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Diversify Your Investing With Groups

Having a watch group, or better yet a few different groups, is essential to successful investing. With a pre-selected universe of stocks, funds or ETFs it is easier to pick the best positions, the best stocks, to invest in at any given point in time.

The Desire to Give

I’m back again to provide some more substance to get you geared to having a great attitude. Let’s recap so that we can move forward on to the next step in our Seven Signs of a Great Attitude. We learned how to believe in our self, see the best in others, see that opportunity is everywhere and how to focus on solutions.

An Investor’s Golf Course Investment

As the number of failed golf courses tapers off, the potential for increasing profitability in these properties presents itself. The game of golf still fascinates millions of women and men just as it has for decades. Some owners might be able to offer seller financing, otherwise an investor will likely need mostly cash to buy a property. Despite the upbeat talk from Wall Street and Washington, as a rule banks still aren’t lending on most commercial properties. One should remember these guidelines for investing in a golf course.

Why Invest in a Golf Course?

With the new mini-boom in real estate in 2013 investors are again purchasing commercial real estate. They prefer established properties in good neighborhoods with a positive cash flow. There are about 16,000 golf courses (18-36 holes) across the country, about 4,500 nine-hole properties, and nearly 900 par-threes. The better properties have suffered the loss of some players during the real estate crash of 2007-2011 but stand out from the rest by better financial performance.

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