I Tried Making Money WATCHING YouTube Videos (My Results)

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Last year the average YouTube user Watched 23.1 hours of content every Single month but what if you could get Paid for all of those hours spent Consuming content I'm going to be Testing a brand new strategy for making Money watching YouTube videos that's Never been done before this channel Tried a strategy where you link out to Viral YouTube videos using one of those Sketchy link shorteners that shows you a Bunch of ads and fake downloads and then Make money by getting people to click on These links from Pinterest honestly that Entire idea falls under the sus category So I spent a few hours figuring out how I was going to make money watching YouTube videos and here's what I came up With first we're going to be looking at The best selling products on Amazon After that I'm going to Source videos of People actually using the product from There I'm going to use chatgpt to write Some short video scripts and then use an AI tool to turn those video scripts into AI generated narrations and then we're Going to be putting those videos Together with those narrations putting This on Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts and seeing how much money we make But each one of the videos we post is Going to be watermarked with my website That's going to redirect to our Affiliate So in theory if any of those

Pieces of content do well even if they Get reposted we should make a ton of Money alright so that's the plan let's Get started if you search for trending Products on Amazon this is going to give You a list of the current best selling Products after looking through this Myself I decided to go with the rosemary Oil hair and scalp treatment as this Seems to be a pretty trendy product so YouTube has this handy feature that Enables you to filter your search by Creative Commons and this is videos Where the content creator has given Permission for other people to use the Content I asked chatgpt to write me 10 Facts about using rosemary oil as a hair Treatment and it returned these so what I'm going to do is copy and paste these One by one into Murph AI to turn these Into an audio narration fully generated By artificial intelligence it's time to Put this together and make our content All you have to do when editing vertical Videos in iMovie is to bring all of your Clips in and simply rotate them and crop In on your horizontal content and then You can turn any horizontal video into a Vertical video but there's one very Important step that we want to take here And that's watermarking our content with Our website URL that's going to Ultimately redirect to our affiliate let Me show you how to do that now you can

Buy a 12 domain using Google domains and Then simply forward that brand new Domain to whatever URL you want to Giving you a vanity URL so over on Amazon I simply find the particular Rosemary oil I want to link to and then I grab my link up top and now we're Going to set up the URL redirect but There's actually one additional step I'm Going to take here and I'm going to be Doing a double redirect and it sounds Kind of confusing but it's going to give Us more data so what I'm going to be Doing is sending the traffic from best Rosemaryoil.com To my Ryan o scrivener.com website to a Specific URL that is then going to Redirect to the Amazon affiliate link And what that's going to do for us is Allow us to track how many clicks we're Actually getting on the particular link So all I'm going to do is go into my Google settings and forward this domain To that ryanoscripter.com URL I created With pretty links so now that we have Our affiliate redirect set up we have to Create our Watermark and I'm going to be Using Photoshop for this but you could Also use canva as a free alternative and If you're following what I'm doing here You're going to want to save your Watermark as a sideways file because you Want to bring everything into iMovie Horizontal and then flip it at the very

End so all we're going to do is drag This Watermark down over the top of our Videos that we've created and then we're Going to render them out horizontally From here all you have to do is double Click and open up the video file click On edit click on rotate and then when You click on the X it's going to prompt You to save that new vertical video so Simply save it with a different name and Just like that you have a vertical video Fully created by Ai and rendered out Using iMovie now it's time to post so What we're going to be doing is using Two brand new pages one of these is Going to be a YouTube channel for YouTube shorts and the other is going to Be a brand new Instagram page so I just Posted the videos it's time to give it 24 hours and then we can check back and See if we made any money watching YouTube videos alrighty guys so it's Been 24 hours Let's jump into the Results now so starting off with the Instagram page we ended up getting a Total of 39 views across the 10 videos And two likes so it honestly wasn't that Great but let's now jump into the YouTube channel and see what numbers we Got there well guys we ended up with a Huge surprise here because as soon as I Opened it up I saw that vid IQ was Displaying 1.6 K views on this channel In the last 48 hours so I am extremely

Excited to see what happened here so it Looks like the very first video I posted Ended up getting 1562 views 30 likes and it gained me Nine subscribers the less exciting part Is that the following nine videos all Got zero views so I'm really not sure What to call this one here maybe it's Just luck but let's go ahead and figure Out now if we actually made any money Across these 1600 or so views the first Thing I want to check is how many clicks Are Amazon affiliate link got through The redirect because if we didn't get Any clicks we probably didn't make any Money so over on my personal website I Can see that using pretty links we ended Up getting 32 clicks yesterday and 31 Clicks so far today and with that we'll Be able to figure out our conversion our Content got a total of 1594 views and that generated 63 clicks So that's a click-through rate of just About four percent which is actually Pretty high so if it's scaled like this From here for every 100 views you got on Your content you'd expect to get four Clicks on your affiliate link now before I show you the earnings I want to Quickly revisit the video that I watched In the intro the good news is that we Created a system here that made 23 times More money than this person's method However the bad news is that their

Method only made one penny so you heard That right we made 23 cents we ended up Selling one bottle of the rosemary oil At 22.95 but I made a huge oversight at the Beginning of this experiment by not Considering the category of our trending Amazon product you see health and Household is a one percent commission Category and it's often low ticket Products now I did generate two other Sales on Amazon yesterday and it is Possible that these came from those Affiliate clicks but there's no way of Knowing for sure I earned the four Percent commission on a 39 radio and a Three percent commission on a bed frame And both of those are in higher Commission category series with higher Prices so if I were to try this again I Would pay a lot more attention to the Amazon commission categories before Choosing My trending Amazon product so In summary no this is not a very good Way to make money whatsoever even though We made 23 times what the other person Made it's still not worth it for 23 Cents but I do think there is still Potential here so if you want to see me Build out a chat GPT website using this URL and continuing this series leave me A comment down below but also make sure You subscribe hit the bell and turn on All notifications so you don't miss it

When that comes out now if you're Looking to start a side hustle that Actually makes money I wrote a book About the side hustle Journey called From side hustle to main hustle to Millionaire that's available at Barnes Noble or you can also buy it on Amazon If you like this video check out this One right here where I was testing Making money with online surveys it's an Oldie but a goodie and I'm sure you'll Enjoy it subscribe bell all and I'll see You next time

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