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[Music] So you said something about putting Content content out all the time for two Years we can't blink so I wanted to talk About the the multi platform strategy Right because obviously you have 1.2 Million Instagram followers 2.8 million YouTubers so is the content being Specifically made for each platform or Is it just like all right I made the Content uh for YouTube I made this Content for Instagram maybe I made this Content for tick tock and if that is a Strategy which is the best platform that We should be living on I I don't know if there's a best Platform and content is very hard like I'm sure you guys know to be able to Produce like at volume at scale is a Very difficult so I love the idea of Repurposing so say you have you know You've got this one piece of content or Someone films one piece once a week one YouTube video and then they then chop it Up to work on all the other platforms as Well there are ways that you can upload One piece of content into certain Websites and they can produce a Transcript for you they can provide the Text version and they can provide a Caption version as well so I would make One piece and then cut that one piece Into like five different pieces Including text and then I would put that

On all the different platforms and then If I have time I'll then make original Pieces of content to go onto other Platforms as well but I think YouTube is Like the number one spot like first like There there is where you can actually Build depth of audience and people who Genuinely care about the brand long term Perfect what are two platforms that you Think that people are not posting on Enough and if they did it will allow the Brand to have like a lot higher Following and traction Um It really does very Very time where brands are all working On Snapchat so they're like in briefs I Was getting Snapchat briefs and they're Like we'll pay you this they're not Doing Snapchat briefs anymore they said We like Snapchat isn't a goal or a Target for us anymore I remember getting That email so I could have chosen to Stop uploading on Snapchat but there is Still audiences and people on Snapchat So it's all about the balance like do You want audience or do you want brand Attention so I think most social media Managers for any company is kind of Being aware of all the platforms but Then internally they will have their own Directive Um of what's important to them so Fundamentally again be on all platforms

Get as many eyes on your content as you Can Um but I know that's hard so maybe focus On just too Um let me ask you this credit let's talk About some Finance stuff uh another Credit system is is different on the UK Than it is in America so what are some Of the biggest mistakes um let's talk About the UK side what are some of the Biggest mistakes on the in the UK that People make that you see uh when it Comes to credit I mean is it Is it I don't know if it's really really Different from the US I think if correct Me if I'm wrong but from my Understanding like credit cards like you Have the same access to credit cards That we do in America Yeah yeah more or less but I think There's a little bit more protection so It's more protection in the UK right Yeah yeah yeah there's more protection In the UK in that Um young younger people often Um there's more regulation about who can Have credits advertised to them so there Is some kind of security for people who Are younger and impressionable Um who won't necessarily be able to get Access to credit earlier and I think as Well they do a lot more checks before They give people credit but again

Sometimes the credit system can be quite Predatory as well and they will kind of Um attract people who are less informed About how to use credit I think that Problem is like a global problem though America might be the worst for it thanks Yeah appreciate sorry guys but I Remember I mean because even even years Ago I remember when the UK was the first One to really ban crypto on credit Because you used to be able to buy Coinbase you used to be able to buy Cryptocurrency on credit card and I Remember Um the UK was like the first country to Stop that and the America was still Allowing it for a long time but the UK Had stopped it earlier so I feel like There's more safeguards and more you Know regular summer protections yeah Yeah there's a lot more regulation it's Around advertising around credit around I think fundamentally the country wants To protect people from making Financial Financially risky decisions now risk Isn't always a bad thing but again it's A bad thing to people who are uninformed So I think yeah there's more regulation Around that when it comes to credit and Credit and crypto I did not know you Could get crypto on credit yeah yeah I Can see why that would be bad because Don't do it yeah so what it's so what Are some of your tips for credit just in

General I mean in general it's one Having credit so this is the mistake That I've made in the past and I've seen Some people who are from more Conservative backgrounds so actually Like lots of us are from you know Immigrant families and so our immigrant Families often told us don't get credit Credit is very bad don't borrow money It's not your money so actually a lot of Us lacked having any credit that was a Big problem so even for myself I think I Had money I had a job I was consistent And I remember when I wanted to get my First mortgage I didn't have any credit I had no credit history whatsoever so I Think people actually building a credit History when they're younger is really Important and to like know how to build Good credit is is something that a lot Of people need to focus on here and that Not all credit is necessarily bad but You just need to be careful with it Yeah so obviously you've built the Following you're able to to monetize and Align with Brands but one of the things You said in our conversation is that you Were able to save and so I wonder where That that Financial discipline came from What are some of the strategies that you Use to save and budget because a lot of People want to invest but they don't Have the money to do it right and Sometimes you have to figure out what am

