MIDDLE CLASS MEDIOCRE MINDSET – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] But there is a thing called middle class Mediocre mindset I think I've coined that phrase I Haven't heard anybody else say it but um You know I was just thinking about it And it's extremely detrimental To your success if you're trying to Break out of it and you don't really Realize it until you're out of it's like The Matrix you never really realize You're in The Matrix until you break out Of the Matrix and Um you know 19 Keith has said something And I actually looked it up on YouTube And it's actually true where They did a research study where they Took flies and they put them in a jar And um they put a they put a cap on a Jar and the Flies obviously could only Fly as high as the cat the lid when they Took the lid off they still only flew as High as the lid even though the lid was Off that's interesting but what's even More interesting is that when they had Children Their children only flew as high as the Invisible lid because they were already Programmed that's only as high as you Can go so you know it's interesting like So many different things when I think About it and you probably don't even Realize these things happen but you ever Heard like parents tell their children

Like you just want you just played Yesterday you just had fun yes you just Had a party yesterday Like you can only have fun one day out Of the week you can only have a party One day like I had a family like I took My son to To dinner in the city for his birthday His birthday was on a Tuesday And somebody said like well why are you Taking them to the city on Tuesday like Why don't you just take them on the Weekend And I'm like well because his birthday's On Tuesday but that's the whole Mentality of like low let's just wait to The weekend Because we're working and we gotta get Up like I say that to say you really Have to break out of the middle class Mindset because this is extremely Detrimental and the the most dangerous Thing that America ever did was create a Middle class because when you create a Middle class you you create some level Of comfort because you're not in poverty Right you're not in poverty so you think That you actually are living the American dream yet you're not you're Really not and it's like that mindset is So detrimental because there's so many Limiting factors that go into play here Right where it's like you got to wait to The weekend to do things and you can

Only like you ever hear somebody say Like you just came back from a trip why Are you traveling so much Well why not well why not why am I not Traveling someone I worked for like you Know what I'm saying like why am I not Y'all it's a lot of these things that's You have to be extremely careful or to Kind of people that you're around Because these kind of limiting words Develop habits in your subconscious and Then you feel bad about it you like you You felt guilty about going on a trip You feel guilty about going out two Nights in a row you feel guilty about Going to the city on Tuesday like you Start to like rail it back a little bit Like I'm doing too much let me let me Pull back but at the highest level There's no limitations and I'm speaking From firsthand experience because I see It so when we in Dubai or Abu Dhabi on a Win nobody knows whether it's Wednesday Or Saturday or Sunday it doesn't matter Just living life doesn't matter it Really doesn't nobody says it's four O'clock in the morning What are you doing out Nobody says it's six o'clock you have to Get up there's there's really no rules In life at the highest level there's no Rules rules are only for middle class And poor people rich people don't have Any rules they make their own rules

So and we can argue that the middle Class has died in after Clinton left Office no yeah so it's extremely Important to understand that and like I Said I'm not even speaking from a level Of like condescending but I'm speaking From first-hand experience because I've Seen both hands of it like this is how I Grew up so now when I'm in a different Environment but I always thought like That but you start to see it you start To see things and it's like damn it's Hard to even Get people to understand that the way That they're thinking is so small and so Limiting So you don't even waste your time but For everybody that's watching it you're On your pathway to generational wealth You're on your pathway to success you're On your pathway to becoming you know a Superstar and entrepreneur or whatever You want to do with your life so just be Mindful of that because a lot of times Your locations that have been laid down From you from your parents your Grandparents your friends your neighbors So just be mindful of that it's very Important and a quick exercise real Quick um so it doesn't come off as Elitist because you know I want to end Up on shade room or nothing but please I'm hoping to end up on shame I need we Need shade room we need that 500 dinners

Coming back now you understand us 500 Dates coming back politically the only Way they'll listen the only thing they Gonna listen to Diddy Vibes what are we Doing the only thing they gonna listen To my man had a baby anyway Um please write in chat if money was not An object or issue what are the three Things you would do spending your day on It's very important to set that I Remember when I set the Decision to become an investing Trader All right man I just want to be able to Trade not have to talk to anyone Regarding doing business and be able to Make money out of the ether and then I Have to bust my ass to be able to get There but that manifested Um I will tell you that the middle class Has died though even I know a lot of People are mad about that quote from Grant Cardone on if he only made x Amount of dollars per year But the truth is it's okay A little too Far yeah if did he though No I mean some things you can't say some Things you can't say and see that's why I respect you okay now if we're gonna be Honest because now I got some energy Right 6 400 people on YouTube The truth is though he was right Because if you if it's not just about You I don't want you to make half a Million dollars to go blow it on bullets

And yoga and Mike and Mary All that right but let's say if you're Going to help five people in your family How much does it cost to help five People in your family And take care of yourself and be debt Free there's a cost so I want you guys One of my favorite exercises of money Master the game how much money Do you need to retire You and three people that you love and Give everyone that you love a soft life You know because when I day I only want My washing the dishes or nothing yeah I'm not no I'm not that's not the part That is that's a that was like all right Maybe you should I think the word Ashamed is what triggered me personally Like exactly a great marketer you don't Think he did that no I get no I get the I get the marketing part of it I'm just Saying right if you're in pursuit of That like everybody has a threshold Right like when you're saying like hey We got to prepare for where we want to Go right and so sometimes when you're in The ground I talked about that on on I Think that was dream Champs when you're Talking about when we're in that Survival mode yeah we can have the goal Of 400 000 we can have the goal of 15 Million but I got to work on the Day-to-day I might be in pursuit of it Should I feel ashamed that I'm not there

