The Question We Should Ask Children Seeking Guidance With Chris Gardner – Retire Sooner Highlight

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How Towns Make Zoning Changes Through Local Planning Processes

Planning changes can revitalize local economies, benefitting old and new inhabitants alike. But how does planning work – and what does it mean to developers?

How to Identify Qualified Joint Venture Partners in Land Investments

The history of land investment and developed real estate are instructive. Having the right joint venture partners is a key component.

Would Alternative Investments Be a Good Long-Term (10+ Years) Strategy?

Alternative investments that might include art, classic cars, rare diamonds or raw land have performed well in the past decade. Can the asset growth continue?

What Incentives Do UK Housing Investors Get From the Government?

Lending schemes from the government might be helping buyers, but the real way to increase housing stock might lie in programmes that grow rental inventory. The Guardian columnist Matt Cavanagh wrote an article in 2012 criticising the Chicken Littles of Britain who worry population growth is out of control and leading the country to ruin. “Should we see a rise in our population as a problem, or an opportunity?

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