ELECTION DAY – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Tomorrow's a big day Um it is The midterm elections And there's a lot of talk and Um It's a very pivotal race a lot of Governors Senate race Congressman black owner a lot going on A lot of people already voted early Voting Um but if you didn't vote early then you Can vote tomorrow so I was talking to 19 Keys yesterday I was just like should we Even be voting Yes so I was talking 19 key just so Chef First of all shout out to Jamal oh man Yes he is our congressman Could do yeah 16th District yes yes very Good to we had a great conversation with Him in an extremely educational Conversation with him 19 kids put a post up and um I don't want to misquote him but he was Pretty much saying that Voting is not the end-all bill answer to The situation And um you know he got a lot of he got Some pushback from people saying like You know you got to vote it's very Important to vote others it's ignorant To say not to vote Pushback

Push back but Here's the deal Um and I and I actually had a great good Conversation with him I had an epiphany When speaking to Jamal Bowman is that Voting actually is beneficial it Actually is important but it's only half Of the equation That's what they don't tell you now what Is the other half of the equation Rashad Cliffhanger Are you on the edge Right tune in next week move closer to The screen it's a Square Garden So there's these things called packs Right political action committees and Then they have super Pacs right so Visa Was called lobbying group and Washington Government is controlled by lobbyists You have very strong lobbyists from you Have the NRA which is the the gun Obviously National Rifle Association Extremely strong Lobby you have the pro The pro life a Lobby very very strong You have pro-choice Lobby very strong You have Apec uh which is the lobby for The state of Israel which I was told by Congressman is the strongest Lobby out Of any Lobby Um you have a variety of different lives You have all kinds you have the tobacco Lobby you got the insurance Lobby you Got the uh pharmaceutical Lobby Healthcare Lobby you got so many

Different lobbies right So here's the here's here's the thing That that That people need to understand I'm gonna Do a choice then I'm gonna sip some Water real quick So holding is voting is important right Because it's like you know people you Have to have elected officials but when He's talking um to the congressman and He said his first day in office last Year he got like 100 calls I'm a Pro-life Lobby they put a lot of Pressure on him and he's like every Single day his office gets calls and Emails from all kinds of different Lobbies at the the one group that he's Never gotten a call or email from is a Black Lobby Um because there is none So this is the problem right small ones But just non-significant significant Ones yeah so this is the problem right You you keep encouraging people to vote But there's no pressure put on Politicians to do anything So this is why it's a Perpetual cycle of frustration because We're getting politicians elected But we don't have enough economic power Or enough wherewith or or enough even Education to know what to do when they Get elected or even before they get Elected so other groups are actually

Using our voting block because we do Have a significant voting block they're Using our voting power to get Politicians elected to further their Agendas So The conversation that needs to be had Now is not just voting it's a Conversation of political action Committee and having a black Super PAC Where now you can financially put Pressure on politicians and force them To do things as opposed to just waiting For them to do something or hoping to go Do something yes that's the part of the Equation that nobody's talking about and The thing about it is you know just Drilling down on this situation even Further the problem is that like so if You got a Super PAC like the pro-life That that thing is just one issue right Or or pro-gun Lobby that's one issue or Whatever the lobby is that's they have One-ish singular where black people is Like you know 150 different issues and Nobody agrees on anything so it's Extremely difficult right but you focus On one issue so let's pick an issue that Everybody can can kind of at least agree Upon on some level Don't say it pass out the back go ahead Well we said it on the episode so I feel Like if we have if we have a pack if we Have a Super PAC on reparations right

That's something that mostly everybody Can agree upon And you raise money it doesn't even take That much money 50 million dollars is a Nice super pad So now you have you know all of the top Athletes entertainers businessmen and Then regular people Grassroots you Should be able to raise that amount of Money and now you hand you hand select The politicians that you want to run Campaigns for and then you put extreme Economic pressure on them when they're In office That if they don't do what you want to Be done they're not going to be in Office next year you're not going to Fund that campaign you're going this Dirty game you run smear campaigns Against them this is what actually is Really happening in real life And now you become a more Savvy block of Voters as opposed to just voting blindly With no real Agenda to push and no well economic Engine behind it So There's a very involved conversation but I think it's important to have Especially around election day because I Don't think that people are fully aware Or educated on the political process And they have good intentions and they Think that they're going out and they're

