NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT CAN’T BE SOLD – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Never bought anything that can't be sold Now the word never of course that's a Little strong But try not to buy too many things that Can't be sold Because eventually you might need to Sell soft right yeah so this goes to This is advice for the rappers and the Athletes and it's like yeah you're Buying these things you're buying a Bunch of clothes three hundred thousand Dollars a month on clothes bust down Watches Lamborghinis Still do it so when I say like don't Like what can be sold Stocks Plain Jane watches real estate These are things that You might need to liquidate at some Point assets only buy things that can be Sold And it's like even going back to like Just from a security standpoint and this This is something that you know they Need to have like a class for like new People that get money with Like Rappers And stuff like that if you really think About it like I was talking to one of my Friends and I'm like All these rappers like if you really Think about it you only get robbed for One or two things you get robbed for uh A chain a flooded chain or like a bust Down watch but it you can't they can't

Take what you don't have you know the Best way to get not get robbed don't Have it Don't have nothing on you they can't Take what you don't have like we was in A dinner the other day it was me Troy Another gentleman I'm like we could have A million we could have a billion Dollars between us three right now and a Robber come in he gonna walk right past Us because we don't we don't have Anything that you can take they're not Going to hold you hostage it's not like A third world country they're going to Hold you hostage but they will try to Kill you for a necklace that really Costs twenty thousand dollars In the grand scheme of things you know What's so crazy about a necklace that Costs 20 000 it just looks like it costs A lot of money you probably gotta spend Ten thousand dollars a month in security Just to secure it so over the course of A couple of months you're going to spend More money in security than your jury Cost and you can't even sleep at night Because you're so scared to try to take It from you so it's like this goes back To just having a certain level of Insecurity you're doing this because You're insecure and you're trying to Make up for it but I promise you the Same girl that you could have got with The necklace you could have got without

The necklace you really could have big Fundy you really could have no you Really could have somebody doing that Though I bagged a bunch of them but so You really gotta start thinking about it Is it is it really that that cool is it Worth it it might be but to me it's not Worth it And uh It's just that simple you can't take They can't take what you don't have So it's like and also to walk through Any neighborhood and have nothing on and You're gonna be okay as soon as you put This costume jewelry on and it might not Even be real but now what you're doing Is that you're taunting people that are Starving and now you're making yourself A Target So if you're not even properly secured Now you're really gonna be on a dinner Plate and to actually not be on a Thinner plate you got to spend so much Money in security that that's more of a Liability than anything I want to title this don't be end up on A dinner plate Only buy things that can be done and and That's tier one of thievery tier two are The investment professionals advisors That may steer you wrong record labels If you die they get all your royalties And perpetuity your masters Um

Kevin Garnett got clicking for 30 something million right Tim Duncan Got taken for 40 something million You think Hussein got taken By accident by accident I really believe when these deals come Through And this is why I hate the Handler thing The Handler thing in Hollywood was Created to keep the artists or Entertainment drugged up That's why I want to handle this I think the agents A lot of times hand Off the money and the contracts amongst Their peer groups and say hey let's wait Four or five years and then drink and Drive Nicholas Cage has 722 movies on Netflix Doesn't have the net worth that he Should because money was squandered yes But Advisors And people that have POA over his Account stolen out of money as well You got to be careful Watch for the thieves be careful yeah The last thing Remember that remember that act like you Scrambling Only buy things that can be sold save Three times before you spin Say three times before you spend save Money learn how to save You know what I'm telling you you're

Spending money on things it's an amazing Money on things that when you look back On it it's not even worth it and I'm Guilty of it like I spent so much money On clothes it's not it's not worth it You can't be an extremist you got to Have fun you gotta take a vacation you Got to buy clothes but Be careful Be careful because all of the money that You're spending on on women on clothes On cars on jury When the rain comes because it's going To rain when the rain You need an umbrella the rain came to Paint can be mindful yeah be mindful All right Um Let's talk about Ken Griffin That was a five segment though Jury's the way most juries away smoke Clothes You know what and what we'll talk about Um our our journey at the world economic Forum but It's not even respected that's another Thing too it's like you You doing things that is respected In in our neighborhoods yeah but it's um You want to look like a clown yeah like A mascot yeah like a mascot like imagine A mascot imagine how you imagine if you Was in the street right now and you saw The mascot for I don't know the yank the

Atlanta Braves or somebody whoever like They saw a random mascot walking down The street you would look like yo what The hell is a mascot so when when you're Around people with real money and And you this is how you look like a Mascot I think that's the first sign of The that somebody has just come into Money like especially in the in the Rooms and the streets we were walking You didn't see any of that you didn't See any of it and I'm not I'm not Knocking anybody that does that but it Was one of those signs like okay well we Don't want people to know we have it we Have it but if you know you know because If you know what you know when the dude Came up to us yeah he said yeah nice Watch Let's start the conversation that the First thing we're going to talk about Let's start the conversation there based Off of your watch yeah this is the nice Watch table No diamonds Be mindful please Um Ken Griffin Citadel had the biggest Citadel hedge Fund history 16 billion dollars Uh legendary situation Absolutely number one hedge fund Um talk about things number two was uh Well and then I'll talk about number two

Who y'all think Chapel is so like got His hands into Robin Hood amazing retail Traders want to dominate let me get a Little piece of that People want to be in crypto let me get a Little piece of that and put my hands in There Marco wants to fall apart going Back to the park to the Jones lesson you Have to be in flow with the market even The best time to make the most cash is When there's chaos There's a reason I kept screaming but Can is one of those ones and um John Paulson straight was amazing that was Classified as the best trade ever up Until this point but The Knockout 16 Billion in a down Market to produce Incredible Alpha for clients but most People think that it wasn't possible I can't do nothing but tip my hat off to It um this is a legendary trade Legendary Quarter in a year for them that's why I Would say follow the money outside of The Robin Hood debacle we didn't hear Much from Ken now compare that to Kathy Woods of 2020. I love Kathy I told you about this Showing demise but the best investors Best CEOs that I like the most once Again are really quiet like it's a quiet Display of Love That headline of 16 Billion looks better than whatever

Proposed returns that Kathy was going to Have in 2020. Follow the money go look at their Portfolio see the top five things you're Invested in for my traders of the super Serious Go reverse engineer everything That they're doing and everything that They traded to see at what levels What Percentages down that we're looking to Short and buy background kudos to Citadel yeah 16 billion is a record It's a lot of money it's a lot uh Ray Dalio at 6 billion You might have heard of them not bad Shout out Ray In 2022 when most people looked at the Market as It was a bear Market this is why hedge Funds you know make sense Yeah there's a couple people who did not Report though so I know George Santos he They didn't have his uh his his uh Accumulation of wealth for the year so We'll see what he comes in at but um Yeah 16 billion I don't know if it's Gonna be 16. but it could be 16 a hell Of a number So we'll see you have to follow the flow I know sometimes you make investments so Hard but if you see and that's why I say Even for everyone listen even if you're Not the biggest fan of me Doesn't matter like if I say I we see a Sector is going to crash your first

Thought should be let me short that Sector until I see a reversal point Doesn't mean I don't like the sector I'm Like this let's make money as it goes Down great if it turns around let's go Back up even when I said Bitcoin nine Grand like a Bitcoin goes to 9 Grand I'm Going to put a lot of money in it there Because I know a lot of Institutions Will buy if we look at Crews crew went To like a historical Um 2020 it went back to the 1986 lows I'm gonna popped back up to the 50 level And now it's been sliding back down like There's opportunity that's always There's no such thing as a bad Market Just bad introduced into it [Music]

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