Kathleen Rehl On How To Articulate Your Sympathies To Widows – Retire Sooner

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Kathleen what do you say to someone Who's lost their husband what a it's Such a it's such a tough time for them What do you how do you articulate your Sympathy what do you say yeah I don't say I'm so sorry for your loss Because that is Just saying that everybody says because They don't know what else to say and it Doesn't mean anything So if it's if it's a husband that I knew Um I might say it was a this actually Happened it was a client of mine and and He died Um and the first time his wife was was Back with me I said you know I'm I'm Really going to miss Harry Because every time he'd come through That door He'd have a joke to share share and I Just knew that we were all going to Laugh at this joke I mean he was such a Funny guy he was such a lighthearted guy But he loved you so much and that's why You don't need to worry about your Finances going forward because the two Of you put things in place you know he Really loved you So I might say something like that if I Didn't know the husband because Sometimes that would happen too it would Be through professional connections or Whatever I might say something like Unfortunately I never had a chance to

Meet Harry What would you like others to remember Him most for And to give her an opportunity to start Sharing the stories I think that helps a Widow in her healing to talk about the Stories to talk about her husband to Talk about the memories

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