ELON MUSK FACES RACIST BACKLASH – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Let's get some social commentary before We leave Elon Musk takes over Twitter Shows up with a sink Plans on firing a lot of people CFO CEO Um Rob censorship Immediately first action first thing he Did Um so some people have said that that Have led to racism and And racist things being said 19 Keith Said he's actually a proponent for it Because uh Freedom wonderful what Exactly freedom of speech Um he said his his Twitter's been more Popular now than it ever was before Um mine too yeah I would agree with that So How do you feel about this how do you Feel about what he's doing Um right now and uh specifically about The uh I guess you call it freedom of speech Situation Um if he doesn't fix this quickly uh Twitter returning to the new 4chan they Do what they'll turn into the new 4chain If they don't fix this what what is that A fix like explain some people might not Be educated or exactly you should not be There should not be a 500 increase in The use of the n-word after you buy in Three days Well because it's because you can say it

Now that's that's why it's a 500 Increase because I mean that's easy like If you let people say of course there's A lot of racist people and there's a lot Of stupid people and then some people Are just going to do it just to do it Because now you're allowed so you're Allowed to say the n-word with the ER At the end like the hard ER were you Allowed to say the a before or no Yeah you can say that but you could say That hey you can always say You can always say to a yeah right but You couldn't say the ER Right Um is that true yeah that's true I mean Yeah the only only rappers they always Tweeting I I I I don't know this to be 100 factual if anybody's in the chat That has a direct answer but I'm Assuming that you could always tweet a But you couldn't tweet er no yeah but But you are what you attract so are also Too and I know people a lot of people Like somebody even messing me like hey How can you repost something about Elon And he's a racist man I don't want to go Down this deep dark hole but if you Gonna be honest almost all of the big Tech platforms have some sort of racism Inside of the culture I mean all of Almost the whole entire world If that was a deciding fact that we Wouldn't we wouldn't be alive I think he

Saw that and he actually tweeted about He's they're still going through the Process of creating new guidelines for How Twitter is going to operate what Those guidelines will look like no clue But the ERS I think that was a response To it the ERS are necessary That's a fact If he wanted to stop it immediately as Quickly as he fired the CEO and CFO he Can stop it in one day yeah yeah and They're going to start reactivating Accounts that they were once suspended So that's going to be interesting too The ER traffic number one will be who Coming to the stage a former former President of the United States I'm sorry I'm sure he's the first he's backlit I Mean but freedom of speech is it's very Very Um tricky situation because like your Your favorite platform Tick Tock I hate Them because no they take it too far and That that the AI system isn't good Enough so they they delete our post all The time they and it's not even nothing To do anything but it could just be Something that like them say like that Just is triggering something and it's Like oh this is inappropriate I'm like How it's talking about a 30 a.m mortgage Inappropriate like I'm saying that Happens to us all the time And forget about trying to curse on Tick

Tock you can't say any curses you can't Play anything with curses in it at all Um they're probably the most censored Platform that I've ever seen And that's a problem because it's like All right well This is America and it's not illegal to Curse it's not illegal like you know so It's a thin line between is it illegal To curse in China in public But that's the problem we're not in China we're in America so when you have A Chinese company And that's why I always said that uses It is here and that's why I always said I don't trust tick tock the Chinese have A horrible human rights record they have A horrible Um history of Oppression and not having Rights for their citizens you can look It up so it's well documented long story Short How do we balance that how do we balance It right how do we balance free speech And hate speech because hate speech is Detrimental and it's not positive so of Course we don't want to promote we don't Want to promote neo-nazis we want to Promote racism but how do you balance That with you know hate speech though With um freedom of speech Also two people have to remember that There are a couple segments that are not Protected by free uh free speech

Um defamation Fraud And I predicted Kanye we get two by the Floyd family that is now True uh child pornography Fighting words or threats So the just going off the incitement and The fighting words because a racial slur Technically is classified as fighting Words that's one main reason that should Not be allowed on Twitter but even that See that's that's when you start going Down a rabbit hole fighting words that's Fifty percent of rap artists at one Point in time have threatened another Person another artist some have even Went on Instagram live with each other And in his entertainment is Banter their Accounts never gets shut down and that's What Kanye was saying that's what yay Was saying I apologize for Quantum Kanye That's what yay was saying right where It's like what is another one who won't Listen what is like I'm saying because It's like if you go on Apple music There's no shortage of songs talking About imma kill you I'm gonna hurt you I'm gonna do whatever to you when I see You I'ma rob you there's a other song Detailing how to rob a rapper [Music] Is that free speech Is that nobody's ever said that that's An issue I've never heard anybody say

That that's an issue Uh people haven't been as vocal about it If you go back to even see Dolores Tucker back I mean see the Lord's Tucker That's the fact but that was 25 years Ago I'm just saying it's not like a Public some people have voice that their Concerns about it but I'm just saying It's not something that the powers to be Have ever said this is inappropriate we Can't have this you know so yeah also With free speech it doesn't give you the Right to say whatever you want I know Everyone hasn't read that section but it Doesn't allow you to say whatever you Want to on the street and also too you Have the right to free speech inside of Your home private establishments or Private clubs it does not mean that you Can say whatever you want to in the Media or in public yeah I think there's A difference right free speech and then There's speech that has consequence Right and so like it's a fine line it's A tricky line right because like you Said there are things that are being Promoted and some things that won't be Promoted by the people in charge like Whatever platforms aren't liable as well So even with parlor which Kanye kind of Got baited at well into buying is that Official too is that officially done But it's not that I think it's still in The works okay yeah

