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[Music] Is important too and this is something That Um I'll take pride in it's like becoming Familiar with these names so like Ken Griffin Paul to the Jones George Soros It's important to know these names Ray Dalio because you never know when you Can be in a situation where you're going To see them like that's one of those Things like I I look a little like I Always tap shot like yo you see who's in The room he's like who and I'm like yo He's the CEO of JP Morgan and we're just Happy to be in the room with him like It's important to be familiar with them I mean I would argue that if Obviously like the brown one to the room We would recognize that if Jason Tatum Or you know I mean one of these guys Greek obviously just for the hype but Any of these NBA All-Stars if they Walked in the room we would know it it Would be no question we would know who It was we don't know who the wealthiest People some of the wealthiest people in The world are and we could be in the Room so my thing is like let's Familiarize ourselves with that too Let's study it like we study statistics From who's averaging the most points and It matters way more and also that's also About design too though because um We met a guy

Um when we met a guy he's a billionaire And he told us He's black he's a black billionaire And nobody's ever heard of him and he Said um He said Rich's Riches riches loud wealth is quiet Rich is loud wealth is quiet What is the benefit If you're up four billion dollars right Five billion 50 billion 1 billion 400 million what's the real benefit of Being well known because the only thing That's going to happen is people are Going to start hating on you and then You're going to worry about people Trying to come at you and then the Government will attack you and then it's Like you know it's gone relatives and Everybody's gonna come and you're going To become a Target when you can just Walk through Target The grocery store Target by yourself No hassle it's like um is that Dan Kathy Yeah but is that well is that well known Or famous right because I'm not even Saying well known I'm saying that we Should be aware of who they are Especially investment world not and I would say majority of people Especially people we ran into over the Past week they're probably unfamiliar to A lot of people right my thing I'm not Even asking them hey you guys should be

Famous I'm just saying like we should Know that like this for instance we went Into palantir and we'll probably talk About them later right What the average person recognize the CEO of palantir no I'm not right and he's not trying to be Famous sure but he's doing something Yeah he's doing something involved and Has created a company or as a CEO of a Company that can change the way life is On earth right and we're not familiar With that so my thing is like let's Become more familiar with that let's get More familiar with the CEOs of some of These companies So that we know what's going on right Like it's cool to be entertained but It's more impressive to be educated Is it cool to be entertained though But that also goes back I told I don't Know if everyone really wants to be Richard that might be true I told you Like the biggest PR companies that I Know right now are the ones that the Wealthy opinion to be out of the press Can anyone name me Four Executives at Saudi aramico right Now you know what I'm saying which if You put all the kids Here's the truth here's the you want the Truth or you want or you want to you Want the fairy tale the truth is that Truth you're not going to know these

People unless you unless you're in that Space the average person is not going to Spend time average person is just trying To pay their bills and trying to just Get through the weekend and trying to Put their kid through through grammar School they don't have time to look up Hundreds of CEOs and you you learn that Yes they do learn that you get face Recognition when you're in the space When you add dinner when you end Cocktail hours when that's when you get That you you learn abroad They have the time they choose to do is Different they can't make the time they Really don't yeah they do they got time To talk crazy in the comments yeah no They got they got a question it's about What you're doing with the time it's More than it's not that we don't they Don't have the time I've seen the house Six years yeah yeah and grinding six Years And people like oh he tripping that a Lot like yup no one has to agree with My Philosophy one thing no one can ever say Is that I'm not free Flyer Dubai Ghana Yo you have to make the sacrifice Knowing what John Morant did against Grapefruit that [ __ ] won't matter in two Days for your life it's a it's a fish Trying to swim up a water off a Waterfall it's not it's not gonna happen

It's not gonna happen because of course John marant that's in your face that's Public side that's on social media it's On ESPN and so on it's this document It's right there it's easy you don't Even have to try to research it to know Who John Morant is he's he's No I'm just saying a couple of times CEOs yeah of course but that you're not Gonna know A vast majority of CEOs you're not You're not it's not going to happen Unless you're interested Right because you got to get interested When entertain you use trains you right That's what they say It's not entertaining and I said it look Listen once you pass 18 if you're a man You need to stop doing the fan of other Men that includes me to it you can't be Idolizing other men that are doing ish Out in the world that you should be Doing help pun intended Let's talk about this What do we think of uh 20 stocks let's Talk about 20 stocks that are the top Performers for the first three weeks of The years for the first three weeks Of 2023 Let's go over the top 20 stocks so far For the first three weeks of 2023. six Thousand people on YouTube hit the like Button please Appreciate y'all um so I'm gonna go

Through the tickets real fast and we'll Get prices I will get the entries to Market I'll give answers to our group Chat and style stock Club the first one Is wbd long term I don't like it Um United Airlines It's done a while this year long term is An investment no number three Carnival Cruise Lines No it's done great this year I still wouldn't touch it long term Um royal Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines No Don't touch it it's speedier Ticker expe Yes I like Expedia a lot you can put That one on your watches as a potential Buy Um number one two three four five six Ticker is s-i-v-b Love today Not bad for the long term the the AI Feature is pretty good and I think They'll do good over these next couple Years WDC is a no Uh Cinder Bumble Etc no Um if it gets back to the IPO price at That exact level I wouldn't mind Touching it anywhere higher than that It's a mistake ticker mktx yes I like Win a resort group I only like it at 27.59 any other price besides that is a Mistake Paramount no idxx yes FCX I do like yes Disney only like at 58.15 G you know Delta Airlines no a glass

Tipper is CE is yeah so the gas is our CE Disney at 1515 FCX idxx Mktx Nvidia Sivb And Expedia even though all of these Have done well the first couple weeks of This year those are the only ones I Would touch for long term and or swing Trade Okay Yeah you said you said did you See the the um Tinder thing 500 a month Before for what though yeah for the day Package yeah it's like a subscription Service now you can pay 500 a month to Be at the highest tier in the dating on Tinder are you gonna do it yeah 500 so It's that's six thousand dollars a year I don't know what the perks that come With that do you I'm not really sure how That perks they better handle it y'all Better bring it through like on a magic Carpet foreign I'm asking my single friends I don't Know Okay One finger okay wow what girl I like him He he be talking much He's really sweet yeah bro Yeah Enjoys Always investing Stock market 12 hours a day yes

Is looking for a partner I'm looking for nothing like God Delivered to me what I needed I'm good Credit Back yes Uh vegan I do like I did the last time You're gonna earn these things vegan is Preferred I ain't doing 97 first seven Months vegan is preferred travel I saw What you did for her doing a travel Schedule must be flexible Big fan of the bio it's done there you Go yep boys all we need now is a profile Pic these are just jokes out to my exes Um yeah okay This is for the first episode of earn You love yes that's what I'm going with Shawnee Seems like you're cussed out stop taking Formats We started this relationship Bob don't Do it Don't do it uh don't take this Relationship thing in probably Relationship thing is my back let's not Let's not go crazy with this Relationship talk I pioneered this everyone thinks I Walked through the fire for this man I Got damn near try they tried to cancel Me you got crucified cancel me Crazy We're not gonna let him thank God I said my first day was well [Music]

It was good

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