Which is Better in the Long Term Gold Or Cryptocurrency?

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Building Depreciation Versus Land Appreciation

The characteristics of property that contain buildings are different from undeveloped land. These differences affect value growth of both asset classes.

Does Capital Growth in Strategic Land Require Building Structures?

Strategic land investments are affected by many factors, primarily in adapting to the strongest market needs in the present. Existing buildings can diminish value.

Where Does Strategic Land Rank Among Alternative Investments?

Alternative investments such as strategic land should be comparatively evaluated. While fraught with apples-to-oranges comparisons, would-be property funds investors should consider all alternative investments. The Reuters news agency reported in October 2012 that the lustre of hedge funds is diminished.

Do All Joint Venture Participants Bring Expertise to the Investment?

Joint venture land development investors are largely involved to earn a favourable return on their capital. Most investments benefit from third party expertise.

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