Gold Bars in ASSAY – Be Very Careful

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm gonna be testing This gold bar to see if it is real or if It is fake now if you have a gold bar That is in one of these plastic type Holders this is called an assay card and It's really important to leave the gold Bar in this card because it will Actually go down in value if you take it Out so I'm going to show you some tests That you can do on your gold to see if It's real or if it is fake alright let's Do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so first things First this is an assay card if you live Over in Europe you probably call it an Assay card but here in the USA we call Them assay cards and if you buy a piece Of gold in one of these cards and it Turns out to be fake then we call it a Jackass a card hey You'll act like a donkey Okay I'm obviously joking but uh the First thing you should do is try and Research your gold bar figure out as Much as you can about it the more Information the better so try and figure Out who manufactured the gold bar

Perhaps when it was manufactured and These specs what is the size that your Gold bar should be and then of course Perform tests on your gold bar and see If it's real or fake I will just say That I've never personally seen this Gold bar before and all of the dealers I Took it to they had never seen it either So if it is real it is extremely rare But when I looked it up online I got Pretty worried the first thing that I Found was this picture of my gold bar But when I click on the website there's A little bit of a problem it actually Says page not found and this is an Australian website so I'm not exactly Sure why they don't have this product Anymore or maybe they sold out and took It off the website or something I don't Know but then I found this other website And this has me extremely worried that My gold bar is actually a fake uh the Website is numismo club and they got Pretty much an identical gold bar to the One that I have it even says you know Four nines fine gold one ounce Troy Everything looks exactly the same but if We look at the top here it says one Ounce 2012 you're the dragon 100 mils Pure three nines fine 24 karat gold Bullion bar rare I'm not worried about The three nines fine I'm worried about This 100 mils pure because that means That the bar is actually plated whenever

You see something that says a hundred Mils or 100 mils pure that means that it Is a plated product it is not pure all The way through and then when you scroll Down look at this it says the estimated Value is only eight dollars Australian So that is a huge red flag that mine is Fake or at least there are fake gold Bars out there that look identical to Mine now the good thing is they actually Show the size for the fake gold bar that They have in the photos it's 50 Millimeters by 28 by three millimeters So we know that the fake ones are three Millimeters thick so we can look at mine And see how it compares to the fake one Okay so now that I have some more Information about this particular gold Bar we're gonna start to run some tests And by the way this is a real Canadian Maple leaf coin and we're gonna run some Similar tests on this one as well we Can't do all the tests the same but this Will sort of be our control because I Already know that this one is real it is Four nines fine gold and this is Supposed to be four nines fine gold so The first test we're gonna do is a Thickness test now the fake one that we Saw online was three millimeters thick Thick so if this particular gold bar is Three millimeters thick then we know It's probably one of the fake ones right And the number one way that they fake

Gold bars is they make them out of Copper and then they put a gold plating On top this is the cheapest way to fake A gold bar so let's go ahead and see how Thick this one is and right off the bat I'll just say it looks really thin so It's actually about one millimeter thick It's pretty hard to get an exact reading I mean I probably couldn't even break Out my digital calipers because of the Plastic that this is in but we know it's Not the three millimeter version so That's great but the other way that they Fake gold bars is they make them out of Tungsten and then they plate them with Gold and those would be the right size So I would say first off look at the Thickness of your gold bar and sort of Compare it to what it's supposed to be If it's too thick then for sure it's Fake if it's the right thickness then we Need to run some more tests okay now I'm Going to do a magnet test this is a Really cheap test that anyone can do so This is a rare earth magnet they come in All sorts of shapes and sizes and all You do is you just put the rare earth Magnet to the piece of metal and if it Is magnetic then for sure it is fake so These are not magnetic so we know they At least pass that test and the next Thing I want to do is weigh it and I Know it's in this card so it's really Annoying I can't you know get an exact

