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Yeah I know we were all looking forward To paying more for medals and then this Guy comes along Actually it was this guy And he ruined it for us good afternoon I'm at risk here of over analyzing gold And silver price movement to the point That it takes some of the fun out of it But two things came out of Wednesday's Announcement from the FED first of all Was the 50 basis point raid hike Basically the amount that had been Priced in an amount less than the prior 75 basis point hikes and then second was An indication that the rates would be Kept higher for longer holding at a peak Of 5.1 percent with no reductions until 2024. so it's a case of good news bad News the good news that was expected the Bad news was not and if you look at the Market indexes you can see that Traders Well they didn't really like the news at All and if you look at the dxy you're Going to see that the dollar did pretty Well because of it once again it's Spiking on higher rate news and then if You look at what's important here the Price of gold well that's back to where It was on Tuesday before it started Making a move on the expected good news Part of the announcement And at this point it's getting a little Bit hard to see the value in worrying About price movement for Metals without

A huge Catalyst I mean gold went up one And a half percent and then it went down One and a half percent and I don't know If that's two stories or no stories Because it ended up being a wash but the Santa Claus rally the rally that we've All been promised well seems to be Canceled the Bull Run that's postponed Apparently Jerome Powell has the ability To call these things off on the upside Though any of that nonsense about Needing to hurry up and buy before it's Too late well that proves once again to Be false I would be very surprised if we Don't begin to see gains in metals Prices once the FED pauses raid hikes But that's happening next year and that Idea that gold or silver prices will Take off exponentially it's just not Supported by anything that we've been Seeing if we were to look at the rise in Medals prices from 2001 to now because That's a popular thing to do the gains While the they seem pretty impressive But there were lots of continued buying Opportunities all along the way Especially if we're talking about Physical now there are cycles for Derivatives and producer stocks where You could have made a lot more along That path maybe you could have lost a Lot more but that's how trading works You win or you lose based on very Precise timing with physical Metals

You're buying over time hopefully you're Only selling if you really need that Capital and hopefully at points well Down the road from when you made the Initial purchase So with the equal and opposite news Turning into no news I guess I'm back to Planning around a normal buying schedule The first half of 2023 it's going to be Pretty quiet on the Jerome Powell front At least because we don't hear about Raid Heights again until February 1st And then we get another in March and Then skip April so pretty quiet there Not much happening to plan around so Normal to me at the moment then that Means trying to get an ounce a month for A decent price and I will switch gears If we have a quick Spike up or a quick Drop down in price I just don't see any Real pressure there at the moment but I Am going to try something new I'm going To try to layer in a quarter ounce tube Goal and I don't know if that means 20 Or 40 to me actually 40. it seems like a Lot with current premium so I guess We'll see right now I'm at 11 quarter Ounce Eagles that's after this one that Just showed up now a quarter ounce Should be fun if I can find them I just Haven't been buying them with any real Focus for a few years now and I don't Have that many and I think the fact that I'm looking for something fun tells me

That I'm not real worried about huge Price swings or the kind of Doom events That YouTube seems to be full of at the Moment now maybe I just need something Further from normal than a quarter ounce Eagle something I don't know something Weird like maybe one of those jeweled Perth Mint coins That could probably do it so if you're From the Perth Mint just you know give My people a call maybe we can work Something out now back to the good news Bad news the kind of news that really Nets out to no news I gave a closing 2022 price prediction for the spot price Of gold and my number was one thousand Seven hundred and eighty three dollars And if 2022 closes at that number well That was the result a very sophisticated I mean not professional but still pretty Impressive analysis or maybe it was just A guess that we were not going to see Events that would have much lasting Impact on the price of gold in 2022 Probably that one anyway 2023 has more Going on to change that but it doesn't Look like we're going to see it in the Next few months and that lull is Important we have a slow start for fed Meetings a slow start for J Powell and His party crashing and the best guess is That we're gonna have a slow start for Price movement there are people out There that have lost their minds telling

You that you need to buy before it's too Late but that's just not the best time To buy the slow times with small moves The moves of say a percent or two here And there those are the times that work In the favor of anyone buying physical Metals because it leaves you to buy when It's convenient to do it and it's Looking like that's what's ahead of us At the moment so how about that the most Likely case of what's about to happen is That not much is going to happen at Least not in the short term and Hopefully I didn't just jinx it anyway Let us know what you think and if you Have a question for a q a or a topic for A live stream drop them in the comments As well I should have both of those Coming up hopefully at least and then While you're in the comments be sure to Hit the like button if you found any of This interesting be sure you're Subscribed with notifications turned on If you'd like to see more on the topic And if you're still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care

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