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[Music] And I'll say this for everyone that is a Truth speaker me being included Keys Included Dick Gregory included we often End up being Marty speaking the truth And incorporations and political Structure with army and teach you to be Fake in order to preserve your Capital That's why I say there is no culture Within the African-American community We thought a culture word around a lot And often won't back each other Especially in the music business there Is no music culture There are instructions that we are given So when you see in YK Osiris break down And say Hey Little Baby Don't Rock With Me Drake don't rock with me and people Are saying why would he care if those Men rock with him because he's been sold A lot his entire life that if he gets to This status that people will like love Support you and then when you're not hot Anymore people stay away from you Steve Martin has a good book And um the the title of the book is so Good that you don't even need to read it Be so good that they cannot ignore you Foreign [Music] So if I'm able to produce at a high Level and I'm able in Partnerships to Help my partners make a million dollars In a day or five million dollars over

The course of a couple years or if I'm Able to help meta change the valuation Of his business and revamp the business Totally and actually get people Interested in the metaverse and improve Instagram while improving the platform To make it not look like Tick Tock and Be something more Innovative that drives The value of that stock back up to 216 Billion dollars if that's the case and I Get 25 percent of that where does that Put Me and a red panda Rebellion I don't want the brother to fall apart And I'm not making fun of him but I Always say yay doesn't have these rats But one of them deals are going well Learn from others mistakes my Grandmother always told me It's better to learn from the mistakes And sayings of others than to commit Them on your own Pray for the brother yes But put things in place Where The circle that you have around you Support you and loves you truly there is No Envy there is no jealousy and they Will help you thrive let's go through a Couple more stocks and then we can bring Keys on you guys have heard me talk About this derivatives Market a lot um If you don't want to actually trade this Is a

Um manage features ETF Um k m l m that you could potentially Invest in I would not buy it now the Current price is at 38.80 I would not Touch it here Potentially right underneath this 200 Moving average around maybe 26.95 it Could be a good buy so this ETF Trades Futures and the results since the Features Market has been up and the rest Of the market has been down this fund Has done pretty well let's look at Another one FMF This one has been up 15 for the year and The fund is currently net short I don't Like it at this current price so if I go Look Historically at the price there's always Tops up here so around these levels look At this this is triple Top This is a Triple top at that 57 area right Key lesson for Traders you have to find With that double bottom or triple bottom Is so in 2018 it went down to 37.80 I Like it around this 41 area I would not Touch it at the 200-day moving average And 4816 that's a little bit high for me I would probably put my order down here At 44.33 or if I can get it at 41 and Five cent please put in chat Previous prices on a chart Represent what hedge funds and big Investors have voted

To buy You don't have to guess you literally do Not ever have to guess when is the best Price to get into something The money that is printed and where has Been bought will tell you before these Are the best areas now what would be a Bad area to buy so I made this Mark here Anything that hits this 75 percent area Or above I would not touch this for all Stocks you want to buy an entrencher so When I say hey load the boat Um you don't want to buy here because Now you only have 25 of space to then go Up So if we look at Tesla going back the Last five years This is uh 2021 the area to stop buying Was 311.69 according to what that 75 Percent is right so if you look at 3 13 83 The level to stop buying it's only Falling down since there You want to once again Buy in the Trenches your first spot would be 25 off And you see this all the time and I'll Tell you what we're trapping out when we Have a conversation about the market Our prices are going to be dollars Within the within each other so if I say Hey Buy Apple 100 his price usually Would be 103 or if I say Hey by 114 he's Like hey buy 112. the 200-day moving Average on Tesla's that's 78.31 the 25

Area or 75 off is 112.48 To fit so this will be the first area I Would look to buy Yes it takes time yes but patient Investors get paid more then if you look Here you can see the 50 off area Is roughly 190.41 Those are the only two areas in which You should be looking to buy large Amount of quantities so if I of those Shares so if I had ten thousand dollars I would put 5K here And then I will put another five here And you'll be good I know people overstate technicals once Again follow one person even if it's not Me but if you choose to follow me follow Me and me only because even that and I Want you to calculate this please write This down what is the return on advice That you are getting from the person That you're following Turn on advice so if we go back to Bitcoin man I got me fired up now so if The all-time high was 69 355. The stop in place once it got to that High and even previous to that the high Was 65 365. the the area to stop buying So please write this down the area to Stop buying is just as important as when To continue to buy or when to start Buying So 52 796 this is a no buy Zone Shout out trick trick this is a no-fly

Zone nobody's here right Where are the areas to buy half off will Be thirty two thousand two seventy one I Said Bitcoin would go to 20 and to be Honest fibs are probably the seventh Best way to get into the market And probably Maybe the 10th if you are in red panda I Know something you've been asking about Hey when's Alpha Gonna Come Back For 2023 we're going to set the world on Fire and I'm gonna bring Alpha back so We can get some some big wins the 25 Mark off the all-time high for Bitcoin If we look at this price as nineteen Thousand six ninety seven There's nothing to argue about Matt please write this down you cannot Argue with the certainty of mathematics That's what I always say opinion and Investing does not matter my number one Question net worth what is your return And then also why don't I see some of Y'all at these meetings when I go If you don't like me for those of you Who do like me attend the next meetings With me right Because it's easy to talk My grandma always say uh Money Talks BS Walks right It's easy to talk about a stock or talk About where to get in but if this is the Seventh best way so when I told you when It was up here this wasn't even a

Calculation that I was using Once again fibs may be the seventh best Way to get in So imagine the real price Tonight keys and I reveal the price we Think we can get to And look I have a couple prices marked Off 9 744 Cannot argue with math and the lowest Price is four thousand four hundred and Forty five now I'm gonna give you some Insider's ball for real And if anybody in New York New Jersey be Like yo Paul's in the car I'm not Pausing nothing everything ain't pause Worthy let's let's grow up and be adults Four thousand four hundred if I had a Hundred grand well let's say 10 grand I Would put five grand down at this price I will put 2500 here And I will put another 2500 here So if grayscale buys a bunch winklevi Buys a bunch let's say it's in a strange World ethereum ends up buying a bunch A buys a bunch Elon buys a bunch let's Say there's another prop firm or hedge Fund that buys a lot and now if I'm Looking at my average cost price end is 11 289.33 if that ends up being my average Prices which is like Right here in this area If we shoot back up to 52 000 I'm

Looking at four to five x and if we get To 69 000 I will be elated please put in Chat I will buy in the trenches if this Has been helpful please put yes in chat But I want to go it's been a while so I Want to go through like 20 stocks for You guys and if you guys want me to do More of these presentations like this Please put more presentations if not I Would just save them for stock club uh Go to join if you want to Join the stock Club the price will be Going up in 2023 so please join while The price is low now uh price will Double for those of you who are asking Washington Federal f-a-w-d so we can see Here in 2000 and Nine was all-time low of course 975 and Went up to 38.26 I don't like it Currently Um If I were to get it I would get it maybe At 21.42 let's go to United Healthcare a Company I do love white candles are up Up for candles Um Healthcare space is one of the spaces That is almost Recession Proof I do like United prices for United I Will put in stock Club but you see the Difference in this stock versus let's go Back to Peloton real quick not to beat Up on that company But if we look

The 200-day moving averages up here are Sliding down if we look at United Healthcare United Healthcare is up and To the right please remember whenever You're looking at a stock you want the Stock to look like this you want to be Going up and to the right We wanted to be going up into the right Healthcare as a business that is pretty Much recession-proof I like Lilly United Healthcare for sure [Music]

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