How to STACK MORE Silver in 2023

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Welcome to Silver Pros sponsored by Bullion Max I'm your host silver dragons And I'm joined by my awesome co-host Yankee stacking what's up Yankee how you Doing silver Dragons I'm doing great I Know you're doing good just hit 100 000 Subscribers congratulations my friend oh Thank you so much I'm pretty stoked yeah Absolutely I hear that Um today is a great day because we're Talking about how to stack more silver Right yes how to stack more silver and Who doesn't want to Stack more silver I can't think of a single person who Wouldn't want to I don't know anybody in Our stacking community that doesn't want More silver but yeah we're going to talk About that tonight and uh we'll give you Some good tips I think on how to build Your stack yeah so what would be uh one Way what would be our first tip Yankee Well and this is a hard one buy cheaper Silver oh my gosh the hardest that is I Know we started with the hard one get it Cheap right so what does that mean to You well with that statement comes you Know the type of silver that you're Buying like should you buy silver rounds Like these Or should you get you know government Minted silver bullion or what size Silver should you get so the challenge Here is you can get maybe too expensive Silver like high premium silver fall in

Love with you know the semi numismatics The fun stuff right yeah and and how Many times yeah like that look at that That's so sick these just came out one Ounce Sweet I mean who doesn't want to pick That up but you got to be disciplined And I myself have fallen victim to that Many times but the thing is I have a big Stack of the generic stuff as well so You have to have that base I would feel Worried if all I had was the high Premium collectible stuff because you Know if we have some sort of a collapse An ounce of silver is an ounce of silver Right so all those premiums could be Erased away Gone very quickly you know one of my Yankee candid members was talking to me Just this week and it was it was hard Because he's like I I I want to build my Stack Yankee and I know what I need to Be buying but this is what I bought and I was like no it's okay it's still Silver that's a positive but how about This how about you set a goal where at a Certain amount of bullion just rounds You you treat yourself to a a semi Numismatic coin you know you set that You set that bar that goal and then you Reward yourself with some silver ice Cream cones that's something you like That idea yeah get a tube and then you Can get something fun yeah so I think

This is definitely one of the best uh Things you can do to stack more silver Is to buy the cheaper silver buy the Rounds buy the silver bars you can get 10 ounce you can get kilo I mean you can Go bigger if you like to get a better Price but yes ultimately I think buying The cheaper silver is going to be better In the long run what's a what's another Way SD to build your stack of silver Well this is something we've talked About in the past but if you can pay Less for your silver like for example Buy something when it's on sale or buy When the price of silver dips you're Gonna have a bigger stack at the end of The day it sounds simple uh but it's not Easy right so this strikes I think the Challenge here is it strikes to the Patience that we have to have as Stackers to to wait for good deals look For them and then pounce when it happens Or pounce when the Spot price drops exactly you know I'm Starting to stack Silver Maple Leafs Again because I feel like the premiums Have finally come down and spot price is Lower than it was you know last year I Didn't know that you're back on Maple I'm I'm slowly getting my way back into The I want to finish that Maple Monster Box good for you waiting for a good deal Waiting for him to go on sale Um I think is the way to go rather than

Pay retail I hate paying retail so I Would prefer to wait for a good deal on Something buy the sales buy the dips That's a good way to pay less for silver One example would be over on bullion max They're having a sale on these silver Cards now I know a lot of people like These cards because you can put them in Your wallet and kind of remember hey I Should be stacking silver maybe I Shouldn't be using my credit card to buy Something I don't really need so it's a Great reminder to stack and they have Them for 3 three dollars off right now So when something's on sale it's a great Time to buy it that's what I like to do I don't like to pay retail Yankee what Would be another way to stack more Silver I think this one's near and dear to my Heart is to create a budget For your stacking when I first got into Stacking uh with Mrs Yankee she she Helped me build a budget for stacking And she held me accountable to it as Well and I think that was very important To me because this stuff can be super Addictive and I think having a budget And deciding how much you're going to Spend And maybe even make some tough decisions Around you know things that you may Already be spending your fiat currency On that you shouldn't so maybe we don't

Need Hulu and Netflix and Disney plus Some Paramount and all that other stuff Right maybe just one of them yeah maybe You know that might not be hard for some People but other people might have You know things that they spend a lot of Money on and they need to take a good Hard look at it like eating out or or Doordash all the time or or something Like that you know one thing that we Have talked about before uh is people Cutting out a vice and using that money To stack more silver for example there Was one gentleman in the community who Cut out smoking and he was able to stack Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Ounces of silver just from cutting out Uh cigarettes you could certainly kind Of get two wins out of it right if there Was just one person that could be Inspired to cut out something that is Just not healthy for them whatever it is Whatever they've deemed you know Unnecessary or or not good for them or Their family and maybe use those Proceeds partially or or all of it Towards stacking more silver that's a Huge win that would be awesome I would Love to hear someone uh had that type of Success story yeah oh yeah for sure it's Kind of Addicting to stack silver I know We talked about that before yeah but um It's so much fun I mean you you spend a Little bit of money on Silver you get

Some in your hand and you think I need To get more of this this is so cool Because you're spending money but you're Not really spending money all you're Doing is converting your dollars into Silver which is actual real money so At the end of the day you still have all Of this wealth you have savings that you Built up so I don't really think of it As spending yep I agree the challenge Here is again be fiscally disciplined Increase your budget spend more on Silver cut out the unnecessary Expenditures yep and then I think Probably the last tip would be to Increase your income uh perhaps find a Side hustle I know you've had some over The years right Yankee right I mean Years ago I would do side gigs in the it Realm because uh that's my background But uh yeah there's there's a whole Bunch of different ways that you can Monetize what you love to do YouTube That helps uh other areas too that you Can increase everybody needs I think to Have multiple revenue streams some point In their lives especially in their 21st Century you know America and the Financial challenges that we're facing We can't only rely on one source of Income at least most people can't so I Think this is another way to uh build Your stack you know when I first started Stacking I had no extra money in my

Budget literally I mean we were like Exactly dollar for dollar every single Month and I could not spend any money on Silver from my paycheck but I really Wanted to stack and you know the story I Started uh collecting cans on the side Of the road and I still do that to this Day in fact just a couple days ago I Turned in a bunch of cans and used that Money to buy silver so good for you yeah I mean I I live in one of those states Where we get a little bit of money for Every can we turn in and so it works but If you live in a state that doesn't have That you can always go to the Scrapper And you get less money but it is still An option with the aluminum so fun fact That's what drew me to your channel and Actually sparked our collaboration in Friendship is how inspirational that was When I watched that video I was like This is the type of guy that knows how To hustle and work hard and I was uh Impressed I appreciate that man Seriously um hey so I I do want to put a Warning out there though Um I think when we start trying to stack More and more silver it's possible to Overdo it it's possible to overspend and Then an emergency will happen something Will pop up And you need to have some cash on hand Right so don't go all in on Silver have A little bit maybe a thousand dollars or

Something in actual cash in case you Need it because if you have to sell your Silver if you have to liquidate Too Soon You're probably gonna lose money so Don't fall into that trap I've actually Had to talk a few of my member is out of Stacking silver until they actually got That cash for emergencies they were able To handle the debt or anything that came Up so that they weren't getting the the Cart before the horses they say or at Least the old people say Um well hey I hope those tips were Helpful to some of the new stackers out There if you have any other tips and you Want to put them down below in the Comment section we would appreciate that Thank you so much for watching silver Pros Stack like a pro

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