Getting Started with Gold – What Brought Me In

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So this is a story about spinning Cards Into gold more or less it's almost a Full Tale I just need to find a way to Work in a talking wolf So I was asked what got me into gold and I would have thought that that'd be a Pretty easy question to answer right up Until I tried to do it and maybe I've Always been into it I don't know but What made me pay attention to the value Of it the intrinsic value and then just The potential benefit of using it Personally for savings that started out With a pretty specific story Now this goes back to late in 2003 and I Know because Chris Moneymaker had just Won the main event at the World Series Of Poker and all of a sudden everyone's Playing cards you could barely get a Seat in a live Hold'em game the casinos They're doing their best to spin up new Tables to take advantage of the Popularity but there were long wait Lists and lots of new dealers New Dealers who didn't always seem to want To be doing it at all and I just Happened to be sitting at one of those Tables with one of those dealers now This is no big deal you get good dealers You get bad dealers it's no big deal Right up until a friend of his gets Seated to my left and as he's sitting Down he's ordering a drink the dealer Starts giving him a rundown on the

Players to each side of him well now I'm Betting into the guy and the dealers Telling him that I've been playing loose And that that is a big deal he would Have been fired at a big Casino somebody At the table would have called for a Floor dealer would have been out but This wasn't a big Casino Fast forward a few hands dealer turns The Flop without burning a card first And I point this out he's been a jerk The whole time he's been rotated in so I Asked him if this is a missed deal as Pal to my left instantly starts Complaining he's saying the cards are Live the dealer he's threatening to Throw me out I don't know for Questioning him everyone at the table Starts arguing a dealer's friend he Pushes his chips all in it's not even His turn whole thing's a mess now at This point another dealer can see the Table's hot he drops and right as this Is happening and he confirms it yes it's A missed deal but the sitting dealer he Starts yelling his pal is yelling that We have to play it out everyone else Folds except for one guy Ray I think and Rey is sitting there calmly whole cards In front of him Gold Card cover showing He's still in the hand Now back to the bad dealer he can see That his pal wants to play and he says It's up to the players in the hand which

It's not but Ray looks up and says that He would play it out but rules are rules The hand is dead now important color on This story when the Flop hit all I saw Was paint and maybe that's what Drew my Attention to the Miss burn card I don't Know but it's Jack queen king hearts So this is starting to calm down now and I'm talking to Ray I'm apologizing for Messing up his hand and I asked him what He had so Ray reaches over casually Slides his card cover off Turns up base 10. Hearts Rey's just Given up a royal flush Now at this point of course I feel Terrible I mean you go years not getting A live hand like that some people never See it so now I say Ray I just Wrecked your night clearly an Understatement Ray just kind of smiles And says Rules or rules Over the next few years I'm going to see Ray a handful of times he never once Acts like he's mad about that hand I Start paying more attention to his card Cover and I realize it's not just like a A token or something like that he's been Playing this whole time with a one ounce Canadian maple leaf casually like it's a Plastic button and all I know here is That it's gold and I remember telling The story at a home game and one of the Guys says no way that's like a three or

Four hundred dollar card cover Now I'm thinking about this the next day So I look it up and sure enough he's Right That's when I started paying attention Now it'll be a few years after ruining Rey's royal flush that I actually get Around to buying my first gold coin People they will tell you that having Kids will change your life but you just Have to experience it to really Understand it was a big event for me I Started thinking a little bit further Out and part of that I think was a shift From bets to Investments part of it was Just playing a little bit tighter Putting more money aside now I won't get Into this much here right now but I Tried the markets a few Venture deals it Didn't really go well and then I went as Hard into income properties as we could At the time and real estate did a lot Better over the years but each property You own adds a whole for you to pour Money into so the missing part for me Really felt like lack of savings and Raise card cover it always just kind of Stuck in my head I could spot a fancy Watch I could give you a pretty good Guess of what the person spent on it but That gold coin snuck right past me at First I had to look into it and the more I looked the more I liked and finally in 2008 I bought my first gold coin I

Bought my very own one ounce Canadian Maple leaf and then not long after that I bought an American Gold Eagle Now if you were involved with real Estate in 2008 you know what happened Talking wolf blew the houses down so I Slowed down just after I'd started tried Jumping back in a few years later but That was just as the prices were Starting to spike in 2011 I dropped off Again and then finally in late 2013 That's when I started buying Consistently So long story for a simple question and I don't know how much of the gold buying Habit that I have today has to do Directly at least with Rey's Canadian Maple leaf but it was a seed or maybe a Trigger if nothing else Rey seemed to Have things figured out he didn't get Worked up about missed deals he didn't Get worked up about lost pots or really Money in general and he was far enough Ahead that the guy could keep an ounce Of gold in his pocket now something About that idea just flipped the switch For me I always wanted to be far enough Ahead that I could do the same And that is the happily ever after of it So your turn now let us know what that You started in gold and silver I was Into silver by the way in there as well But that's another story that one has Talking Bears while you're in the

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