I going to do with my money am I going To save I'm investing am I going to Spend it and so how did you come up with Your strategy Um what was my strategy I mean I've been Very broke like I know what it is to not Have a lot so I think I'm naturally an Extremely cautious person and just Because the the money is rolling in like Now like you just never know what could Happen next which is a mindset I also Still try to like fight against but I Also think that's a good thing I'm glad That I had that level of Let Me Be Careful with my money and I also had Some tax issues as well like when I Would when I first started my career and Ended up owing the government money and I remember like realizing that I had I Didn't have enough savings to pay the Government this tax this tax thing that I had to pay them and so after that I Was always I'm always going to make sure I have money aside to pay anything that Comes up so I think I was just raised to Kind of save I've struggled enough to Know that you need to have some Protection and then stuff happened that Made me learn I need to have money on The side How much of your Gross revenue or gross income are you Putting aside because I think Entrepreneurs need to hear that part and

Also can you tell us about how you are Actively like living below your means And why that's important to you I mean it's all relative I think I put Most of my money aside like I don't Really spend that much money Um I think that right I use my Corporation to spend right so everything Is a business expense besides my home And my mortgage and my kids schooling Um so I try and align all of my spending To only things that my business needs And like just some personal fun things Here and there but it's really not a Huge ratio based on how much I earn Because my main desire for most of my Income is basically to invest it like I Just want to keep buying houses so That's the thing that I enjoy and I Bought bags I bought premium bags in the Past you know you know Hermes and all That jazz and I'm like this is fun but I'd rather have like something that's Got bricks and mortars like yeah life is Good but you can say air base and Jazz Like yeah yeah yeah you just Appreciating that yeah I've got all of That I've got I've Had The Vibes like I Don't know I think you get to a place Where you're like this is great this is Cute but it's like still stuff like it's Still material stuff so for me like it Doesn't entice me as much as seeing Other things grow but I think that's

Just where my head is at but again I've Always loved It's always important to Like enjoy yourself buy certain things That you that give you You know that feeling Um but for me personally it's not a Prioritization because there's still Things and goals that I have that I want To do So let's talk about the real estate uh I Know you just bought it properly on on Auction Um can you talk about that process and I Kind of like walk us through it for Anybody in the UK that might be Interested in kind of you know taking That route yeah so auctions are like Fabulous I love a good auction Um I bought a house previously on Auction and that has really grown gone Up probably double in value and then um The process is fundamentally going on to Rightmove which is similar to you guys Have Zillow Um same thing and you will see that Auction houses are are on site but you Can't really search specifically auction Houses Um but what I found is that most agents Have kind of an auction arm so once you Like quite start to learn who these Different auctioneers are you'll know That one day a month they have an Auction and they put their Lots up

Probably a week before a week to two Weeks before that lot's gonna happen so You can actually sign up to all of the Different auction websites look at all Of the different lots and then look at What homes you may want to be able to Buy the one thing I've noticed is that Their list prices Are very fake so they might list the House for a hundred thousand pounds like You're like what you can buy a two Bedroom house for a hundred thousand Pounds that house is going to go for 250 Minimum so I I think that people should Just be aware that the bargains that They think they're going to get at Auction aren't necessarily always a Bargain so again doing the maths and the Calculations beforehand is very Important yeah when you said about uh Every time you get cash you're looking To buy new real estate I wonder what Type of uh homes are you looking for is It like a single family lot or is it two Things like what is your your method When you're trying to find a new home So I look at my existing portfolio and I Think about what I do have and what I Don't have so I have a four bedroom Family house already in one specific Part of London right so I don't want Another house next door that's exactly The same because actually it's too Similar like it it's the same thing so

Then I then buy I'll buy another Two-bedroom house which maybe is better For students and that is in near a University location or I might purchase A home that's more premium in the city That I want to Target city workers in or I want to buy somewhere that's more Lower income so I can provide Um more affordable housing from maybe People who are on government housing so In my portfolio I have a mixture of like Different homes that um that provide Different values in different locations As well [Music] I know they can't stand it

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