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I'm Devlin Steele Director of Education At Augusta precious metals I've recently Been made aware of the practices of some Companies in the gold and silver Industry stoking in my opinion false Fears to push people to buy gold and Silver today I want to share what I Believe to be bad reasons to buy gold And silver Bad reason number one the banks are Going to take all your money away It is true that in response to the 2008 Economic crisis on July 21st 2010 then President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Reform Act the broadest Bill giving Power to The Regulators over the banks And financial institutions ever put in Place It is true that in Article 1 it provides Regulators to deem some banks and Financial institutions too big to fail And it is true that Article 2 provides For Regulators to enact a bail in that Allows Banks to convert customer Deposits into equity for the purposes of Increasing Capital requirements So yes if the banking system fails again They can replace your cash deposits with Equity in the bank to shore up Capital Requirements However I believe that the likelihood of The banking system failing again right Now is extremely low In my opinion the recent actions of the

FED to support the economy through QE Make the bail in scenario nearly Impossible no one can tell you what will Happen my thought is if you get a call To buy gold because the banks are going To take your money away hang up Bad reason number two the market is Going to crash no one has a crystal ball And can tell you whether the stock Market is going to go up or down It is true that there have been times Historically when markets corrected gold And silver rose it is also true during The housing bubble pop that led to a Market correction the gold rose 240 Percent and silver 500 percent from 2008 To 2011. I'm sure that many of you are hearing a Lot of alphabet economics right now These use W's K's L's and so on Is there a theoretical risk of a market Drop given the political environment Right now Of course there is but there is a chance That markets could continue to rise or Show no significant change in the near Term Anyone telling you to pull out of the Stock market and buy gold and silver is Just trying to scare you and probably Violating Federal Security laws the Bottom line is don't let anyone scare You you don't need to be scared of Stocks to buy gold and silver bad reason

Number three Guaranteed to make money I know this might sound ridiculous and Yet it's actually true there are sales People who guarantee a profit on your Gold and silver purchases This explanation is going to be short Nobody can guarantee a profit in any Asset in any Market if someone calls you Up and guarantees you a profit hang up Bad reason number four Short-term profits This is my general opinion about taking A position in gold and silver Gold and silver should be purchased for The long term That is why they are used by many people To stabilize retirement savings Bad reason number five income from your Portfolio Gold and silver do not pay you dividends If you're living off the income from Your savings you probably shouldn't Invest in gold and silver Bad reason number six price predictions There are endless price predictions in All markets on all assets based on Endless factors Price predictions are opinions and not Guaranteed There are those who have a history of Making better price predictions Based on Data than others however all predictions Including mine are just that predictions

But here are two that I like Bank of America thinks gold is going to Three thousand in 18 months And Nick barashiff thinks ten thousand Is down the road as stated in his book Ten thousand dollar gold book I'm at Five thousand dollars in 36 months Do your own research make a move into Gold and silver if you feel it's right For you not based on anyone else's Predictions alone Bad reason number seven stoking fear Listen what to avoid is anyone trying to Get you to make a decision based on fear You don't need to be fearful to buy gold And silver there are many more good Reasons to buy physical gold and silver That are happening right now Bad reason number eight free gold and Silver Let's discuss getting free silver Does that sound good getting free silver Up to five thousand dollars in free Silver sounds good to me Or does it I have seen extraordinary offers on TV And on the internet where you can get up To five thousand dollars in free silver You know the old adage if it's too good To be true well you know the rest can You imagine your Banker telling you that They will add five thousand dollars to Your account when you open a new account Of course not

Listen there are reasonable gift Incentives and then there are outrageous Gift incentives that simply don't make Sense Bad reason number nine greed We're all naturally a little greedy we Hate to admit it but it's true we all Want to make money The problem is some people might try and Appeal to your greed in order to get you To make decisions you wouldn't normally Make They paint a picture that you're going To make all of this money if you act Today Here's the thing that many people don't Understand there's no such thing as a Guaranteed profit Don't let anyone appeal to your greed When you hear someone doing this let the Warning Bells go off and back away Bad reason number 10 ticking clock Listen we've all seen those tv ads where The sale is ending at midnight or the Sales ending after this weekend get out And buy get out and buy the idea is to Get you to do just one thing act now Otherwise you're going to lose an Opportunity you're going to lose a a Special limited time offer you should be Buying gold and silver for the long term When looking at using your retirement Account or other funds you have to make Sure that gold and silver is right for

You there's no ticking time clock make The decisions that are best for you and Then the clock will work for you Bad reason number 11 badmouthing What do I mean by bad mouthing well when You speak to certain companies out there The way that they try to get you to buy From them is telling you how bad other Companies are I always tell people that my food Doesn't taste good because other food Tastes bad it either tastes good or it Doesn't either there's a good reason to Do business with a company or there Isn't as soon as I hear someone Bad-mounting this hair is in the back of My neck go up and I know I am talking to The wrong company bad reason number 12. Pressure We've spent a lot of time talking about The bad reasons to buy gold and silver And there are probably many many more In the end ultimately the main bad Reason to buy anything is pressure All of these reasons are designed to get You to act quickly without thinking About them and to get you to move Forward without doing your due diligence Bad reason number 13 government recall Of gold Some gold companies are stoking the fear That government Might Recall or Confiscate gold from Americans Here's what they do they get you on the

Phone to complete your transaction And then they try to scare you to choose Certain coins that they claim won't be Confiscatable they essentially say don't Worry this coin is different and the Government can't take it There are actually two things that we Want you to know about this First our position is that no one can Say whether or how the government Might Recall privately owned gold in the Future or prohibit gold ownership in any Way We think this is very unlikely Second no one knows which kinds of coins Might or might not ever be deemed Confiscatable So choosing certain coins out of fear to Avoid government confiscation of gold is A bad reason to buy them If you do this you might end up with Coins that are not the best choice for You To summarize never buy coins because Someone tries to make you afraid of Government confiscation and tries to Tell you certain coins will be exempt They're just trying to use fear to get You to buy what they want you to buy Bad reason number 14 Non-reportable coins Some companies out there will tell you That certain gold and silver coins are Non-reportable they insinuate or just

Flat out tell you that you won't get a 1099 for your medals meaning you won't Have to pay taxes When a gold provider pitches this and Tries to get you to buy Be careful The truth is you certainly do have to Pay taxes on any coins you sell and make A profit on Yes it is true that the seller doesn't Have to report certain coin sales but You still have to pay your taxes a gold Company with Integrity will make this Clear To summarize never buy coins because Someone tells you that they're Non-reportable and hints that you won't Have to pay taxes this is flat out not True Bad reason number 15 Investment advice We've been hearing about gold companies That act as if they are licensed Investment Advisors They ask you to tell them about Investments that you currently have and Then try to get you to sell them to buy Precious metals Some even tell you specifically which Assets you should sell to go into gold And silver This may include stocks bonds annuities And other Investments including your Hard-earned retirement accounts

This is not acceptable because gold Dealers are not licensed Investment Advisors If you've decided on your own that you Want to buy precious metals then a gold Dealer can help facilitate the process Of buying gold and silver so here's a Warning if you speak with a gold company That advises you that the market is About to crash and you should sell your Stocks stop beware of this type of Pressure from any precious metals Provider a gold company representative Is not qualified to give you investment Advice and it is illegal the good news Is there are tons of good reasons to buy Physical gold and silver I suggest you Learn more about the good reasons to buy Gold and silver by studying one of Augusta precious metals guides or even Better sign up for an Augusta

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