I Said “NO” to Buying This Type of Silver

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What is up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm going to unpackage Some silver that I recently bought I'm Really excited about this I'm gonna talk About why I purchased these different Types of silver items that I have in These two packages and then I'm going to Show you a type of silver that I was Buying a lot of in the past and I was Recently offered a really good deal on Some of it and I said no so I'm going to Talk about why I passed on that Particular type of silver and also why I Decided to buy these types of silver in These packages so let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay let's get right to The unpackaging or unboxing or whatever You want to call it now this particular Package is from Black Friday in fact I Think both of these I purchased on Black Friday we're gonna open this one up First because well I accidentally Already opened it but we have a tube of Silver rounds I will show you exactly What these are they are from appmax and I paid two dollars over spot for this Tube here okay so it should be a tube of Nice shiny buffalo rounds so we have 20

In here And wow these are shiny these are almost Like proof-like let me show you one up Close here Really shiny That's crazy in fact I don't think I've Ever seen buffalo rounds this shiny Before So it's kind of like I don't know that's A crazy finish but it's just one ounce Of silver I mean the reason I bought These was because they were so cheap I Was like you know how can I pass up two Dollars over spot and I'm forgetting What spot price was on Black Friday but I think it was around two dollars less Than spot is now so it's almost like I Got these at spawn if I were to buy them Today but uh yeah we got some silver Rounds you know what I'm gonna do I'm Actually going to test these and make Sure they're real just because I don't Know trust but verify so let me test These real quick and make sure they're Not fake silver or anything like that Okay let's do the first one here and That looks really good Yeah I'm sure these are all fine I could Probably weigh them to make sure they're All one ounce but these are all testing Good so yep we got three nines fine Silver buffalo rounds I guess I could Test the rest of them later I don't want To waste too much of your time I'm just

Uh using this original Sigma metallytics Uh precious metals verifier this is the Cheaper model but hey it's really Helpful in weeding out fake silver items But this was the other item that I Bought it is a John Wick silver bar so I Got this particular silver bar at spot Which is a really really good deal these Sold out and I think five minutes or Something like that so yeah I'm really Excited about that it's always great to Get some silver at spot but it's a Little five ounce silver bar and uh I Was actually lucky to get one because Right after I got it they ended up Selling out of them so okay we got Silver rounds and a silver bar this is All considered generic silver right here So this is a great thing to be buying Typically the premiums on this type of Stuff are the lowest of all of the Different types of silver you could be Buying but let's go ahead and check out This other package that I got here this One I have not opened yet so We will see what's inside There we go I did buy these from SD Boolean uh this was yeah another Black Friday pickup in fact it actually might Have been a cyber monday pickup we got The britannia's here one ounce silver Britannia's they were on sale I think They were maybe four dollars or four Dollars and 50 cents over spot and

That's a really good deal these are the 2023 britannia's and they do have the Queen on them as you can see this is the Type one so it's the last year that the Queen will be on the Britannia so I Picked up some of those because it was Just such a good deal I think I got Maybe six or seven or yeah I got six of Those and then I got two of the Philharmonics they had a pretty good Deal on philharmonics as well so we got Some silver coins these are great for Investing or stacking as long as the Price is not too high and then we got Generic silver so all of this right here I recommend for new stackers if you want To get silver coins when they're on sale Or generic silver those are always great Options but let me talk about the type Of silver that I was recently offered And I passed up on it's this stuff right Here junk silver or constitutional Silver 90 silver coins that were minted By the US Mint before 1965 so you got Your dimes half dollars and your Quarters all of this is 90 silver so I Was offered a private party deal to buy Some junk silver at a fairly good price Compared to where you can get it pretty Much anywhere else at a local coin shop Or you know from any of the online Bullion dealers and I turned the offer Down and the reason I turned the offer Down was because the premium was just

Too high on the junk silver I would have Paid a higher premium on this stuff than I would have paid for any of these Silver coins or definitely any of that Generic silver so I decided not to buy The junk silver and it's not like I Don't like to stack junk silver I mean Check this out here are my completed Guard house boxes this one is all junk Silver dimes this one is all junk silver Half dollars so obviously I like to buy Junk silver I think it is a great thing To be stacking it's a staple for Stackers that live in the USA but the Premiums are just getting too crazy and I did actually make a video not too long Ago talking about how to understand the Premiums so you don't get scammed you Don't get cheated when you're trying to Buy this stuff if you missed that video I will put a link up in the corner as Well as a link Down Below in the Description of this video go check that One out and you can learn how to buy Junk silver without getting scammed Because the way that they charge Premiums on junk silver the way that It's priced from basically every coin Shop every online bullying dealer it can Be very confusing and so that's why I Made that video it's very very helpful For new stackers but yeah I'm just not Buying any junk silver right now I don't Think that the premiums are gonna come

Down anytime soon they may continue to Get higher so I'm passing on this stuff Anyway this is the stuff I'm passing on This is the stuff I'm stacking at this Point in time hopefully if you're Looking to buy silver this video could Shed a little bit of light on sort of What to avoid in general it's the higher Premium things you want to try and buy The lower premium things the cheaper you Can buy your silver for the more silver You can stack so in case anyone was Wondering I got a scale out here and as You can see the silver rounds they do Weigh just over a troy ounce so that's Great and the silver bar is over five Ounces in fact it looks like we got some Free silver 5.033 so not too shabby I'll take that Every day But uh anyway what are your thoughts on Junk silver what type of silver are you Buying right now feel free to leave a Comment Down Below in the comment Section I do want to say a massive thank You so much for watching my video and I Will see you all in the next one silver Dragons Out

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