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[Music] So like New York City School District Band chat GPT the different schools Because it's like It's doing the work does it give it an Advantage or a disadvantage Um it it forces change it changes the Way you educate because you could write An essay well how do I even know if you Wrote it you didn't write it exactly Yeah there was a company that just got Funded that uh broke down the essays and It would tell you if it was like AI Generated or if the actual student did It so there's opportunities even there But that's even generational right there Right like for somebody if I'm like Think about your English teacher like You know I'm saying like are they really Gonna do that for the 300 students that They have every day of course not it's Not possible it's just like it's but Then it goes back this is my whole thing It goes back to math right Um what is the point of learning long Division what is the point of learning About decimals well decimal is important That's money it's absolutely not Important no it is look this isn't Different decimals that's different some Things are not I worked in financial Services for 12 years okay Managed millions of dollars I cannot do any level of math at all you

Know what I mean it's not important Though listen listen the reason why is Because I don't have to there's a thing Called a calculator okay so instead of Teaching kids these stupid outdated ways To actually do it on a piece of paper Why don't you just teach them at eight Five years old to use a calculator Because you're going to use a calculator Nobody in life is going to do long Division Not a piece of paper that's different But what you're saying is decimals are Important they are important because if You like let's say you you worked in the Financial industry right let's say that You're a decimal off on some of the the Numbers that you put you know that's That's going to be a different that Could that could change things right That's Listening the decimal is going to be Done by the computer which is the Calculator I'm saying when I'm saying Decimals don't matter how to find out How to get to the decimal oh yeah that Square root square those things that That's no argument there square root is One of the most useless calculate have You ever in life ever used square root Well I'm not in a profession that I need In anything no no I haven't gone to a Grocery store and decided how much money You was going to spend on lettuce by

Using we're educating people on things That don't matter and at some point we Got to have real conversations this Stuff doesn't matter spelling doesn't Matter Look I know people that make 50 million Dollars a year and I can't spell Entrepreneur And then There's people that make thirty thousand Dollars a year I want a spelling bee Doesn't matter it really doesn't it Doesn't matter you don't understand Close to the word Google is going to Make it right for you until it matters It does it what will it matter No I don't never know I do know you Don't no I do don't some so there's some Topics yes no no no denying that right Some topics you'll never use right like I said Pythagorean theorem unless I'm an Architect I'm never going to use that Right the quadratic equation I had to Memorize that I'm never going to use That I agree with that some things we do Need to know right like right now like My daughter's doing ratios and integers Those things like she may need to know Right let me finish let me can you now Listen she won't ever can you not listen What do you say ratios and what can you Not listen publicity right now Somebody's writing an outline to a think Piece like this is the beginning of the

End of it yeah right a seventh argument Go ahead even like multiplications like These things they'll need to know like I'm I'm percentages like she just had The test on percentages right like there Was decimals that were involved in that Like for her to not understand how to do Percentages I'm like nah let me show you I'm doing percentages every day right I'm trying to figure out yo what's 20 of That we did we used to teach kids in in The summer it was like yo that was a Prize like if you could figure out what 40 of this number was who can do it the Fastest like these things will matter in The future right because if they're Involved with anything with money which Pretty much everything in their future Will be have money involved in it They'll need to know that and yes you Could have a tool like a calculator but You should know how to do it as well let Me let me say you don't need to know how To do it I'll let we gotta end and Because I'm gonna let them go but then Because um Even teaching that that was that was a Waste of time because there's a Calculator that does percentages and we Did it on both no I'm saying there's a There's a percentage calculator yeah Where you just type in okay a thousand a Hundred what's the What is the point of knowing how to do

Something manually When you can do it automated This is what technology if we're not Like we can't talk about investing Technology and Champion technology and Teach kids technology if we're not going To use technology What is the point all of that stuff is Outdated and is not beneficial at all Learn how to use the computer learn how To use a calculator YouTube is not on Your side huh YouTube is not on your Side it doesn't matter who's on my side I'm just letting you know I'm just Telling you look 2023 Rashad took my Role and I took his Yes What's your thoughts my brother let's go To the origin of the modern American Education system and who created it Everyone put in chat who was I was Having this talk with 19 Keys two weeks Ago The purpose of the American education System was created by what iconoclast Titan of Industry John D Rockefeller So the necessity for education at scale Which I argued the American education System was the second most successful Startup product in American history Um was to train people to be able to Work for factories And in jobs which would increase GDP

Which will increase the wealth of the Families Rockefeller Carnegie Etc Um so that was the reason it's needed I Mean and in the same way We're going through another iteration of An American class war where Tech is the Introducting virus that we've been Exposed to And once again even with Chad GPT I put It in stock club I'm like hey you notice How you can get all these answers but They won't tell you how to like use chat Gbt to make an AI model that you can License and have on your own to give to The public for free Or even give you a predictive model for The stock market we're not proving it Real [ __ ] time you can call out tops Bottoms highs lows Etc Um it is another mechanism of control so I think education is important but if We're going to go to the origin of why So that we can have a working class Of two three hundred million people over The lifespan of 20 30 years pumping to The American economy to then take care Of the families that run the country Working class AKA middle class uh Reading is important is important to Learn how to read it is important to Know how to write not necessarily how to Spell but write on a functional 10th Grade level

Um you can get by with seventh grade Math skills and everything else you can Learn on the Fly don't attack me Once again is this whom you picked to Lead your black Financial Revolution These are the people That come is my favorite I'm like damn It's like I feel Um and exit row seats Are beneficial they don't they don't Recline though bro if you sit in a Second yeah that's that sucks no it's Not true if you sit in the second exit Bro first x0 does not recline to the Second exit row but the second exit Overclock Poor Man's first class I said In X Heroes for years So content creator sit in the window Seat so you get your flicks off exit Rose I'm always the windows get the exit Wrong All right and I will be on the record And say that this first iteration of uh AI retail consumer facing AI is not the Real AI Um it is a category that is going to be Slightly overrated I do think the Valuation of 29 billion is fair for chat GPT but for all the competitors who were Pale in comparison I cannot wait till we Have true machine learning and and Common misconception see this is what People get reiterated what they tell you In school I'm gonna be honest with you

Everything they told you in school 85 of What they told you in school was not True people say well how can you read if You can't stop is the two do not always Correlate trust me you can be a very Proficient reader and not be a great Speller they don't always go hand in Hand But you you still believe in Easter Bunny this is the the people argue with Me still believe in Easter Bunny Let's not attack the Easter but I'm just Saying no no that's right it's true Easter Bunny and you're trying to come At me look it does help It helps of course but it's not a direct Correlation you can be a you can be a Good reader and not be a great speller Yeah it's a fact but I don't know what Do I know Um whatever if we're gonna cover some More truths it's like the great writer Whose penmanship is total Yeah exactly that's me do you need to Know how to write in script another Useless thing that they taught you in School I'm trying to get you out of this Matrix and you're fighting with me [Music]

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