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[Music] So let's start with uh Donald Trump your guy Wow wow This is just so they can clip it up and Act like this controversy I'm learning What do you think of Donald Trump Launching his nft collection and do we Think it will be successful so if you Saw the thing that was on Um Instagram like his preview for his NFC he uh had a whole thing he made a Commercial actually where he said Is hopefully he's the you know he's your Favorite President of all time better Than Lincoln but and enjoyed Washington And Um he has the nft collection that he's Going out and it's gonna be like one of The things you get to play golf on one Of the things you get to eat dinner with Them this whole situation Um interesting time to drop the nft Collection because nfts have plummeted Um 97 since January yeah so but uh you Know a lot of people still believe in This pace they still believe in Technology Um so yeah so what do we think about This you think it's going to be Successful Uh I think we got to Define what Successes I mean Less than a week it's made 4.4 million

Dollars But like it sounded like it was a joke And if you look at it I remember I I was I sent the article to try I'm like are You looking at this and like you got to Laser eyes like the Superman eyes and I'm like yo this one like it's a comic Or it looks common cold but When you realize 70 million people voted For this man It really isn't that funny like this is A real business move for him um Obviously what makes the nft space Unique is the incentives and so there Are people who want to sit down with him There are people who will pay to have Play golf with him or play to be in a Meeting with him or play to have dinner With him or pay to have dinner with him So Uh do I think it'll be successful I it Just depends on what the definition is If it's just to make money if it's to Galvanize more people to show them How personal he is like he said he wants To be the the I guess the all-time Favorite of all presidents in the History of American society highly Unlikely it's going to be tough unlikely He's using technology he's using the Technology to do it which you know he's A first he's the first we haven't seen Anybody else do it the first what President to drop an nft

Yeah has that anyone else there hasn't Been there was nfts around back then I'm Just saying in this space like there's Other presidents who could have used Technology he's the first one to do it I Mean I'm sure he'll use that as Something as As an incentive like yo nobody else was Able to use technology it speaks to a Younger demographic it speaks to a Younger audience it says that I'm Staying in touch with what's happening What's your thoughts on the team Um financially there'd probably be a Success for him Um he does have a loyal fan base despite All of his failure Um I think it's a little bit late to be Launched an nft but also there isn't as Much Competition so financially it would do Very well for him I think it's mistimed Um I even remember when he wasn't the Biggest fan of crypto What I will say for business owners Because all nfts are I remember when I Said nfts were crashing I was in Vegas and I was screaming I was On my Loaded Lux calico-ish and Everybody like yo you tripping I'm like yo the market is going to fall Apart and often during recessions we end Up having people that do these money

Grabs Um and to get a dinner with them and Play golf with them there is some Value there but is it really that Valuable and a grand scheme of things Um I'm surprised that Kanye has not done One given all the stuff that he's going Through but as far as a Liquidity generation event I think is Very smart for him to do this one now But I don't think it's going to have a Great impact on the market Um I mean we'll talk about Kevin O'Leary Later but There's people who hated the space and They see how much money is there and They're looking to use their celebrity As an Arbitrage with their fan base to Collect coins and not really help the People I don't think there's any like Everyone please tell me what the utility Of this nft is And I've said it before if web3 Cryptocurrency were the saviors To the industry then why isn't the Cryptocurrency saving the companies and Brokerages and tokens that are going out Of business We have to call the state of spade These instruments are the new penny Stocks Are there some that have provided value And I know I was early even in saying

About that particular club that we Talked about when we were in Austin And saying how they were tied to the Nazi regime and the similarities Um Nfts are the new penny stocks and until There is actual real world value and Real world utility when we see a Tesla Or a lucid or apple a Microsoft Um Unilever Use them This is a grand scheme Um for people to collect money off of Those that are diehards of this space But like even the the guys that got Convicted I said this a year ago people Will start to get convictions around Promoting these I don't want you all anybody Um now I don't want you to say yes ma'am In court 1000 times either but that's Neither here nor there but I remember Um on Twitter I had made a comment like Hey I don't know any successful Trader That is on our phone 12 hours a day and Then Zach one of the guys who ended up Getting indicted Came for me And I'm like if you're trading and Making all this money then why do you Care what I have to say about the space Um I wish him well I don't want to show Anybody but we I've told every Creator Here

