we Unpackage this silver which I'm dying to Do first let's jump into the recent Tweets that Robert Kiyosaki has put out There many of you know Robert Kiyosaki Has been around for a long time talking About gold and silver and how you should Get away from the dollar because it's Just fake money so let's check out these Tweets the first one we're gonna look at Was posted on January 28th uh he says One is worse than a Great Depression a Global recession unfortunately we are in Global recession hang on rough Landing For World bad news bankruptcy Unemployment homelessness soar

Retirements toast good news Bargains Everywhere gold silver Bitcoin Priceless Now one thing I will point out is that Robert Kiyosaki he does like Bitcoin He's into the cryptos or more Specifically just Bitcoin but I Personally am not really into kryptos I Think it's still the crypto Casino There's a lot of counterparty risk so he Does talk about Bitcoin quite a bit uh But he also talks about gold and silver And he thinks that you should be Investing in gold and silver or at least Transferring your fake dollars into real Money right so buy gold buy silver this Is something that he thinks he should do This is something that I think you Should be doing as well now he does talk About you know us being in a global Recession how unemployment's getting Worse and he actually has another tweet Where he uh addresses this uh more in Detail so let's check out that one this Tweet is more recent being posted on February 10th he says crash is here Silicon Valley First Domino's fall Laying off 144 4 000 in 2022 66 000 more in 2023 Valentine's Day Massacre predicted by Stansberry Research everything will crash including Prices gold silver and Bitcoin do not Panic good news I will buy more gold Silver Bitcoin real money with fake

Dollars so he is predicting there's Going to be a crash right so this Recession that we're in it is a global Recession uh but it's not really looking Like recessions we've had in the past at Least not yet and Robert is saying we're Starting to get there now he says Valentine's Day Massacre right nothing Really crazy happened on Valentine's Day However it could be delayed a few days Who knows he is calling for everything To crash including prices of Gold Silver And Bitcoin now what I want to point out Is that in the past when we have seen The stock market dip dramatically Usually gold and silver prices and Bitcoin as well go down initially but They bounce back very fast so if we do See a crash those low prices are not Going to last very long so definitely Back up the truck he says good news I'll Buy more gold silver Bitcoin real money With fake money or fake dollars rather And uh yeah that's that's literally what You're doing you're taking your Monopoly Money US Dollars it's just a fiat Currency whatever you want to call it Converting it into real money so let's Look at one more tweet that he put out Even more recently than this one so on February 12th he writes giant crash Coming depression possible fed forced to Print billions in fake money by 2025 Gold at five thousand dollars silver at

500 and Bitcoin at 500 000. why because faith in U.S dollar Fake money will be destroyed gold and Silver God's money Bitcoin people's Money take care so this is pretty Interesting because he recently Predicted silver would be at 500 this Year in 2023 in fact early in the year Is what he had predicted that certainly Is not the case I mean Silver's what Around 21 22 dollars right now and so We're nowhere near that uh but also What's interesting to note is that if Gold goes up to five thousand dollars an Ounce uh by the year 2025. that's not Even a 3X gain for gold right I mean That's not that big of a gain we've seen Gains like that in the past it's not That crazy for silver to go from where It's at right now to 500 an ounce that's Like a 22 23 x gain in just a couple of Years that's a massive gain for silver And it's pretty similar for Bitcoin from Bitcoin to go from where it's at now to 500 000 it's like a 22 23x gain so if You had to pick you know should I buy Gold silver or Bitcoin right now kind of The odd one out is gold and I would not Be buying gold right now because the Gold silver ratio really is leaning Towards silver I mean certainly you can Buy some gold it's great to diversify I Have gold I like owning gold but I think Silver is a better buy right now and

Then between silver and Bitcoin I Obviously prefer silver I think there's A lot of counterparty risk when it comes To bitcoin uh there's lots of Regulation That could take place in the near future And uh honestly I still think it's kind Of just the crypto casino right so it's Not really investing it's not really Safe but silver is a great place to Store your wealth and so that's what I'm Doing speaking of storing wealth in Silver let's go ahead and open up these Silver coins that I recently picked up I'm so excited I've been waiting for These for a number of months but really I've been waiting for them for a number Of years and once you see what they are You'll kind of understand what I'm Talking about these are the type 2 Silver britannias for 2023 so if you Remember the type 1 silver britannias Those had Queen Elizabeth on them and She is of course now deceased and so King Charles is on the new type 2 silver Britannias and it's great to have a new Face on the coins it's been a long time Coming if we look at the back of the Coin we can see britannia's on this side It says 2023 up top this is identical to The type 1 silver britannias so no Change on the reverse of the coin at all But obviously there's a big change to The obverse because now we have King Charles on this side so all in all I

Think it's not a better design per se Than the one with the queen on it it is Nice to have a new face but honestly Nicely I don't feel like it looks that Great I kind of wish they would have Just thrown out the monarchs all Together right and just gone with a Dragon or something Obviously I think that would be way Cooler but uh either way look this is What we got it's certainly better than What we had before if we look at them Side by side I mean to me the queen was Just I don't know she was on the coins For such a long time a lot of us got Annoyed with it and it seemed like every Time I get a new silver coin I could Only look at half of it because the Queen was on the other side and it just I don't know it gets old after a while And so I guess it's nice to have the King it is a change of pace but you know There would have been better options so It is what it is I think it certainly is An improvement although just very slight Improvement and we're probably going to Get really bored of Charles uh really Quickly here so I'm sure in a few months Or a few years I'll be saying come on Let's get someone new on these coins or Whatever but anyway those were my Pickups let me know what you think of The new new type 2 silver britannia's The reason I bought them is because they

Were on sale and I got a pretty good Deal on them and so I'm happy that I was Able to pick them up I ended up buying Eight of them simply because I needed to Get the free shipping and you have to Spend over 200 on most of these websites To get the free shipping so all in all I Think it was a good purchase I like to Buy coins rounds bars whatever's cheap Or on sale and these certainly were Cheap and on sale when they were Pre-sale so I'm not sure what they're Going for right now I don't think They're going to be worth a lot of money In the future but I'm happy I picked Them up when I did so anyway let me know What you think about those tweets Down Below in the comment section that Robert Kiyosaki put out I want to say thank you For watching my video and I will see you All in my next one silver dragons out

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