Weight but I want to make sure it weighs Over a troy ounce and so we're just Going to get a general weight on the bar Here Okay there you go 1.278 so for sure it's not like a half Ounce gold bar I mean this is definitely A one ounce gold bar and I guess all the Packaging probably weighs the extra 0.278 of a troy ounce so the weight Looks right to me and I guess you could Use that number and compare your gold Bar that's in an assay card to that Number there obviously if it's not the Exact same bar you'll have a slightly Different reading but there's some more Information for you so let's go ahead And do a more expensive test this is an Original Sigma precious metals verifier Machine and they're great machines for Weeding out fake coins and fake bars and Things like that I have it all set to Gold pure three nines fine plus and when I put my Canadian gold Maple Leaf on There you can see the line Falls within The brackets so this is a real gold coin It totally passes the test and then when We put the gold bar on there I got to Put it down like this it actually does Not show up inside of the brackets so This makes me think something weird is Going on perhaps this is not pure gold Maybe it's like 23 karat gold or Something like that or maybe the bar is

Just too thin to get an accurate reading I mean if I put something on there That's clearly not gold you see there's A line way off to the left it's saying This is nowhere close but with this gold Bar I mean there is a line it's just not In the brackets I mean I don't know it Seems a little suspicious so what I did Was I actually took this bar down to my Coin shop and they tested it with their Xrf machine now these machines are Extremely expensive they cost around Sixteen thousand dollars and they only Test the outer layer of the material but They were getting a reading of 99.99 gold or four nines fine gold 24 Karat so for sure sure the outer layer Of this is real gold we know that to be True but what is in the middle of this Gold bar thankfully I have another Machine that can test all the way Through a silver or gold piece and it's Called a sigma metallytics pro model in My opinion this is the most definitive Way to test a gold bar so I have it all Set up for gold pure we will first do The Canadian gold Maple Leaf and you can See it does show up in the green so That's great this Top Line is measuring Just the top of the material and the Bottom line is measuring all the way Through the material now when we put the Gold bar on there you will notice Something interesting it does not show

Up in the green but it is in the yellow Now I did contact a rep over at Sigma Metallytics and they said that if it is In the yellow then it actually is Testing good it's kind of on the edge And one of the reasons it may do that is If the piece is too thin which is why It's actually saying thin right there so The good thing about this machine is we Can do one additional test which will Give us a for sure yes or no if this Piece is real or fake and that is the Density or specific gravity test so to Do it on this machine all you do is you Hit measure And then we say it is a rectangle and Now we need to measure between this line And this line and make sure that these Two lines are the same width as the gold Bar so I'm getting almost exactly 30 Millimeters or three centimeters and we Will translate that down here and adjust Accordingly so as you can see I set the Width to 31.1 millimeters now as long as the gold Bar is in between 46.2 and 56.5 millimeters in length then It is the right size and it is made out Of pure gold so we need over 46 Millimeters and it actually is right Around 49 millimeters in length so that's a Great sign this is a real gold bar now That was a complete headache to try and

Test this gold bar and see if it was Real or fake fake I mean there were so Many ups and downs it was like oh I'm Kind of leaning toward real now I'm kind Of leaning toward fake but at the end we Figured out yes it is a real gold bar so That's good at least I didn't get Scammed out of a few thousand dollars But hey when you're investing in gold I Usually recommend just buy gold coins Because gold coins are much easier to Test and when you go to sell them it's Not going to be a headache if you are Gonna buy gold bars don't buy some rare Gold bar just stick to the really Popular ones like Perth Mint Credit Suisse volcanby pamp those are the ones That your coin dealers will have seen Many times before it'll be easy for them To verify and make sure they're real so I'd recommend don't buy the rare stuff Like this one I mean I think it's really Cool because I love dragons but if I Ever do go to sell this bar they're Probably going to want to break it out Of the assay card which is going to hurt The value so so I'm just going to hold On to it and probably pass it down to my Kids when I die but anyway what are your Thoughts on testing and purchasing for That matter gold bars that are in the Assay cards do you like them do you hate Them feel free to leave a comment Down Below in the comment section I hope you

Are able to learn something in this Video I mean there was definitely a lot Of information in there about you know Testing gold and things like that so I Hope you got something good out of it But anyway I do want to say a massive Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you all in my next one silver Dragons out

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