Silver is doing something it has NEVER done before

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Welcome to Silver Pros sponsored by SD Bullion I'm your host silver Dragons I'm Joined by my awesome co-host Yankee Stacking what's up Yankee oh thanks so Much I am super stoked to be here yes It's such a great topic today we're Talking about silver and all the Craziness that's been going on over the Last few months Yankee how crazy is this What I mean the demand is insane right That is the key Point SD demand it is Way up and we're gonna dive into this a Little more deeply but from my talks With my local coin shop dealer Tim Watching the line interviewing people Getting emails from people And of course our online bullion dealer Sponsor SD bullion we've had some Interesting discussions with them as Well the demand is through the roof okay First off I have to know at the local Coin shop I mean it must have just been Buzzing right where people having a hard Time getting in buying silver what was The deal oh my word 10 people lined up Outside the door it's not exactly warm Here yet it's getting there but oh my Word and they walked away there were so Many people that were first-time buyers They were friends bringing friends and Family members that have mocked stacking To their face Joe you know Joe Hero has Been laughing at me now he's lined up he Wants more he wants silver himself oh my

Goodness I was it was like I felt like You know uh uh I didn't actually I Didn't stick a microphone in anybody's Face but I was like wow this is amazing Yeah people are starting to wake up and Uh even some of the mainstream media is Now talking about gold specifically uh But silver as well so I think people are Well I mean pretty much the whole Banking crisis is what kicked all of This off right I mean that's why people Are flocking to the precious metals it It seems like it it was the impetus Right and you mentioned the mainstream Media there was talk on major Network News and and and you know big News anchors people I won't mention the Names but they were basically saying you Need to go out and buy now that you need To buy your precious metals now buy some Food while you're at it I mean it was Like whoa and a lot of that stemmed from That svb Um crisis and and what the response was From the treasury the government the Fed And I think people really got shook that And also I think they're afraid of it Domino effect the cascading effect Spilling out into the general economy Recession really taking hold and we're Also seeing a pile of layoffs I think That is also concerning people I think That is going to be uh just part of the Reason why people are are picking them

Up picking silver up absolutely I mean Typically silver and gold both are Looked at as the safe haven assets this Is the safe place to store your wealth No matter what happens you put it in Gold you put it in silver you're going To be protected and I and I I agree with You I think people are definitely waking Up to that fact and uh going back to the Online Boeing dealers and demand uh you And I both uh today we talked to the CEO At SD bullion and the demand that They're seeing is bigger than 2008 Financial I mean crisis then it's bigger Than covid it's bigger than when Russia Invaded Ukraine the demand now is Absolutely Unprecedented for physical bullion That's what people want they want to get Bullion they want to hold it they want To protect their wealth and uh but not Just that I mean institutional investors Are looking at Metals as well we've seen Spot price go up uh go up what do you Make of all this Yankee well I do think That institutional investors are looking Primarily to cash to be honest with you I think there's this been the shift out Of higher uh risk asset assets and Into Cash I've talked to a lot of high net Worth individuals that are saying it's All about the cash got to protect it Sure but a lot of them are also getting Into precious metals too I think there's

A lot more coming institutionally with Precious metals in the future but we're Seeing that happen Um and also I I gotta mention this too When we talked To uh the CEO it is SD bullion yes it Was not So much the Supply right it's not a Shortage it's not a shortage right not Like covet he he actually said it's Totally the opposite of covet yeah yeah During covet it was like the mints shut Down a lot of the private mints and they Weren't shipping uh silver out and that Was kind of why we saw a big spike back Then now the supply chains everything's Fine that's not the issue they can get Bullied it's shipping it out when people Order it because so many new people are Getting into precious metals uh I want To point something out For stackers as far as a percentage of The population it's about one percent or Less that's being generous saying one Percent of that population uh Stacks Gold and silver so with this influx of People let's say call it two percent It's crushing the system can you imagine Can you imagine if more people start Waking up to what's going on I mean you Are not going to be able to buy physical Bullion you're not gonna be able to find It anywhere right yeah I wouldn't have To go up to 50 or 80. even if it was 10

Or 20 percent Of the of our of our country saying we Need to stack physical that would Destroy the availability it would be Unatenium it really would so let me ask You this what are people afraid of I Mean is it just the bank failures is That in a nutshell or is there more to The story what do you think I think They're afraid of several things they're Afraid of what the response by our Government and the Federal Reserve will Be I've heard the word hyperinflation Bandied around again oh my goodness I Think it's extreme I don't think we're Headed to hyperinflation anytime soon Right but we are going to see Epic inflation very high inflation and Uh in fact haven't we already seen the Response by the Federal Reserve you you Did a video on this recently you showed A very poignant graph that basically Shows the Fed Has started quantitative easing round Five that's exactly what they're doing They added 400 billion to the balance Sheet and if we see more Banks fall it Could get really out of hand really fast Because when they loan out money to the Banks these are assets that they're put Adding to the balance sheet it's Essentially quantitative easing and uh I Mean so we could see it just go