When there's a recession there's going To be more Depression more suicide More violence more domestic violence Also the level of indictments go up as Well Please be careful if you're going to Promote a project make sure that it Actually works make sure that it has Utility make sure that it is working for You first Good cash grab for Trump but in the Grand scheme of things is not going to Have a big impact on the market All right okay liquidation again right Yeah liquid especially in the recession Right like it and Right now he's on the investigation Interesting you gotta pay them lawyers At the same time No no no they're positive because I Don't want to just rain down one thing I'm trying to improve upon not only is My grace Um but I'm also trying to when I say Something is dead or dying or to watch Out to give the positives in it you Should go look at what he's offering in The nft and see how you can add that to Your business most nfts are operating as A membership site Cool so add those there and it's just Given a new veneer so for your own Personal business and collection look And see what he's he's added and look to

Trump that even if you look at Market Mondays I don't call it the NFC but all Those bonuses I give are essentially That Um So Be mindful as Rachelle will say be Careful Um This Market is going to get flushed out Here pretty fast over the next year And then at some point there will be a Company that creates a lot of value that Helps the world of skill and they will Be dominant in that space Yes I believe so all right so uh let's Talk about binance um do you think it's Possible for binance uh be in B uh token The binance token I will suffer the same Fate as ftt which is the FTX but it's Ftt is the token so uh of the ftt uh Token in the next three months Highly likely Um Business is a very interesting game I Was once told that business is war Without the Bloodshed and the Carnage Um the move the CZ did was brilliant Chess 101 right But the thing about often and we've Experienced this often times and I've Heard this from a few people but a Person that is doing better than you Will never have anything negative to say

Because that you occupy with being Successful when CZ waved this flag Around Destroying FTX which is brilliant Um you have to make sure when you do That at your own house is clean And because this space is going and I'll Say that from the beginning the banks Are going to find ways to take the space Over Um I hope that this coin does not fall Apart and binance does not fall apart I'm not anti-all crypto just as a person Who actually trades like I actually Trade for a living there are certain Things that you can see that are not Clear I mean I said it before even with Sam When they were saying he was doing this Arbitrage and taking Bitcoin from Hong Kong or transferring to here no person Had ever seen him take a trade prior to Um I hope the finances not falling apart But I will say if you are in this coin You probably should get out now before [ __ ] hits the fan Why are you why what makes you say that Um so just to give some reference to People Finance is the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world This coin has done tremendously well Throughout the history I mean of course Is you know taking a hit when all crypto

Takes hits but it's throughout you know It's time it's it's done tremendously Well Finance is highly respected Cryptocurrency uh platform Globally And it's the biggest so yeah all right So that's so that's that so Why are you so bearish On binance Um my favorite question so I'll walk Someone through my set of questions when I'm looking to invest in anything number One what does this coin do that no other Coin Or entity can do in the world Number two If you have to put your life on the line Would you put all your money into this Coin and when I say your life yours your Family friends everyone for most people When I get to question number two the Answer is no I do think that there is some value There but I think the thing that we are Seeing in real time Um is that the transparency that we Wanted and that we thought blockchain Would give is not there in most and if It's not there in the biggest companies FTX Finance What's stopping the 15 other players That are 3 through 15 and then the top 100 to be running Ethically as well I think we I think

Cryptocurrency at scale is an amazing Industry run by a bunch of people With who knew there was no regulation And they were taking complete advantage Of that So I'll ask you guys if you had to would You put all of your money into Being Bitcoin I think the answer will be No would you put all your money into Earn your leisure and ask a civil Liability you showed that day in and day Out I think um often when we have to Convince people of something being of Incredible value It's not and I went through a GameStop I Went through it with gme I mean excuse Me AMC I went through it with Facebook And meta Um Most of these coins don't actually Provide any value [Music]

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