Brokering Billions with Bonneau Ansley: A Retire Sooner Clip | Real Estate, Books, and Podcast

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Welcome to our blog post titled “Brokering Billions with Bonneau Ansley: A Retire Sooner Clip | Real Estate, Books, and Podcast.” Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of real estate, books, and podcasts with one of the industry’s most successful and influential figures, Bonneau Ansley. In this exclusive clip from Retire Sooner, we will discover the secrets and wisdom that have catapulted Ansley to broker billions in real estate transactions. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s embark on this captivating journey into the realm of Brokering Billions with Bonneau Ansley.


In the world of real estate, success often comes down to the ability to navigate challenges, connect with clients, and make the most out of opportunities. This is exactly what Bonneau Ansley, a renowned real estate professional, has done throughout his career. In a recent episode of the “Retire Sooner” podcast, hosted by Wes Moss, Bonneau discusses his background, his book “Brokering Billions,” and his unique approach to the real estate process.

Wes Moss and Bonneau Ansley discuss the background of Bonneau’s book Brokering Billions

Bonneau Ansley’s book, “Brokering Billions,” is a testament to his expertise and success in the real estate industry. During his conversation with Wes Moss, Bonneau shares the inspiration behind the book and the motivation to provide value to both aspiring real estate professionals and those looking to enter the market.

Bonneau personally sold nearly a billion in real estate in 2021 and 2022

Bonneau Ansley’s track record speaks volumes about his skill and dedication in the real estate field. In the interview, he mentions that he personally sold close to a billion dollars’ worth of real estate in the years 2021 and 2022. This remarkable achievement underscores his deep knowledge of the industry and his ability to broker deals successfully.

Bonneau focuses on the most important aspects of the real estate process and hires a team to handle other tasks

Part of Bonneau Ansley’s success can be attributed to his ability to delegate tasks effectively. He understands the importance of focusing on the most critical aspects of the real estate process, such as client relationships, negotiations, and property evaluation. By building a reliable team around him, Bonneau can ensure that other tasks are handled efficiently, allowing him to maximize his productivity and deliver exceptional service to his clients.

Wes Moss explains how he has also hired a team to handle various tasks in his business

Wes Moss, being a successful entrepreneur himself, can relate to Bonneau Ansley’s approach. During their conversation, Moss shares how he has also hired a team to handle various tasks in his business. This strategic decision allows Moss to concentrate on his core strengths and provide value in areas where his expertise truly shines. It is evident that both Bonneau and Moss recognize the power of delegation as a means to optimize efficiency and achieve remarkable results.

Bonneau is a great connector and excels at understanding and helping clients achieve their real estate goals

One of Bonneau Ansley’s most remarkable qualities is his ability to connect with clients and understand their unique needs and goals. His dedication to delivering personalized service sets him apart from others in the real estate industry. Bonneau’s clients appreciate his genuine interest in their aspirations and his commitment to helping them achieve their real estate objectives. His knack for building strong relationships has been a cornerstone of his success.

Bonneau’s book emphasizes turning perceived liabilities into strengths

In “Brokering Billions,” Bonneau Ansley highlights the importance of embracing perceived liabilities and turning them into strengths. Through personal anecdotes and valuable insights, Bonneau encourages readers to recognize that challenges can often lead to unexpected opportunities. He shares how dyslexia and ADD, which many might view as disadvantages, have actually helped him in his career. This is a powerful message that resonates with anyone striving for success, regardless of their industry.

Bonneau discusses how dyslexia and ADD have actually helped him in his career

Bonneau Ansley, in his book and during the podcast episode, opens up about how dyslexia and ADD have positively impacted his career. He explains that these challenges have sharpened his ability to think outside the box, adapt quickly, and find creative solutions to complex problems. Instead of allowing these perceived limitations to hold him back, Bonneau has turned them into essential tools that have catapulted him to success. It serves as a reminder that our differences can often be our greatest assets.

Bonneau’s book also discusses navigating challenges and staying on a positive trajectory

Throughout “Brokering Billions,” Bonneau Ansley shares practical advice on how to navigate challenges and stay on a positive trajectory. From dealing with setbacks to managing high-pressure situations, Bonneau’s guidance helps readers develop resilience and maintain focus on their goals. His book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking motivation and strategies to overcome obstacles in their own professional journey.


In the world of real estate, success is built on a foundation of expertise, resilience, and the ability to connect with clients. Bonneau Ansley exemplifies these qualities and more. Through his book, “Brokering Billions,” he shares his knowledge and experiences, empowering readers with valuable insights and strategies for success. From his remarkable sales record to his ability to turn perceived liabilities into strengths, Bonneau’s approach to the real estate process is both inspiring and practical.

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