Hyperbolic right let's let's talk Banks Really quickly here right yeah so you Get svb bought a bunch of treasuries Mortgage-backed Securities got it in Around one percent less right Interest rates Spike up fast five Percent boom they lost massive amounts Of money not the liquidate to satisfy The demand of depositors and boom gone Overnight it was so fast right yeah There are hundreds of banks almost Everything everything in the same Circumstance they've all bought these Assets these treasuries at such low Rates they're not going to be able to Handle it now there's a fear that the Banks are going to fail maybe a La Cyprus right they're going to have to do A bank baling but I think a bigger Likelihood is that the fed's going to Bail everybody out oh of course of Course and that means that means epic Inflation currency creation inflation Right I agree I think that is what People are afraid of I also think that There there is probably going to be a Massive consolidation of Banks and I Think a lot of those smaller Regional Banks are going to get gobbled up right And I think there's going to be a lot of Consolidation to the point in which We're going to have a lot fewer Banks And could that be the fertile ground To take our Central Bank digital

Currency to the next level right I mean That's the whole thing right another Fear was this all manufactured I don't Know that they're necessarily smart Enough or able to pull off this but they Take advantage of every situation they Can and they've been working on the Central Bank digital currency we know For quite some time and we got the FED Now service getting rolled out literally Next week they're signing people up for That that'll be the infrastructure and They can build the cbdc on top of that So I think that's probably around the Corner as well and people are certainly Worried about that but Yankee I do want To bring it back to Silver right because We're silver Pros right that's right oh Yeah so well let me show the chart here Because it's actually kind of crazy What's happened uh so just over the last Three weeks and I showed this in my last Video but we can see silver spot price Was right around 20 bucks an ounce and Today it's over twenty four dollars an Ounce but this is just Spot Price Right premium premiums have Gone up as well have they not yes I'm Glad you mentioned that spot is up Premiums are way up it's it's a really Tough time to be stacking and Well maybe back in what March 8th uh That would have been a good time to get A bunch of silver Oh you mean when I was

Saying we should be stacking it hard is That what is that what I did I didn't Think we'd get through this without you Bringing that up look I mean I just call Him like go ahead buddy I saw 20 silver Premiums are low and I said look we need To buy buy I bought uh around 300 ounces That day in fact uh intraday when I made My purchase spot was just under 20 bucks An ounce and uh obviously if I sold it All now I could make a massive profit But I don't plan on doing that I want to Hold on to it that's the whole point of This stuff right I didn't buy as much as You all the silver you see here is part Of the silver I bought since that point I don't think I got it in as low as you Did but I've been buying silver but not To the extent that I wanted to so silver Has held up well it is trading above its Long-term support of 18 an ounce and its Most recent support of 22.50 Which makes me extremely confident that Silver is going to continue to Rally But and I gotta bring in the yellow Metal here guy I think it's going to Rally even higher Once gold Shows its resolve to go over that two Thousand dollar landmark and then stay There for a while when that happens I think silver is going to spike above Thirty dollars And that is going to be uh happening

When the FED begins cutting rates I Think this year that's the whole the Whole thing right when is the Fed gonna Cut rates because we think you know they May stop raising rates in May or June But we don't exactly know Um obviously the whole banking crisis Has kind of moved everything forward From what we were initially predicting Uh but when they do start cutting grades That's going to be the moment where we See silver just shine and it's going to Be unbelievable I think we're so close To that point uh but on the flip side Yeah can we talk about the flip side Here right it's it's possible it might Not happen I mean exactly for a while it Could get pushed out yeah what if they Say oh everything's fine we got the Banking situation all under control and People start believing it it's been a While since another bank struggles Publicly it's off the front page right Yeah and then you know the next time They go we're we're gonna we're gonna Pause here we think we're gonna go back To cutting I'm sorry go back to raising Rates because we're going to fight Inflation to the very bitter end and People buy it right I think silver could break through that Support of 22.50 I think if it does I'm Going to join you I have a lot of fiat Currency ready to buy more than just

This I'm going to buy a lot if it drips It drops down to that point But that's the million dollar question We'll see yeah I they're pretty good At talk obviously they're not good at Actions right good at talk they can talk And talk I I hope that is what we see I Hope we do see a dip I I hope spot price Comes down in premiums as well but the Bottom line is we just simply don't know What's gonna happen I mean if we start To see more Banks fail if we start to See the country slide deeper into a Recession they have to stop raising Rates they start cutting rates I mean All of that is so bullish for precious Metals we could be sort of you know Still near the bottom even now so I Don't think it's a terrible time to Start buying I think you need to get a Position you need to get a position if You don't have one and if we do see a Dip this summer hopefully oh my goodness Then you really need to back up the Truck because that could be your last Chance yeah I I think if you're a new Stacker and you haven't really created That base of silver you have to be Stacking you even at these prices even At these premiums but you know don't Don't panic and don't go all in don't Just buy it all at once right so again Keep that discipline of dollar cost Averaging buying entrances keep doing it

Over and over and and yeah you still Have a little bit of time I think I Really do well hopefully I hope you know I I would love to know what you all Think uh definitely comment Down Below In the comment section and uh we'll have To talk about more uh talk about this More in the future don't you think Yankee because this is yeah let's Definitely we will be talking about this Certainly it's been a crazy few weeks But it's not over yet so uh I think we We end the video portion there anyway Thank you so much for watching and we'll See you next time on Silver Pros Act like a pro Foreign

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