CRYPTO MARKET HAS BEEN DOWN – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] That's powerful man um let me ask you About crypto I know you're a crypto Enthusiast and um The crypto Market has been down just Like the stock market has been down Um so a lot of people you know have lost Money in crypto this year a lot of People were nervous a lot of people you Know it's a lot of issues security Issues what's your current thoughts on The state of crypto One because I think that crypto will Benefit from Clear regulation once they Come in right I think that a lot of the Crypto space A lot of the blockchain space right is Right now in limbo the reason I say Clear regulation is because you can't Really build without fear of knowing Whether when you build something Successful is going to be attacked later By the SEC because you didn't know that You broke a rule that doesn't exist yet Right so companies I believe that are Fearful of putting too much money in This space and a lot of companies got Cash reserves that's sitting on the side Right now that they have probably left To employ with some of these ideas right To get them some exposure in some of These companies but they don't want to Later have that money tied up into a Legal battle right so I think that clear

Regulation will allow people to easily Communicate like yo this is an asset a Class if you invest in this maybe five Or ten years you'll be solid to hold but There are so many security concerns and Legal concerns that a person can in a Slaging person away because nobody knows What the rules are completely right and I think that these rules are not going To be beneficial to the crypto space but I'm saying that as far as Clarity on Knowing where I can invest in what I can Build what I can do you can't go 100 Miles per hour until you know the speed Limit like if they say it's 100 miles Per hour I can go they say at 60 okay We're gonna put this on 60 but you can't Just hop in the car and just put put Your uh pedal to the metal and just go Crazy you feel me so I think that Um crypto has a long battle ahead of it I think that we can see crypto going you Know much lower right uh before you Think man come on let's spice it up Mike Clip this up listen so what Bitcoin Going I could see Bitcoin going to eight Then it possibly going to three you Understand me those are the two those Are the two from what I say you know It's funny because I'm not a I'm not a Chart guy but when I started looking at Charge recently and I was looking at I Said okay I see this [ __ ] this [ __ ] This is not why you're here I see what

Brother is in man I see I see because it Very real possibility Um at the same time I don't think this Is a market to be afraid of I think this Is the market tool invest right I think That if you were to have fear it should Be at when Bitcoin is at 66. now when Bitcoin is at 19. that one Bitcoin is at Eight that one Bitcoin is at 3K that's When you go all in you triple you double Down if you get to eight boy piling Heavy well eight is my sweet spot if it Gets a three then I want to sell Everything I can to buy it you know That's that's it like the Rolex is the Gold Everything gotta go yeah we Officially call that load in the boat Yeah that's the super low right there But eight is a a very gracefully spot 19 Keys predicts Bitcoin will go to eight Thousand that's the headline Mike clip This up he's gonna go crazy it's eight Room Hollywood unlocked gonna be on the Comments We're Rippling them right Ripple you you Know you can't tell nothing happened Until because right now it's in the body Rumor phase right so Ripple is up almost 80 percent you know and within this uh From the third quarter I think is they Said what like 48 right now Um it had went down to around like 33 31 It had went up to around 56 so a lot of

People have been making money on Ripple Right xrp Um and right now their legal situation Is at this point where both sides have Talked to the judge and say that we need To find a review of the case you Understand me they said that it should Be enough information on both sides that You should be able to come to a Settlement or whatever it's gonna be so The Ripple Community is seeing that as a Possible win and I'm seeing Ripple Actually expand right now during these Times to build more confidence into that Coin so if River was to win Ripple rips Away and ripple can take over and start Market caps because even during his Legal battle the court of Ripple has Remained stronger than ever I mean we Stand as strong during recession during World economic uh plights doing Inflation during crypto winter Ripple Actually makes no sense whatsoever now If they lose the case you see Ripple Going down to a penny but if they win Yeah Ripple gets disrespectful to the Market yeah it's going to be it's going To be a joyous occasion if they win yeah When you was talking about Bitcoin I Started thinking about is the same President sent for nfts because I'm Thinking at a point now I think that the Sales are down by 90 90 plus percent or Something like that is this the time if