Voting and that's that's something that Is going to be beneficial And it can be but as a whole Collectively it's really not and this is Why we're not making the same progress That other people are making In the political realm so it's important To be educated on that and it's Important to take steps forward to kind Of correct the situation yeah I'm not a political expert but Aaron Does have a good quote in here that Voting does have an impact but money is Way more impactful last week I told you Guys to check out Um car icons documentary on HBO Max so He would be called a corporate takeover Artist Or activist investor Um what Rashad is proposing is the same Process pretty much in a political Landscape going back to that quote power Or money to get power and then the power Of today and protect the money it is a Ongoing cycle So when you see an activist investor Come in like icon and icon is really the Reason why Apple has had the growth of This had the last seven years in the Stock market He organized a group of people and met With Tim Cook and said hey if we can put This plan together I will back you and Put all of my dollars behind you and as

A result the shareholders of Apple have Benefited greatly I'd be one of them Thank you car icon we have to do the Same thing in our community so if you Need a blueprint that has worked well at Scale and corporate that documentary is A great one another Corporate takeover artists uh have tried To do similar things but he's the most Successful one so Interesting to say the least but I'm Staying out of the political realm and And the thing about it is you can't be Partisan eat this these packs the packs Are not partisan they they'll they'll Back whoever is for their agenda So it's like APAC APAC they'll put money In Republican campaigns they'll put Money in Democratic campaigns the common Theme is what they want accomplished so It's like if you have if you have an Issue you can't be you you can't be held Hostage to one political party That's another problem yes you have to Have an an open playing field and Whoever is going to push the agenda Forward that is who the money goes Behind that's extremely important and Also It's important to hold these politicians Um accountable because like he was Telling us the Congressional Black Caucus I think there's like 46 members In the Congressional Black Caucus which

Is the congressman so he was saying Right now just with the Congressional Black Caucus if they wanted to Take if they wanted to say we're not Voting because Congress passes laws they Vote on laws if we don't if we're not Voting on any law until Uh reparations gets passed or Reparations gets brought up they can Literally shut down the government just The black people in congress with no Outside hope they have they have enough In Congress right now he was like the Problem is that The backlash that'll come from that yeah If you go financing after they get fired Yeah but it right now as of right now They have enough numbers to shut the Government down right now and really Force a real real conversation on on That issue And I'm just using reparations because That's just a really you know don't get Choked up it's okay we with you yeah it Could be Criminal Justice Reform it Could be whatever right so it's like but Most people don't even know that most People don't even understand how Congress works the difference between Congress and the Senate and you know the Presidency housing Senate governor no It's the House of Representatives Representatives and Senate yeah and That's the house the house and the

Senate yeah that's Congress um so a lot Of people don't don't aren't fully aware Of the educational process but it's Important It's very important and the voting thing And like I said I spoke to 19 Keys about This and we had a very good conversation And he he he's agreed with me that Voting voting is important but Not in a way that we think about it and I think a lot of people that are just You know telling people just vote vote Vote vote I think they have good Intentions yes but they might not be Fully informed on what really creates Change voting with no and what's having No demands is the equivalent of being an Activist and a company and owning that No equity or no shares of a company It is a wasted ventral endeavor Yeah yeah Needless to say the episode is going to Be very powerful so make sure you check Out and we talked about just the last Point and it's like We saw 141 million people vote in the General election 141 people right Obviously Joe Biden had the majority Vote there but when it comes to midterm Elections people have could care less And it's the strangest thing like even When he talked about his his journey to Become a congressman and the lack of People that voted

For the incumbent it was just like wait That's all you needed that's it Because people just don't really take Midterm elections as seriously as they Can and they these are the elections That can affect your everyday life yes The president election is important but These local elections are affecting your Everything way more impact like your Every single day and we still don't uh Even like we don't know the information We don't know who's running we just get Up and we say all right I'm gonna vote Today and it's like yo that affects your Life way more than you voting for the President yeah but Jamal Bowman the dude Good dude um he does not take any um Pack money or any Corporation money so And he he actually had enough Um common sense to sit down with us you Would think that more that was 19 key Situation 19 Keys was like yo we got all This influence we bringing all these People together and the politicians not Even taking the time to even have a Conversation with us Um but you have to credit the ones that Actually do and uh he is somebody I mean He's our Congressman for our district Which is Uh 16. part of the Bronx and Dennis Westchester they're like yeah White Plains Greenberg He's black black black guy obviously his

Name is Jamal former president um yeah Former principal from the Bronx but just A very very he opened my eyes at least To a lot of things a lot of stuff I knew But sometimes somebody tells it to you And um you know he opened my eyes to a Lot and um Definitely a good dude so if you're in Those areas you should vote for him And what's up [Music] I know they can't stand it

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