Full Year Gold and Silver Stacking Review – 2022

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So a happy New Year as the first order Of business here for 2023 We're going to take one more look at 2022. So we're going to do a year in review 2022. this is a year in review for the Things that I bought so I guess it's a Little bit of a narcissistic urine Review but I do think that this kind of Thing adds some Clues to what I've been Showing on the channel and I always Enjoy this kind of thing anyway so we're Going to ignore the funny feelings and Just kind of jump in 2022 was a little Bit of a grind in a lot of ways there Weren't wild gains coming in from Investments at least not my investments And real estate was pretty weird as well And then on top of that there weren't a Lot of swings in Gold except when that One country invaded the other country But we're gonna keep the commentary Quick here so I'll just say that there Win a lot of Wild Force is pushing me to Buy more there were two out of 12 months Though where I slowed down and I picked Up a quarter ounce of gold rather than My typical amount Now I'm not going to say something dumb Like I only picked up a lesser amount Because the amount of what I've been Buying it's not the important part I Have a Channel about gold so there are a Lot of things that I do that are

Anomalies all of this stuff is relative There are a lot of people who buy a lot More than I do but I still realize that Some of this just isn't normal I also Realize that if you're coming into this Video cold it could look like a little Bit of a brag that of course is not the Intent here uh speed this up right well I'm going to try to pick through some of That as I run through my 2022 purchases And if nothing else I'm just going to Try to point out which were purchases That were logical and which one now all Of this it's all fun for me so I'm not Giving any apologies here I just wanted To point out that it's not meant as a Comparison to anything else except maybe My own purchases in 2021 which Coincidentally just happened to be the Same as I purchased in 2022. in total I Picked up 26 ounces of gold I picked up Another 30 ounces of silver and then I Grabbed a few ancient coins I've got Some quick stories for all of this I'm Trying to group them to speed this along I'm just going to start at the top of my List of priorities I picked up 12 ounces Of standard US Mint bullion in 2022 and That number is not a coincidence I plan To get an ounce of US Gold each month The only real surprise here is that I Did grab some quarter ounce Eagles as Well I grabbed six buffaloes five one Ounce American Gold Eagles and four

Quarter ounce Eagles the quarters were Tough I was watching for deals on these The entire year and I really only found What I considered a decent deal three of Those times I think I picked up the Fourth in the wake of the invasion when I was slowing things down because when I Look at the price it really doesn't make A lot of sense I think that there's a Lot to say about the premiums on us Bullying lately but we're gonna have to Come back to that I want to keep this Moving next up I grabbed some U.S mint Commemoratives I must been feeling Pretty good going into 2022 because I Went into it wanting to grab a half Ounce walking liberty and a few other Higher premium coins and normally these Aren't on my list but the gold Walker Has always been my favorite window Shopping coin and I finally decided to Grab one it wasn't cheap and I don't Keep it with the rest of my coins so It's a little bit of an outlier for me I'm thinking maybe I need another one to Even it out now I also grabbed a 2009 Ultra high relief Double Eagle the slab On this one through a few people since I've already proven to be a little bit Of a low IQ Savage when it comes to Grading Collectibles but as you can see I have not busted this one out of jail Yet the reason I've landed on a graded Coin it's pretty simple this MS70 coin

Was cheaper than any raw ungraded Version that I had found anytime up to That point in the year and I just Assumed that I could bust it out of the Slab immediately and then I would be Happy because First of all I got a discount and second Of all it'd just be a higher quality Coin but the idea of keeping this one Locked away graded it's kind of growing On me I don't know why because this is Not a particularly Rare Coin but I Already have a freed version I guess We'll see So next up I grabbed some coins that I've said in the past that I don't think Make a lot of sense I grabbed that one Eight six seven ounce LMU Squad coins And these were for fun I had reasons not Really my own but there were some strong Arguments for them on the Discord Channel so I grabbed three I only have This Napoleon to show right now but I Also grabbed a rooster and a lucky Angel And I'm just rounding the three of them Down to half an ounce I ran some Experiments with these coins at coin Shops and shows we'll come back to that Now the Perth mints Chinese myths and Legends series coins these are always on My list and I grabbed two of this year's Gold dragon release I was planning to Buy a third and the quick explanation There is that the Perth Mint releases

Their series coins at a very low premium And once the coins are sold out the Price jumps up so if you buy and you Hold an extra coin it's a little bit Like a pre-order on the upcoming coin Since you'll get a significant discount At least typically because that extra Coin is typically going to sell for a Lot more than a new one but a risk of Sounding like a broken record here I Think there's a longer story we'll come Back to it The reason that I didn't buy that third Dragon is that I picked up three 2022 Great Britain Royal Arms coins these Coins they sold for the same old Premiums that we're seeing on Britannia's I picked up too early on and Then I grabbed another one when the Queen passed I figured at some point Maybe they'll appreciate out of novelty And if they don't I'll still have some Great looking coins for three and a half Percent premium Now we saw some pretty significant drops In the spot price of silver and I picked Up a few ounces there as well I said a Few times in 2021 that I was going to Grab some more silver when spot drop Below 20 again and that's what I did and There was some doubt in the comments Anytime that I would bring that up I was Informed that we would just never see Silver in the teens again and I'm sure