We're in now space should we be getting Super creative we've seen the influx We've seen it be oversaturated obviously It's scaled down now it's just the point Where we should be creative and seeing Where we can put you utility cases in For the future what's your thoughts on Nfts great question y'all remember when We first talked about it absolutely I've told people I don't care about the Market it's about the creative use case Of it right because the technology is The value this is what everybody was Getting wrong and everybody was looking At trading value nfts were never Supposed to be a commodity that was About trading right it popped up because Of the art use that people was able to Find and everybody seen people make Money so of course man if there's money To be made people go jump into it but NF Were never made uh uh to be traded Commodities that go up to 70 000 100 000 Right for no reason whatsoever right it Was more so about these are now ways to Create real digital assets that can be Linked to Value right that people can Own the parts of the internet so what We're seeing now in the market is a slow Rollout of the value market of nfts Which is much better for the specs than 80 percent of businesses fail why Wouldn't goddamn 90 of a completely new Uh unregulated no value having new

Businesses because that's what I looked At a message he said they had no value If a project literally has no value There's no value right if they say just Buy this because it's an nft that's a no Value project if they say buy this Because you are getting an access pass Buying this because it's linked to Buying a house and they say buying this Because you know this is a ticket to Market Mondays that's the actual value Of the business what's the value Proposition and most people didn't look At what is the value proposition of this Digital item that I buy right so that's Like me creating a storefront on Shopify And all I have is pictures right you're Going to buy it and all you get is a Receipt there's nothing else that's the End of the transaction right nobody's Going to buy that they want a product They want a service they want some sort Of access to come along with it so I Think this is actually the best time but I think this is my advice to people Don't call it the nft Do not call it an nft the best thing you Can do to increase to sell nfts is do Not call it the nft and right now I say Listen I don't do um personal consultations but I said I'm gonna bring it back at some Point in time right limit it so there's A long list of people that want to get

Private consultations well if I say well You know I got this ebo system where if You get one point Um you know you can get a 15-minute Consultation if you have two points you Can get an in-person consultation now The way that you get those points you Have to go to my website and certain Items that you buy come along with Points that you can you can get up to Right let's say 100 points so you buy This item right this digital asset and This one that you hold in your wallet Comes with 50 points the other one comes With 25 points the other one comes with Another 25 points so now people are Buying these points because they want to Get the unlockable which is the ability To get this console if I say buy nft the Emotions right in a connotation and all Of the news attached to a nft is based Upon is trading value board they've got All of these different things but if I Say Right and I'm utilizing non-fungible Tokens because it's the best way to Track right when I'm doing or sbts which Is so bound tokens which people started Rolling out right if they want lifetime Membership where they can't trade it a Movement which I think is completely Better than nfts it's getting directly To what is the value so now you assess This thing from value rather than fun

Right the fear of missing out the not Flood but that's for a certain doubt but They're fomo rather so I think that by Calling it same thing with Larissa you Seen the Russell right they got a Platform where they were selling uh Music so let's say that music that he Sold is an nft he don't have to ever say Nft you're buying my music most people Are looking at the technology they Demonize the technology because the Brand of it is being uh misused but the Technology is still as valuable as ever So I think don't call it the nft and I Think that the industry grows Um what do you think the maybe three or Four leading cryptocurrencies are of the Future and going back to the NFC Point How long do you do you think it would Take for that Marketplace to recover Uh on bitcoin ethereum cardano I can't I mean you know the xrp is Completely different Ripple is a dark Horse yeah yeah you know but I think It's a fan favorite right now so I would Just say it's you know it's an easy pick I will go with those for now uh there's A lot of projects that probably should Be up there just based on the value of The type of projects that they're doing Because it's like I'll go around Yeah and there's there's some that solve The very problems that are the issue With them today and I think that if

Companies was looking let's say that They got an allocation of 20 of their Budget to go into that space I think That they will be looking for companies That actually solve problems in the real World right so there's going to be some Right now that's probably not on the top Ten that's lower market caps that are Actual real companies that solve real Problems say that again yes yes because I don't want people to miss that point Especially in recession Because all the great coins all the Great companies all the great media Brands grow out of this turmoil so I Don't want people to miss that can you Hit that point one more time about Companies that are actually solving real World problems so if you go look at so There's a company called karibo right Karibo is a cryptocurrency that Particularly deals with when you send Somebody the wrong cryptocurrency There's a verification process that has To happen so you can get your crypto Refunded rather than that money just Being lost right that's solving a real Problem right there's cryptos that are Connected to Wi-Fi right and give it Access Wi-Fi to like this peer-to-peer Wi-Fi that allows you to get access to It we talking about companies that whose Mission is not making money right but Solving problems and creating impact

That's a reason if you take that same Skill model that you have for why would I invest in a stock just apply that same Logic why would you invest in a Cryptocurrency and that the game is much Better from there on this day [Music]

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