Gold as a Hedge + a Look at Gold Royalty Corp

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Britannia Rules!

When I first started out in the business more than 30 years ago, one of the first things I learned about the stock market was to “watch what the FTSE is doing” as a precursor to what we can expect the DOW to do. At the time it made some sense given Great Britain was still an economic powerhouse to be reckoned with. As the years went by and Britain’s ranking in the economic ladder began to decline, I surmised that the predictability factor of the FTSE would also decline and it would basically just follow all other markets while…

The Art of Investing or OMG Stop Diversifying and Focus

If your investment portfolio is not returning a profit then this simple technique may be the missing link to success. Turn your losing portfolio into a winner.

Wrong Question, Sir

“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” — Francis Bacon. Prior to discovering the effectiveness of simple trading, we thought a high win rate was paramount.

Basics of Interest Rate Swaps

Interest rate swap (IRS) has been an essential tool for fixed income investors, corporate treasurers, risk managers, and banks. The IRS market started decades ago as a way for corporations to manage interest cost on their debt obligations. It has now become one of the most useful and liquid derivatives markets in the world.

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