HBCU – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] I want to be Thoughtful and speaking about this Because Deion Sanders is a he's a good Guy Um we we had the honor of connecting With him Interviewed him he's very gracious with His time Could do And I respect Nobody's tied to anything forever Um but I also am sympathetic For the plight of hbcus I can understand The disappointment Because it was sold on a culture that's How it was kind of packaged like you Know like this is for the culture this Is the culture swac this is the culture If it's just a job then it's just it's Just a job but when it's sold that is Something more than a job like when You're working in Colorado you know it's Just a job But when you're working at HBCU and You're selling it as a HBCU and this is Going to be an opportunity for young Athletes to come and you know be with Their own people and you know and that's Kind of how it's packaged whether he did It or whether it was done like that's Just that's kind of how it was packaged So it becomes more than just a job it's

Kind of like you know a mission and it's Not to say that he even signed up for it But that's kind of what it ended up Being where he kind of had the flag for Hbcus he's the most notable coach in Sports right now and he's he's holding a Flag for every HBCU so it's definitely Um demoralizing when you finally get Recognition you finally start winning You finally get you know athletes and Entertainers and everybody's coming and Everybody's championing it and earning Leaders doing interviews and Gillian Wallows coming every other week and 60 Minutes and you know Good Morning America and you're getting all this National attention and it's like you Know okay we finally made it And then it's over So like I said I don't blame Dion Because You know he is who he is and He's gonna be you know one of the best Coaches in the country and I respect That But like I said I could also understand The disappointment In in the HBCU Community but I will say This Earn your leisure will be at Howard University On Saturday For the culture that was a hell of a Segue Free adventure that was a hell of a

Segue leaking a bio RSVP go bison we Love you And I know Howard's our athletic Director would never do this but does Jackson State's athletic director Deserve any of the blame for not putting Up the capital to Keep him there Second statement the state of Mississippi deserves some of the blame For not figuring out how to compensate That school for the amount of Revenue That they brought in you got to figure Like I mean we were there and he said it Like you're talking about a state Capital that still has dirt roads it Doesn't have all the facilities that They should have is you know I mean it's Tough to compete the fact that they I Only competed but dominated and were Undefeated is amazing my only issue and I I mean I don't know all the details of It but it felt like he took the first Offer enough right like I'm sure there's Other schools who could have or were Looking to have a coach but I felt like It was a rumor and then it was like next Day was true and I'm like damn that was Quick Right like damn like I like I I kind of Brought out to him I was like yeah I Feel like FSU would have been obviously That's his alma mater would have been One of those places like all right you

Know I mean it's Florida I mean that That's where the birth of prime time Started took a long time right it's Gonna take a long time to get there but I just I mean I felt like First opportunity to go you out Um yeah yeah I mean the other side of it 100x yes That was my only job when I heard him Like truth like damn Colorado I bet That's Colorado it is ladies and Gentlemen didn't even stay for the bowl Game I'm going black and gold done Listen Wyoming state can offer me 500 And I'm going tomorrow Been real number two please write this Down because this is the business Sean I Know some people like yo y'all talk About entertainment there's lessons in The entertainment and entertainment Business and in football you get to see A business cycle happen in three months Opposed to stretched out over three Years Write this down Colorado made him an Offer that he could not leave their Facility from So when negotiating your deals and if You want a talent And they've calculated and I'm sure They're saying if we get him here and he Did that at JSU with the booster base That they have in Colorado all the money That's flowed to Colorado from

California for the weed business when I Was there in 2014 Denver now looks like Baby California in the hood in Denver Some of them houses going for 600 000. I'm sure they've already calculated the Return so if he's getting 30 I'm sure They're looking to make 6.90 off him Minimum Dion is a star Yeah Sell out back to sellouts in Colorado And my last point if we really care About JSU somebody make a GoFundMe 250 a Month let's get 10 000 people to invest 250 a month into JSU that's 2.5 million A month I guarantee that GoFundMe would Not be a capacity Yeah shout out to and I want to get to The stalker people I'll just say one Last thing because you know I'm I'm a Sports fan Um and Deion Sanders he started a whole Wave where Howard actually got one of The top recruits in basketball during The pandemic uh even Mikey he didn't go There he went to Memphis but he even had Howard is like oh he had like one of These uh hbcus on his list it became Like a trendy thing and I don't think Hbcus had had that much Buzz behind him Since the 90s when our guy Chris Latt Was making the clothes HPC clothes and Everybody was wearing the hoodies and All that stuff and shout out to support

Black colleges they doing that now but You know it was a real popular thing in The 90s to support black colleges so Whatever if you are criticizing Deion Sanders instead of criticizing him Why don't you find a way to figure it Out to support a black college 250 is More beneficial action is more Beneficial than criticism so it's like Dion did a lot for the HBCU movement and For Jackson State a lot of people are Criticizing what he's done and they have Never done anything for any HBCU like They haven't they've never done anything They haven't given they haven't given Any money they haven't donated their Time bought a headband they they a lot Of people have never even been to a HBCU Other than a homecoming party So it's like You're criticizing somebody when you Yourself have never done one thing So take that into consideration And the world will definitely be a Better place if every single person that Is criticizing actually takes some level Of action Depending The Cosby Show That's beneficial I mean unfortunately Not we're not talking to the amazing Listeners of Market Monday it's just a Hyperboles No but it's it's but sometimes no it's Not even this is this is part of the

Culture too and I was talking 19 Keys About this It's okay to have honest conversations Doesn't mean that I we're not friends Yeah I am actually talking to the Listeners of Market Monday because I Don't know we have 5 000 people on the Line and some assets of reliabilities And the Tuesday you know they're gonna Hear me why y'all changes but listen but Listen no it's important it's not Scolding It's not scolding it's it's it's out of Love like no I'm saying because it's Like It might not apply to everybody if it Doesn't apply to you then disregard the Message but I guarantee you at least one Person is going to apply to and it's not Done to humiliate anybody it's not Calling anybody out by name But it's important to have honest Conversations because and it's like hold Me accountable I might say something that's I might be An era Hold me accountable like if if I'm an Era like troyo say something like I Didn't appreciate that or this is you Just okay that's what you're supposed to Do like that's how that's how we move Forward we we have to be men enough and Women enough to take criticism and not Take it personal

We take we take criticism personal but It's not it's it's done out of Correction and correction is necessary Because we all need correction I need Correction Everybody needs correction at a certain Point in time nobody's perfect so it's Like just take just take the take the Correction and see how you can become a Better person That's it yeah You guys leave with love man yes [Music]

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