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[Music] Let's talk about this you change the Game when you bet on yourself right I Believe you brought yourself out of your Contract with Bob Aaron for 20 million Dollars I think it was before after they Hold a fight why not I bought myself on My contract at that particular time For 750 000. okay and then once I left Them With the Manny Pacquiao fight the Canelo And the McGregor I made 750 million Clapping up for that So what what yeah what made you want to Buy yourself out of the contract what Made you have the vision to become Your Own Boss because now you know it's easy To see it but at the time it wasn't you Know I think Bob Aaron didn't think it Was going to work he had some comments About that right I I just had Vision you Know I didn't want to play um I'm sorry Well I had vision and I didn't just want To be Promoted in one area I wanted the money To be spread it out so I can be promoted All around the world yeah you know I Wanted to be worldwide so I think they Kind of had me in a choke hold and I Didn't want to be in a Chokehold so I Took it upon myself Um to buy myself on my contract and Gamble on myself and to become my own Boss and that's what I did

And the biggest one I love it Floyd now Your dad shows you around the ropes in The ring obviously your late Uncle Showed you the ropes in in boxing as Well but I'm interested in who shows you The ropes in business right we hear About Al Haymon he's one of those guys We've never seen how did that Relationship develop how did you Foster It well actually how I met Al Haymon you Know a lot a lot of people in this room You know you guys need to do your Homework you know so everyone should Know Al Haymon this guy is a shrewd Businessman unbelievable Um just Mentor he's like a he's like a Second father So um For years I kept hearing his name okay Kept hearing his name he wanted to get Involved in boxing and he's just like Myself he's a chess player so his Ultimate goal was to get the biggest the Fighter that he seen that he knew was Going to be the biggest and then he knew That all the rest of the fighters would Follow and then once that happened you Know um of course we were we started off As he was my man he was managed he was My manager then eventually we became Business partners and now we have Somewhere upwards of 400 Fighters wow That's incredible

Um I was first introduced to your work Ethic uh my hometown there was a fighter Named Angel man Freddy that you kind of Dog walked right so shout out Angel Shout out to everybody from Chicago and Gary uh hey let's make some noise but I've always wanted to ask you this Question because I'll talk to everyone Here about mastering their craft and Being consistent yes and you're Prime Give me the honest answer brother how Many hours a day Were you working on your craft to be the Best in the world I I don't I can't Really say you know Um the hate the jealousy was a part of The motivation if you would you yeah I Mean I I needed it you know I hear I Needed the the doubters yeah that made Me push and work extremely hard each and Every day Floyd can't do this he can't Do that but my ultimate goal was just to Put my mother out of poverty you know Help you know help my grandmother put Her in the bed laughing up for that That's what it's about You know a lot of you know I think the People always see just You know the flashiness yeah but it took A lot of hard work a lot of hard work From Um dedication so you know medication you Know I had my first fight in 1987. wow

You know 1987. Um every day you know I really have to Take my head up to my father great Businessman I mean just I love them to Death you know because if it wasn't for My father I wouldn't be where I'm at my dad told Me you know the first thing he taught me The less you get hit the longer you're Going to be able to last defense first And investing too listen actually and Um Every day my dad will go out and hustle Of course my dad because his career Didn't didn't turn on like he wanted his Career to turn out yeah so my dad would Hustle every day but one thing that my Dad he took time out every day to take Me to the boxer gym wow and Um From 1987 all the way to uh 1993 my dad was working with me then Eventually Um he caught a case you know a federal Case he went to prison and I kept Working kept working hard went to the Olympics after the Olympics I moved to Vegas Um started working with my uncle Roger Yeah and nothing happens overnight we Took our time we worked we worked we Pushed and we worked and we broke we Broke records listen they saw y'all you Running two years ago I'ma telling the

Story so this is extremely important I Want to talk about discipline and work Ethic because that's true in anything You do right no matter what you have to Be disciplined in work at the end I Don't feel anybody is born disciplined You learn discipline and the crazy thing Is the first time I ever saw you was Like three years ago I was in Miami and Um I was driving it was probably like 12 O'clock at night and we was coming from A restaurant and I was driving back to Fountain Blue to um get change to go out To the club literally this is just a Random Friday 12 o'clock at night and I'm driving And I see somebody running opposite of Traffic how many years ago was this Please it was like three years ago That's what I'm saying so I see him see Somebody running opposite of traffic and As I get closer I'm like let's champ at least by himself And it was so crazy because you weren't Training for a fight you were actually Already I think he was already retired But it's like you're running Up hundreds of millions of dollars 50-0 Not training for a fight and you're Still running at 12 o'clock at night Randomly in Miami so it's like talk About that level of discipline and Commitment because they see they see the Jury they see the chain they see the

Lifestyle but I don't think that they Understand the commitment that you put In for your whole entire life well my Philosophy I just look at it like this When you just look out here in the world Today You have Mexicans support Mexicans Puerto Rican support Puerto Ricans Dominicans support Dominicans Chinese support Chinese Support Japanese but When it comes to blacks we tear each Other down Yeah And And so My Philosophy has been never Stopped getting it So when you look at You look at Bill Gates you look at Warren Buffett you look at these guys And you see these guys they can be in Their 70s 80s and and you can look at The Walton's family that own you know Walmart and Walgreens they can continue To make money when they're 80 90. but we Never had nothing to say you know when I Go out and do just exhibitions or I come Do speaking engagements or I make an Appearance then it's like oh Floyd Mayweather is hurting for money No it's just that Retirement For everyone for each and every one of Us is different

My retirement is To do what I want to do yes as long as I'm happy Um laughing up for that And You know I don't always talk about Different things that I'm doing you know What I'm working on right now in New York City I know you guys if you guys Haven't seen one of my buildings is one Summit you know um yes you know it's the Talk actually it's one of the tallest Commercial buildings in the world so Just in New York alone I got nine Skyscrapers yeah what's the address of That building Thank you So what I'm working on I want you guys To know this I got a casino coming to New York City and time wow you're part Of that yeah I've been up for that That's incredible that's huge I just saw That uh Caesars yes I got a casino Um SL green is a company that I've been Working with For so many years and Andrew Matthias You know great business Guy this is what He told me one day we took a walk we was In New York we was taking a walk he said You see that building right there he Said yeah we said we own that you see This building we own it so we're just Walking and walking then he said you

Know A boxer makes money when he boxing A football player makes money money when You're playing football basketball Player makes money when he playing Basketball he said but New York real Estate you make money when you sleep so Yes that's the bar that's a big one so I Said so I said okay so we start we start I started off something small with him In the beginning You know I started off probably five Million that was just in the beginning That was years ago something small At the time what was the percentage of The network that was like actually at That particular time even though that Was so many years ago I mean years and Years so just off that five million I Was getting on the 18th every month I Would get a A nice a great a good check like 20 Returning what like somebody's yearly Salary good tackle I mean it was it was Good it was good money Okay put it like this everything isn't For everybody so I'm gonna I'm gonna Help these people and I'm gonna give Them Jews I'm gonna drop juice I'm gonna Teach them about generational wealth I'm Gonna talk about my life my UPS my downs But everything ain't for everybody That's true You know

Some people say Mayweather worth 100 Million some say 200 some say a billion Nobody would never really know because I'm doing business worldwide yes [Music]

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