Is Now the Time to Buy Gold?

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So gold pulled back a little bit and if This is the sign that we've been waiting For well It's not a very big sign So we're seeing a little bit of a price Pull back today it's probably just a Matter of profit taking maybe a little Bit of a rebound of the dollar but the Question of whether it's time to buy Again it's already coming up now for Some people it's just always time to buy You'll hear people say it's better to Have gold and silver and not need it Than it is to need it and not have it Generally speaking I agree but I don't Think that's universally or infinitely Applicable because there's always a Question of how much you need and then When you should buy it and it has not Been a big enough pullback for me yet Some of that it's just my personal Situation where I'm at on a goal but Some of it's just overall buying Strategy and I want to give my quick Take on that last part there's a saying That I like better than it's better to Have something and not need it than to Need it and not have it and it is that It's better to be a warrior in a garden Than a gardener in a war so it's just a More holistic view than collecting Useful things it's more about becoming Useful yourself I don't even know who Came up with it because it's a

Translation probably just a Simplification of some Lao 2 writings he Said some very similar things I think That it applies really well to life in General and it's a better view on gold And silver ownership at least in my Opinion so the short view on this is Just that being the warrior in the Garden is more about training the Mind Training the body than it is about Simply Having a thing Now both of the sayings work here fine I'd rather have gold and silver and not Need it than need it and not have it but It comes up in the comments a lot I mean It's fair but I wouldn't explain gold or Silver ownership quite that way Something about the saying makes it seem Like hoarding or stashing things with no Real application or no real actual Intent to use them I heard somebody say Once that it's better to have a Humvee And not need one than to need one and Not have it that was after he happened To buy one from one of those Surplus Auctions and I think that he was joking Mostly but I think of that anytime I Hear that saying now it's a really good Example of how maybe that's not always Universally applicable not everybody Needs a Humvee maybe you don't need that Particular thing in the first place And I'm not saying that you don't need Gold you don't need silver that's your

Decision to make but gold and silver Prices are still very high right now and You always see this short delay where Prices shoot up and then people start to Amp up all the reasons that you need it Now right now the hype is about cbdc's Or Chinese Russian trade deals or some Similar kick to The Hornet's Nest that Isn't even directly related to the Rising prices the jump and gold price is More about risk aversion right now it's About forecasts about the FED interest Rates and it's about that residual Anxiety about the banking industry now The reason that I like the warrior and The garden philosophy over that idea of Having a thing just in case you need it Is that the warrior and the garden idea Takes the wider view it's it's more About being ready for really anything That comes up rather than just any one Thing Now if you were to look further into Laosue's philosophy it's also about Discipline it's about control it's about Patience but not putting things off one Of his most famous lines is a journey of A Thousand Miles begins with a single Step he also wrote be patient once the Mud settles the water is clear and That's one of my personal favorites if You put those two ideas together you Apply that to gold or silver ownership I Think that it would be pretty good

Instruction to not go overboard but also Not to bail on the idea altogether Because over those Thousand Miles some Of those steps they're going to be Easier than others I personally try to Make up time on the downhill steps maybe I'm taking this analogy too far but I Don't get too caught up if I bought a Coin at a higher price because I know That my average cost is what's important And because I'm adjusting my Pace Slowing down on the higher prices Speeding up in the lower prices Well I can keep it reasonable over time The timing's nagging at me a little bit Right now I'm going on four weeks of not Buying and one thing that I've noticed Over time is that there's a certain Momentum to buying regularly I had a Streak going on for years buying some Amount of gold monthly and at the time Prices were well below the all-time high Price so I bought the same thing for Eight years over and over and then I Would just pick up more when it was Convenient and that was a good habit I Didn't have to think much about it and That kind of habit really adds up over Time Now I changed that up in 2020 I started Working harder to time those purchases To hit the better prices I started Buying some different things I was Really varying how much I buy on those

Dips but nothing broke the momentum but Now what I'm looking at is either Waiting some indeterminate amount of Time between purchases or buying smaller Things buying smaller purchases with Higher premiums that I'm comfortable With so it's either break the momentum Or Break The Rules a little bit So regardless of what's happening today The trend for both gold and silver is Still pretty bullish right now so if Gold was to continue to pull back then Maybe I'd make a normal purchase for me That's still somewhere in the range of 1950 for gold if it goes below that That's kind of when I get excited if it Does jump back above two thousand Dollars though what I'm not gonna do is Just continue to buy with that better to Have something and not need it Philosophy on an infinite Loop so There's still reasons to buy right now I Can come up with maybe three you either Want to build a base you want to Maintain some kind of momentum or it's Just convenient to you that cash is just Sitting there it's burning a hole in Your pocket and those are practical Reasons there are probably some really Bad reasons to be buying right now too One might be that somebody's telling you The price is about to explode maybe it's Somebody's telling you that you're about To lose control of your money because

The cbdc so some other hype pushed by Somebody who really knows nothing about Your situation And that warrior in a garden philosophy As a layer of thinking to that idea just Something to consider right now the hype Is high it's more like training and if We were to take that analogy further Again well Miyamoto Musashi is another Writer who's been associated with that Saying he was a warrior philosopher a 17th century Japanese swordmaster and The idea in his case would be sure it's Better to have an extra sword and not Need it than to need it and not have it But more than that it was better to Train the mind the body the spirit to Become this legendary badass that the Guy was then it was simply to have an Extra thing available I get comments here off and on about how Gold and silver won't save you in an Shtf situation and I always Find that kind of funny I get it I'm Sure I seem like the gold geek because Of this channel but it's only one thing I'm up to nobody in real life thinks of Me as the gold guy and if I need to get My head on right I'm not splashing gold Around and rolling in it I go to the gym I go to the range and I think that Working on your health sometimes can be Better than working on your wealth maybe Focusing on training up a skill is a

Great way to avoid the fear-mongering All the noise that's going on you're Doing something about it now I wonder if A precious metals channel has ever Recommended getting to the gym or Working on your health in whatever way You can well if not here it is do that This feels like it's coming out of left Field but take that step it's definitely Another way to manage your stress if Things were to go south Now the holistic view here is just get Some gold or some silver or whatever it Is that you want but do it on your terms Don't go nuts if it doesn't make sense And then here's an idea if your favorite YouTuber has you fire it up well maybe Just focus on other things maybe it's The gym with cage or the track the pool Whatever might not be the worst idea in The world there's always more to work on So let us know what you think are you Buying at these prices or are you still Holding out I've mentioned 1950 a few Times I added a poll and with 8 500 Votes in so far 63 percent of the people Were expecting 2075 dollars that's a new All-time high to come before seeing gold Fall back to 1950 so my hope isn't on The popular side of that vote but let us Know what you think and then while You're there be sure to hit the like Button if you found any of this Interesting be sure you're subscribed

With notifications turned on if you'd Like to see more on the topic and if You're still here thanks again for Watching I always appreciate your time Take care

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