IS NOW THE TIME TO INVEST IN DOGECOIN – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Dogecoin is back on the rise is now the Time to invest The mighty mighty Dogecoin father Himself the Invincible Dogecoin Um I'm torn but since Elon is retaking over Control of Twitter and I know The use of some offensive words have Went up 500 since he's taken over but Let's I'm gonna stick with the Financials then we can go to the Political Um I think Everyone is wondering how he is going to Raise revenue if he owns that platform Now and even though he borrowed a lot of The money from the bank and he financed The the buy of Twitter I'm still alone that he has to pay off I Would not be very surprised if Elon Puts a considerable amount of time into Pump and Doge and a couple other crypto To push over the next couple of months Um I said maybe eight months ago five Cent and 11 was the price to get in if You got in at 11 Great five was even better Um I still don't like it as an asset Class for me it's always going to be a Swing trade it's not a long-term hold But for those of you that are getting in At lower prices It'll be a good time to get in around

That five cent or three cent Mark hold It for maybe six seven months is it ever Going to take over how people thought it Was no is AMC or GameStop going to take Over absolutely not Um but it is a good trade if you catch It at five cent or three cent yeah I'm Glad you made that disclaimer between a Swing trade and a lonesome hurry because Most people will just hit the sound Button and say oh they set to invest in Those it I still don't know it's use Case there's no use case I don't think Anyone's gonna find the use case so it's Tough to me to say like okay you should Invest in that would you swing trade it And make money yeah yes but trading has Considerable risk so make sure please Consult your advisor I know one by the Name of Rashad Bilal trap let me use Your remix Don't touch Doge for the long term Please press clip that up and Doge has No use case it is the the Takashi of all The tokens Purely a troll No use control the new that's a new Category coin is fire Amy uh can we go trademark that please The troll coin so all right let's talk About this then um What's the three biggest concerns in the Market right now Uh number one my biggest fear is if we

Do not go back to quantitative easing That we're going to have probably a flat Half of a decade Whenever I'm asking people what can make The market go up They're saying better economies what Could cause a better economy there's no Real answer I think we're going through A revolutionary period the cycle that People don't like Um but if they don't start putting in Some QE in 2024 2025 I think things Should be tight Until the end of this decade Um number two It scares me that they still won't Officially announce that we are in a Recession and when anyone ever hot so Back in the day like fourth grade shout Out to my mom and dad I have my report Card I'm like Miss Joe didn't release The report cards I like would hold the Information if things were really bad Right so if they're withholding that we Are in a recession And basil is saying and Elon is saying It And if Bezos is concerned with all those Billions of dollars that we have to Tighten our belts what are the real Numbers that we're facing I think This thing is probably going to be Bigger than 2008 because we never have

To bond market Fall Apart while Tech was Falling apart in the General market and GDP was falling apart So Um Shout out to Caleb silver yeah he's got The VIP event yesterday and he he uh He had a different take on it he said That in his opinion he felt like um The definition of recession isn't really Relevant to today's times that sounds Familiar to something I said three weeks Ago you guys remember this and he he I Do okay you also said that there's a Variety of different factors that lead Him to believe that it won't be as bad As What were some of those reasons for Those who couldn't attend that amazing Event the vibe there was amazing energy Have you on the energy Uh What were some of the reasons she said Well if you look at GDP you look at the Job market Um obviously infection it's not as bad I Said the job Market's not hit as bad we Said like these are the things like Three ways ago I read those statistics I'm like if the factors that usually Equal a recession like unemployment Right look at the level that Unemployment is at right in a recession That number is a lot higher the fact is

That used to equate to a recession Aren't equating it's a different time It's a different market and I said it Because I I got to give credit to Josh Brown I heard him saying it and I was Like yo I kind of felt that way when I'm Looking at these numbers how come this Doesn't feel like it but by definition And I'm glad that Caleb was there Because he Investopedia is an amazing Probably yeah talking about information By definition we are in one but it Doesn't feel like it he also said that For some people they've been in a Recession for the past three to five Years they're just like oh you guys are Just now saying it and for some it's Like all right well His business as usual yeah we have to Tighten our belt but it's still business So all the fact like the the times have Changed so maybe the definition changes Okay so so back in the day when I was a Dog and then like my girl would walk in And somebody was kissing on my neck at a Party and I'm like baby I wasn't even Kissing her she was kissing me shaggy That's what economists are doing right Now Shaggy they're changing the Boundaries and definition of what a Recession is because people don't want To lose their jobs Sad news for you you're about to lose Your job right and they're trying to

Protect Biden from having that r word That's Scarlet r on his jacket um I agree with some points with Caleb says I love Him dearly amazing person I when I talk To black people though And I say does this feel worse I see Terror on our faces My Baseline same thing with like uh what You call the ear test of like something Is hot when I'm talking to people if They're concerned or not When quantitative easing goes away even For businesses it's not as easy for Everyone to start a business I'm seeing A lot of people Trying to launch products now on Services and those first month launch Numbers is not as good as they Um report let me say this okay well for Another recession Meta fell from 300 down to 90. Amazon Fell to the 90s Square has fallen apart which Jack needs To focus more solely on that company These are the biggest companies in the World they're going through recession The average person is going to tell me That they're not hurting is Mark Zuckerberg Meta's not even a top 25 company anymore Yeah and so an average black person is Just balling I don't even know if they're falling

They're not dribbling they're not in the Arena If we're going to be honest if the World's wealthiest people are hurting Right now I'll challenge you to name a time when We were in the arena 1920s 1930s I mean this like so you're Talking about almost a hundred years That's why I mean obviously this this Moment of time is is so significant and So important and that's why yeah America Is important but that's why Europe is Important to us that's why we're here to Spread Financial Revolution absolutely We were never really in the arena not in My lifetime not yours but not my parents So that's what I said like some people Like we've been in recession so we've Activated the circumstances really hard Right now and and I I got there's two Things so Buffett has a indicator with The wheelchair you guys can go look that Up we talked about it before I have Another buffer indicator on CNBC when Things are normally The market is dropping but things are Doing well Him and Becky quick normally sit down For three or four hours you know this Troy and they also the grocery store in The library and he'll tell you how the American economy is so great and if you Invest in the S P 500 stormy killed it

Yesterday talking about life insurance And the s p you'll get seven percent Return Buffett hasn't made a comment yet And he's quiet I got I'll give you that He hasn't made one single commentary About the market being fined why he's Doing the work car icon hasn't said Anything Bill Ackman didn't do his Speech that he normally does to like try And boost his stocks in his Revenue at This time all the major investors are Quiet it's spooky hours out here right Now so Um I know some people say we may not be In a recession but if we're going to Re-mix things and say that we're not and We're going to reframe them then I want The kids to know me as Barack Obama Now telling the truth about what we are I was I was the real James St Patrick's Then if that's the case Come on makes sense makes a lot of sense [Music]

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