They’re Coming For Your Gold! Confiscation Facts and Fiction

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They are coming for your gold Well at least that's what I hear [Music] In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt forbade the Hoarding of gold coins bullion and gold Certificates anywhere in the continental U.S that was executive order 6102 and that limited gold ownership Here for 41 years until it was repealed By Gerald Ford in 1974. in nearly 50 Years later we're hearing people on YouTube and Reddit telling us that once Again They might be coming for your gold The spoiler alert here is that I just Don't agree I'm going to tell you why in 1933 the United States was in the midst Of the Great Depression this was nearly Four years after the 1929 market crash That led to wide-scale bank closures now You don't have to be especially creative To draw corollaries between conditions Today and the 1929 crash that set things Off but even if things were the same There's one major difference here The United States no longer operates on A gold standard the reason that that's Important is not that the U.S has no Need for gold or no future potential for It to be used in trade even it's simply That the United States Federal Reserve No longer requires 40 gold backing for Issued Reserve notes in other words the FED doesn't need the gold reserves to

Print more dollars The only real reason the government Would have to order the public to turn In Gold Holdings like they did with that Executive order 6102 would be a return To a gold standard something we mostly Left in 1933 and it completely left in 1973. so 50 90 years depending on how You look at it returning to a gold Standard would mean giving up that Freedom to Simply print more money and The FED has enjoyed that for 90 years Now my take is that the government Wouldn't survive a return to a gold Standard and there just would be no one Left to come after your goal to begin With kind of a catch-22 now confiscation It's an incredibly popular topic around Here I get comments about it on just About every video I put out and I think That it's popular elsewhere because the Idea suggests that your gold is more Important than ever and it gets us fired Up that maybe someone's going to try to Take it but it's a huge stretch to think The central government wants to return To sound money policies based on tying Spending limits to a physical material That requires Mining and refining and Storage costs or needs to be propped up By public Holdings and orders requiring The public to bring theirs in Ounce by ounce now I'm no politician or Economist but I would think that it'd be

A lot easier to use a computer in 2023 Any limit is going to be set digitally Using some kind of algorithm based on a Factor of GDP other signals I don't know But it would be something that can Continue to be manipulated to allow for Additional spending another angle that Could make confiscation seem more likely Would be that the government doesn't Want you to hoard your money that was One of the lines used in 1933 they Didn't want economic growth stalled by People unwilling to spend their money Just as fast as they could earn it and That idea dovetails with the idea that The government is going to force the Population into the use of one single Programmable Central Bank digital Currency and to do that all forms of Alternative money would need to be Squashed now none of us can say whether We move exclusively to one single Digital payment system in the future but What we could do is look at the number Of actual transactions that are made Today using gold now you won't find data On it because it just doesn't happen Enough and also wouldn't be reported if It was the only people able to come up With anecdotal use of gold is money are Going to be the people watching this Video vast majority of the country they Just don't view gold as money much less Use it to buy their goods confiscation

Would require a huge effort on the part Of the government all for an asset class That only a few people think of as money Today and fewer have ever used for a Single purchase the Gold's place is a Store of value though only appears to be Going up its role as a tier one asset to Be used as collateral for large Transactions and loans that would not be Affected by a cbdc the entities that do Use gold well they're massive Organizations and central banks and its Use by those organizations has only been Increasing central banks that they've Been buying gold at record levels for The last few years and there have also Been suggestions that gold could Actually be used for international trade That could increase the value of gold Further but it will not lead to the United States needing your private Holdings to continue importing foreign Goods it's still just far easier for Trading partners to use US Dollars than It is to transfer ownership of physical Gold and in the case that gold was used As a record of account your physical Asset Holdings would not be at risk Gold's function in the public market Today is the same as any other asset Class physical or otherwise we're just As likely to see real estate holdings Being confiscated as we are to see gold Being taken now all of this of course is

My view on the topic if the points that I made don't seem reasonable to you I Don't have any reason to argue with you This is simply the reason that I don't Fear government confiscation of my Personal gold and why I think others Trying to scare you about that Possibility are really just manipulating Your attention for simple reasons like Ad views or big reasons like getting you To buy from them getting you to buy as Much as you can now Before it's too late Now if you're on the fence maybe you Simply want to plan for the possibility Of a repeat it's worth considering that The order actually allowed personal Holdings of five ounces of coins it also Exempted Collectibles anything rare or Unusual and you didn't have to turn in Things like your art or your jewelry now Most of my gold it's either American Gold Eagles or gold buffaloes so clearly I'm not concerned but I could easily Claim 20 or 30 ounces of rare or unusual Gold on top of my allowed five we all Also understand just how easy it is to Hide gold in the first place so if the Idea is to kick it down the line to a Future generation well boating accidents Happen every day the last thing that I'll say is that for every one of us Here who sees the real value in gold and Silver there is another probably younger

Person who feels the same thing about Pokemon cards maybe it's comic books Nfts some new meme cryptocurrency if You're truly worried that the government Is after your gold well you could always Diverse specify into some of those other Things personally I'm a big fan of gold And I don't have a Pokemon collection to Balance that out I'm just not losing any Sleep I'm not changing any plans over Fear of a repeat of an executive order From 90 years ago And I think that covers the opening for Me so if you think I'm off base if You're worried about your gold let us Know in the comments or if you had any Tragic accidents leading to the loss of Your personal Holdings well feel free to Document that here as well I think that Makes it official and while you're there Be sure to hit the like button if you Found any of this interesting be sure You're subscribed with notifications Turned on if you'd like to see more on The topic and if you're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care [Music]

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