Yet I don't think so like that that word I think is what triggered like if you if You're not there now great you might be In pursuiters okay yeah we we can't Knock the people that's in pursuit of it You you can't you can't you can't Disrespect people You can't just I don't think he was Saying it's a disrespect but it did come That's how he said it the tone yeah the Tone what you say is how you say it Right so Um ashamed I think it's a strong word Like I personally haven't hit what my Personal income goal is ever I'm mad That I haven't hit it yet meta write my Check so I can hit it Um but I think we have to have realistic Goals because like well excuse me Unrealistic goals because the truth is Is a person that has hit a realistic Goal 25 times It's not a good feeling to hit that goal I'm like I should have should have Asked for more I should have didn't or Should have pushed for more I should Have been not only going off the metal But every top 1 000 company on Earth at This time but what I also realized is That even like being around billionaires And hanging around people that's Extremely wealthy non-figures The goal is never money yeah so the goal The goal is is creating something that

Is going to change the world the gold is Creating like you know that's the goal Right so or helping people create Something yeah so even the money I think That you know it's not really about Money that's why I wanted to say what The middle class mindset is not Necessarily the money because you can Still make a lot of money and still have A middle class mindset right it's it's Liberating yourself From the shackles of the oppression that Was put on you from people and it was That cost though Well it depends especially in New York How much does it cost well first before It so for me personally right before I Had any money I I was already liberated I have no money and I I was already on That type of time I never had a roach I Was always waking up whenever I wanted I Was always doing I went to Asia with 30 For 30 days I wasn't Rich when I did That and it's like people were saying That at that time like I went to Asia me And tomorrow we went to Asia five years Ago for 30 days with a round-trip plane Ticket and two nights in a hotel with no Plan we winged it we went to five Different countries and people like well Why would you go and do that you got two Types of people in this world you got One type of people that say why and the Other type that say why not so they said

Like why are you going to do it well why Not because I'm gonna die one day and if I don't do it then I'm never gonna have An opportunity to do it so Instead of asking me why I'm going to do It ask yourself why you're not going to Do it So that doesn't really take money to Kind of have that first money mine is Makes money money don't make money Doesn't make the person Your mind is the most important thing Period absolutely once you get your mind Right then the money's just going to Come flowing because now you're in Abundance mindset and it you're Attracting it you're attracting it but What you're doing with these negative Thoughts and these limiting thoughts is That you're actually blocking it so it's Extremely it's extremely important for People to understand that because I feel Like a lot of times people don't Fully understand how their mind is so Powerful and how and even the things That you tell your children just be Careful how you speak to your children Because it's like you're you're already Instilling fear you're already Instilling different things in them that You might not even be aware of and it's Like they're already growing up with Limitations and fear at 10 years old at Eight years old

Interesting thought exercise yeah if you Want to chat if if you had to make two Million dollars in three months Write out at what price point would you Sell your products how many do you need To sell and what's your plan to get There One of my favorite things to do is Reverse engineer How do you get from this point and what Are the steps you need to take to get Back there for me personally when I was An investing I was watching CNBC like Crazy it was Maria bartaromo and Santanelli and everybody back in the day Right and I'm like If they would just give the prices and Fundamentals Right so that's when I started working On the formulation that became the Crystal ball So I thought you should be able to like Know the fundamentals of a company and Give the price in like less than 30 Seconds right So everyone in chat two million dollars Three months what is your formulation But it all started with the problem when I was watching CNBC in 2008 the Information wasn't that clear and here We are today in 2022 2023 Um doing this for you guys for free at Scale right shout out to y'all but Whatever you put into your mind

Eventually will matter and for my Christians I keep saying it how can you Be a child of God and be afraid to put Your ideas proclamations products and Services out into the world and serve Him and he made the moon Mountain Stars Grass grasshopper man go get that This year Two million dollars in three months What's your plan yeah you know what Changed my life this is the last thing I'll say about this you know what Changed my life Because even social media I always tell This story I want to do this eight years Ago that's what we're doing now I wanted To do it eight years ago But you know it's fear it's self-doubt It's thinking like you know what will People think of me I have 500 followers In a private I had a private page with 500 followers This no this is just this is just Reality yeah but you know what you know What how many years ago was this This when when we started yeah when you Have 500 followers that was like six That was like six years ago life could Change in half a decade yo like that was Like six years ago but but you know what I realized I had an epiphany that I'm Going to die once you Embrace death You're not you're not afraid to lift I'll say that again once you Embrace

Death you're not afraid to live because You realize that we're all gonna die one Day and ultimately somebody's opinion of You doesn't matter what people think of You don't matter what people gonna say About you doesn't matter because it's Like it's a very short period of time That we have on this Earth so you might As well just make the most of it because What's the Worst That Could Happen the Worst that could happen it just doesn't Work out but it's like if you never Tried or if you never really went for it Now you gotta live with regret and Regret is much harder to live with than Failure you can live with failure it Didn't work people fail all the time but To live with regret is much harder to Deal with because you never know what's Going to happen so nobody wants to be on Their deathbed when they're 70 years old 80 years old 90 whatever and it's like Damn I wasted my whole life I really Didn't do anything because I was afraid Of what my friend would have wrote on Instagram [Music] I know they can't stand it

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