Now I'm gonna be informed that I'm Somehow gloating but when silver dumped This past year I grabbed 10 American Silver eagles and two 10 ounce RCM bars A premium still prevented me from doing More both of those are high premium Options but the RCM Bars were on sale at The time and then I have a little bit More that I didn't actually pay for Clean money gold well he sent me a few Silver coins from the Perth Mint I'm not Really sure why I think he's just nicer Than I am and then my friends at JM Bullion they sent me some BG ASC rounds When they acquired the company and free Silver it's kind of the best silver but I'm not including these in my total Models and keeping them of course but This is the kind of thing that I guess I'm gonna try to pay forward they will Be a net zero for me in terms of weight And next up are some ancient coins and This this is really a category that I'm Trying to wade into but I'm really Trying to be careful about it I did not Include the metal weight here in my Count technically this would be a little Bit more than an ounce of total silver Weight but you just do not value ancient Greek coins Roman coins Macedonian coins In ounces now I stumbled on the Philip The second bronze coin Alexander the Third style tetraum and then I got this Athenian owl now this was the coin that

I was really after and I horrified a few People by busting out a highly graded Specimen but this is a coin that I want To hold the fun really for me is Imagining how these were used more than 2 000 years ago and I'm just not gonna Leave a coin like this locked behind Some cheap plastic Now earlier in the year I decided to Pick up some more pre-33 I grabbed two Of my favorites the half eagle Indian Head and then this Liberty Head Double Eagle the premiums to start off with on Indian Heads they've just been out of Control they go for more than 750 Dollars easy but early in the year I Found a really nice ungraded coin at a Decent price and I jumped on it this Liberty Head this took me a little bit Longer to find I ended up buying a Slapped coin graded ms-63 into Everybody's Delight again I busted it Out and okay fine not everybody was Delighted there was some booze in there Too And that gets us to the Perth Mint Lunar Series three coins this is a series that Really surprised me that series one and Two I know they were popular but my Local shops had mentioned a few times That some of the years in the series They just didn't do well some did some Didn't and it just never made sense to Me to collect the whole run because of

It but when the tiger came out the Series three tiger it made me take a new Look at this entire series three I think The quality is just way ahead of both The prior run so I set up some watch Scripts for the mouse for the aux and I Grabbed them both I grabbed a one ounce Ox a one ounce Mouse and then I also Found a quarter ounce Mouse for a little Bit of a higher premium and then later In the year I grabbed a one ounce and a Quarter ounce rabbit as soon as the Pre-orders hit and I was hoping to find Another version of the rabbit but it Didn't make it to the domestic dealers Okay so I saved the best for last and it Is not this coin this is a 2022 Australia one ounce gold dragon proof I Do like the coin a lot but it was a Stand-in for an earlier coin in the Series that I've been trying to get a Hold of and through watching that I've Noticed just how crazy the ask prices Are on prior releases here in this Series so I figured maybe this one could Do well too we'll see I jumped at the Notification because this is another one Of those coins that has a limited Mintage of 188 and last but not least The 2022 year of the tiger one ounce Gold proof High Relief coin now this to Me it's not even in the same league as Anything else that I've shown it's rare With a mintage of 188 and it will be

Worth a lot more than the metal content But this particular coin is just a lot More meaningful than anything else that I got a hold of this year I did include It in my total weight accumulated but I Will never sell it this is one that's Going to be handed down to one of my Kids and I'm going to keep it out of the Spreadsheet in the meantime it's a Complicated story to tell at least to Tell quickly so I'll just say that I Caught some luck getting a hold of it Right at a time where I also caught some Really bad luck I'm not sure that you Catch bad luck maybe it catches you Anyway we're gonna have to come back to The full story of how I ended up with it One of you knows it's a pretty amazing Story but the quality of the coin I Think it's pretty clear you can see it Just looking at it I don't have any gold Nicer than this So that's it 26 ounces of gold a little Bit of silver some other fun stuff Definitely a good year for me I had a Lot of help stacking this up Channel Audience in general and then a few People specifically I think most of you Know who you are so thank you and thanks To all of you just for watching these Things make it a lot more fun to stick To it now if you want to let us know how 2022 went for you we'd all love to hear It so let us know you can be as specific

Or as vague as you'd like and then just Hit that like button if you found any of This interesting it's a big help to the Channel be sure you're subscribed with Notifications turned on if you want to See more on the topic and if you're Still here thanks again for watching I Always appreciate your time Take care [Music]

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