Um but I I would Homework assignment who ran parlor What is their association with Candace Owens isn't it her husband So now Candace backs away from can we Talk about finesse of the year I'm going to stand with Kanye Me being Candace He's going to wear the white lives Matter yeah yeah yeah I'm sorry I get him in trouble and he Changed his name legally so he wouldn't Have to I will say that for another day He wears a white lives matter he gets in Trouble Candace loses nothing gets her Documentary promoted Kanye well yeah excuse me Buys in The Parlor con uh Candace backs away from You If that's not a finesse I don't know What is yo your camera knew what Tommy Was it backed away from you it zoomed up You wanted the greatest finesse moves Dustin Brooklyn Bronx ish right there Like you yay got lined up I'm going to Destroy your career and stand next to You but now you buy into this Tech Platform that we couldn't get Elon and Trump to buy into now you bring value Yeah you've you've got your your camera Is super excited it is zooming in and Out on you Um yeah I mean it's interesting man it's

It's interesting what's going on with That situation to say the least Um Hold on let me fix this Tough times right now for yay for sure Yeah tough time for my tech Yeah for sure Um Yeah yeah He has issued an apology I saw that Um to George Floyd's family yeah into Black people Yeah I should apologies too after I got Put on child support yeah still gotta Pay you gotta pay but he was very I Apologize before but after the apology He reminded people of like when The tragedy happened no it was during The apology it was it was an Instagram Program yeah it was an Instagram post I Believe it was George Floyd's I don't Want to say the wrong information but From my understanding it was the mother Of George Floyd's child correct if I'm Wrong I apologize or somebody can Correct me but from my understanding he Had a picture of the mother of George Floyd's child and was saying how he was Unhappy that he's being sued and he gave Two million dollars and nobody else gave Any money and he back you know he was There when the family needed him and um You know when he said like you know they Doing a um

Uh economic lynching of me which is Actually ironic because you had this Conversation but he said they're doing An economic economic lynching of me and The bank and rock meet their Bank Robbed in me uh socially all this stuff And he was like you know now you're Gonna sue me for 250 million dollars Pretty much saying like that's not right Like it's not the right time to do that Then he was absolutely he apologized to The family and he also apologized to the Black community Um Oh no man it's so unfortunate situation All the way around like everybody know How I feel about Kanye but uh you know It's just some things are just better Left to be unsaid even if you have good Intentions sometimes it's just not it's Just you know you have to be tasteful And you have to be thoughtful with your Words and Um you know that's just it's just the Ways to handle different things so uh It's a very unfortunate situation Because you know nobody nobody wins in That case right it's like now you know They have to relive memories of their Family getting you know killed murdered He has to you know deal with this one His in financially you know see what Happens with this lawsuit situation like That so and it could have been avoided

Um which is you know one of the reasons Why you have to have a good counsel in Your corner because we you know we all Can make mistakes we all can say things That we don't need it need to say and Then we can kind of double down on them Out of Pride out of ego and then you Know you just start spiraling out his Control because sometimes it's just it's Just best to not say anything and then If you do say something that you're not Supposed to say just you know correct it Early on as opposed to doubling down Tripling down and then trying to reverse Engineering on the back end and now you Have to go through legal lawsuits and All this different stuff of that nature So it's a learning experience I feel Like Kanye's life is pretty much a Learning experience which is unfortunate But um you know the ups and downs Everything that he's been through at the Very least it's on public display so you Can learn from it no matter how you feel About it no matter how you feel about it What your take is it's educational and You can learn from it you can learn what To do you can learn what not to do from Watching other people and he is a Perfect example of somebody that you can Watch and learn a lot from on on both Sides of the coin so you know that's That's my take on that whole situation But it's extremely unfortunate situation

All across the board It's a good lesson to only speak when You're when you know you are correct Um number two to remove ego out of the Situation and I Can Only Imagine What he feels like because anytime I've Gotten attacked I know how much it Bothers me then of course Kyrie got Drugged into it by proxy shout out to The good brother Um but it's also the power of being Quiet off of social media I know a lot Of people want that Spotlight and the Fame there is risk that comes with that So number one you cannot lie So when he said that Um George Floyd died because of Fentanyl If he would have just read the actual Autopsy which would have taken him five Minutes He would have seen that that is not true That's why I tell people even when People make claims and say Um I feel this way about even us If now we haven't gone this route but if That claim is not true that is the Famous towards us and the brand you Could sue for that And also in a recession you have to be Mindful that lawsuits go up 7X When people are hurting The game gets a little bit dirtier yeah We just saw it right with the Al Jones Trial right

Tom wants that billion yeah up to a Billion dollars in lawsuits For a lie right You gotta be careful [Music]

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