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[Music] You get motivated you get entertained When Jadakiss comes on you get educated And now it's like now you have all Everything working for you you're Inspired You're motivated and you're Educated and you're entertained and You're entertained as well so now you Have a full battery pack in your in your Back to actually go outside and try to Because ultimately no matter how much Information you give somebody you still Gotta afford your own blueprint you Still gotta do things your own way so It's like no matter it's like reading a Book right like you can read as many Books as you want to read but ultimately There's no real blueprint to success Like there's no blueprint to what we do What we have done and what we are doing We get information and we get insight But ultimately we're still forging it Our own way so can I say one thing about Y'all and I always give you credit for Never missing any shows and it was in One day since I've known y'all that I Haven't known y'all to do any work And when people like hey what's the Secret I'm like that's the foundation of Everything you can't take off every Weekend or when things get rough or Personal life is bad or you don't feel Like it none of us feel like working Every day I don't know about y'all maybe

Me 20 or 30 days at the up like yeah if I'm gonna get to it today every other Day it's just like I have to And even sitting next to him it wasn't Because I'm looking at Floyd which if You watch the interview in detail Floyd is a very humble person He was getting to it he was essentially Saying I have to make this character to Even be a draw and that's why I asked The question hey what was the Inspiration that you had when you had a Chance to sit down with us man miss McMahon was the one to told him to turn Heel And be Money Mayweather which is a Spin-off of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and if you look Florida look Like virgin a little bit who used to be With Million Dollar Man as a black man Right but you can see the correlation Because Vince thinks in templates Right So because and let's be honest good when You grow up and do it the right way the Clean way It didn't work for him it wasn't the Same draw as Some of his contemporaries so you can See the pain even in that but he's Telling you a blueprint and also too I've found when any athlete or African-American kind of forges their Own way they always find a way to be

Vilified we saw it with LeBron whenever I asked any fan why are you really upset That LeBron left Cleveland And went to Miami Oh he changed the way the NBA did Business look at the [ __ ] they got to do With you that was his personal bit but What it did change and show agents are Needed So now even when I'm having conversation With agents I'm like why do you get this Percentage when I'm a better business Person than you unless you bring Something to the table I don't give me a Town contract I want an executive Contract if I'm paying for [ __ ] You're not supposed to say that I didn't Know We have to look at the people that are Truly game changers and understand They're trying to pave a way for us to See and we can't get caught up in those Who crafted a story around how they're Evil Um and my last point to be next to him Seeing that he made all that money and Floyd isn't the smartest person on earth It made me think a thousand times bigger I'm like he's making a hundred grand a Month off trading and you don't even Trade I'm like I should be doing 10 Million a month this but it's a t harv Eckerson a financial thermostat That you'll put a governor on yourself

On for how much you should make Everybody put in chat what is your dream Number that you want to make go ahead Charter shot and um I will say this as my last point There's different levels of intelligence That's true yeah this is extremely this Is extremely important to understand Um there's different levels of Intelligence And when I look in Floyd I look at him As a genius So it's like LeBron James a genius right Like for him to be able to do what he Does on the court and see things Different things that nature looks like There's different levels of intelligence And and The school system how we actually Brought up we're only able to recognize One level of intelligence which is like Book smarts being able to recite Information being able to you know pass Tests that's what we deem as intelligent But it's like me I was never really a Great student I was never really a big Reader Um But obviously I'm intelligent right so Intelligence intelligence has different Has displays itself in different ways For different people Um but the last thing I want to say About Floyd is that

This this also should show you that Just because you're great at one thing Doesn't automatically mean that you're Great at another thing he's working to Become a better public speaker but he's Still learning he's still learning so That's part of it too right that's Another part that I don't think we Actually spoke about is that sometimes You could be you could have all the Information to it's not easy to go over In front of 5 000 people and speak now You would think because okay you're used To fighting in front of 20 000 people Well that's completely different so it's Like skill set that has to give you you Guys an appreciation for what we do Because it's not easy but also Understand that It's not easy to do every single thing So you know part of being able to go up In front of these large crowds and Provide information is being able to be Comfortable speaking and not to say that He's not but I'm just saying I think He's getting better at it because I know You know speaking to some of his team Like they're actively looking for him to Become More public speaking so that he's Working on it so it's like that plays A Part as well it's like you know never Under never underestimate the power of Being nervous yeah right like it's like

It's not easy I'm glad you said to go in Front of you know in Madison Square Garden and speak about your own personal Finances that's one of the most that's Tough touchiest subjects in the world Where people don't want to talk about Your love life in front of 5 000 Strangers that you know from nowhere so Just just take that into consideration I'm glad you said that because we've Never spoke about that before but even Some of the you know some of people's Favorite episodes before we actually Tape those episodes we get to see people In the element where it's like wait I Know what you guys are coming with like How do I even prepare I'm like I'm Nervous about this and then the episodes Come out to be amazing and you never Know because they've never had to speak In the in terms of business before like They they might have spoken something in Their field of expertise but when it Comes to business it's a totally Different thing now it's like I need to Know these numbers because I know these Guys right yeah I've watched them enough I know they're going to ask me the Questions that I need to have the Answers to and so like I'm glad you Brought that out because it's a totally Different experience so kudos to Everybody that steps on the platform and Delivers because it's not an easy thing

To do uh and kudos to us would actually Deliver covering every single time Because preparing to get to know these People is I mean we're talking about 200 Episodes of Market Mondays we're talking Over 200 episodes of earn your legion Not to mention access over liabilities The preparation to get these things done And this is no easy task it's no easy Tasks and you and some areas we have to Study right because we might not be Familiar with it as as much as we we Thought we were and we get educated During the episode too so I'm glad you Brought that up that's a great point and My final point For everyone listening You have to remember he has achieved the Financial number we are all striving Ahead let's take the [ __ ] away this Is me Ian Dunlap red panda Rebellion oh This is my reflection of no one else's We have to stop Or refrain from criticizing people who Have achieved the [ __ ] that we're trying To do Just for him to be a top boxer and to Have the ability to even buy that watch Or jewelry as a part of his branding or To make a hundred million in one fight What that's why I said like to make 20 Million dollars in nine minutes or 15 Minutes That's a hedge fund level trade I know

Because I'm talking to people at Citadel And GTS and Piper like They're not making 20 million dollars in 15 minutes So let's have an appreciation for those Who have hit the numbers that we want to Achieve and learn from them And let's not let's stop acting like These things are everyday things Like we experienced that a lot we like I Know like Jay said that like one percent Of the billion is more than people ever Seen so we try to treat that like it's Every day it's not an everyday thing I'll have an ownership and non-scrapers Is not an everyday thing Him actually being in the position to be A part of a group that's going to put a Casino in the middle of the death's Biggest District in the world in times That's not an everyday thing right so Him being a billionaire it's not an Everyday thing Don people's being a Billionaire and speaking to people so Fluently about what he's doing and what You these aren't everyday things like we Experienced that over the weekend y'all Thought the Ace Boogie line was long When he was in Times Square [Music] I know they can't stand it

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