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How Property Fund Investors Can Fare Better Than Real Estate Developers

Most real assets are performing better than the volatile stock market. But for some, property funds hold greater attraction over developed real estate.

How Much Communication Should You Expect From a Joint Venture Planning Team?

Financial laws in the UK require a certain degree of transparency with all investments. With JVP land investing, on-going communications is essential.

How Land Is Purchased at an Optimal Low Price

Purchasing land at an optimal price requires timing and skill from the investor. Several factors can affect the current and future of undeveloped land, not the least of which are specific characteristics of the property itself and the overall economy. The first aphorism of investing is simply this: “Buy low and sell high.

How Have Property Funds Performed Since 2010

Investors in property development are presented with a very mixed picture in 2013. Several variables suggest it’s a tricky market – with a few bright spots.

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