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[Music] That's the question okay so here's the Question look at the vix and why it's Now you ask the question why is the vix Down when in theory you would think it Would go up because if it's a fear Indicator it should go up and the vix Measures events 30 days out and Probabilities it's literally an Indicator of puts and calls for the Near-term s p 30 days out exactly there Are three events that matter in the next 30 days the CPI the November 2nd fed Meeting and then the election all of a Sudden right now we got two of these Data points probably taken out we now Know what the CPI is and we now all know That the fed's going to do 75 base Points two of the three data points have Been taken out therefore a lot of people Would cover positions believing now that They have reasonable expectation of What's going to go on now the numbers Are very unusually hot it is very odd For the vix to stay over 30. 32 implies A you know this rule divided by 16 to Get the daily moves in the Vixen there's a simple rule the vix is Designed to tell you what do people Expect the S P 500 to move on a yearly Basis in the in the next year on a Monthly basis 30 days but if you want to Know what's the daily swing you divide By 16 and there's some reasons for that

But the fix at 32 implies that the Market is expecting a two percent move On a daily basis for the next 30 days That is extraordinarily High volatility And you really need to have a lot of Stuff go bad for it to move that much in The next 30 days on a daily basis so all Of a sudden we got two of the three most Important data points remember it's just 30 days out that's all the vix measures And now you have these two out of these Three data points and they already know So they reduce the probability of weird Outside events coming down they covered Some positions some people were in cash So they need less protection overall so The that's how you get to that point all Of a sudden you get some people just Covering shorts and the market changes What does that mean by the way does that Mean that suddenly we're out of the Woods it doesn't that's the problem it Does it's 20 days from now we can have People going crazy and buying more puts They're always in the woods this is why I say everybody says okay so now we're Out of the woods you just explained away The problem no we're not in other words It would have bounced eventually but why Was today on this negative CPI so last Thursday the CPR report came through and Crushed the buildings like Snoop did in New York Um shout out to everybody in Jersey New

York that don't do nothing to my trailer I love y'all Um shout out to the good guys of DFD Um I saw a post and it broke down What the actual numbers were in the CPI Report so over The past year electricity is going up 15.5 percent food is going up 13 Gasoline has went up 18 so just on if You take a person out on a date pick Them up and then you bring them back to The crib there's been a tax on your love Life Another reason y'all need to learn how To trade shelter went up 6.8 percent Transportation went up 14.6 and Utilities went up 13.1 as a result I want you to put in chat what are the Eight revenue streams that you're going To have in your business or your Personal life to offset these kind of Inflationary pressures of course number One long term number two swing trading Number three day trading or intraday Investing in our key But what are the asset classes that You're going to invest in Every month every year every decade that Will give you a once in a lifetime Opportunity to be able to make money Regardless of what happens I told you About the country where inflation went Up almost 200 percent I don't think that

Will happen in America but I would not Be surprised if in four years inflation Overall has went up 40 Percent So some of you were asking me this Weekend uh what is CPI so CPI is the Consumer Price Index going back to that Word index whenever you hear that term I Just want you to think of a basket or Compilation of things put together and You get a price on it okay so it's a Measure of the average change over time And the prices paid by people I want you To think of it that way And the report had an impact But remember in the sniper program I Told you guys I always want you to focus On the direction of the market so let's Go look at the actual the movement of The market on last week there so this is Thursday this S P 500 Um the yellow candles of course are down The positive candles or upside candles Are white So we can see here we had an aggressive Push down here this is a one hour chart And once again only use even time frames That will give you the best result in The market so we had a violent drop we Came here if we look at this line here Then I'll explain part of the reasons Why I know Dom had asked me why and I Got all the data back and I'll I'll Break down the seven eight reasons why

We fell apart but this line here is the 50 retracement of the five year So imagine in any business let's say There was a construction business that Was doing 20 million dollars a year And the valuation of it got cut in half Within eight months That's 50 off a great deal at that time Or not historically yes so it almost Touched this line which is a huge Buy Signal for institutions hedge funds Etc And then we started to shoot up Um key lesson number two [Music] The market is going to push back to its Previous highest so when everyone saw That this was a buying opportunity and We had a huge drop we started to push to The upside so for my Traders I would Have placed my target Here At the top And if let's say you were doing double Targets because I know some of you do That and I don't recommend doing that You can place it halfway from the high But I would have placed my target at the Top of This previous high right here And ride it out now once you go up let's Say you got in that 3507 once it got to Like 3600 I would have locked in profit Went outside walked away

The the more you're willing to walk away And the longer you'll let your trades Breathe the more money you will end up Making And the truth is you need to give your Trades about an hour at least To manifest and to hit your biggest Target everybody put your cash apps in Everybody put your cash apps in and I Want you to put in chat if I am not Willing to let my trade run for one to Four hours I am choosing to be broke If I do not let my trade run for one to Four hours I am choosing to be broken I Know you guys don't want that so let's Break down why the market went down Violently and then as a result shot up So number one anytime reports are there I don't want you to practice excuse me I Don't want you to live trade any reports So natural gas crude report Um housing data CPI non-farm payroll but I do want you to practice those dream Team red panda Dream Team I want you to Practice those Uh shout out P Dom Thai brand Matt Drew Love you Uh Kayla Marcus uh cannot wait to get Back in into the dungeon what you guys Starting next month Um but you have to ruin what up Um Jerry what up I um I want you to practice trading Those reports because that kind of

Volatility can give you some amazing Insight and practice for when the market Is in turmoil on the long-term side Number two Um once again that 3500 was a key Bullish level so if you look right here To have it marked off over the last five Years this is where the market Cuts in Half this key level right here So this is literally the 50 mark off From five years so if I go from high to Low on The mathematical calculation this is Where 50 off is at and number two there Was a lot of stop hunting and Putt Hunting now of course we have more puts In the market than uh than we had Previously in the last four or five Years There were some put hunting that Happened there there was a lot of short Covering as a result so if he break this Chart down and I'm looking at a lower Time frame once we hit 3502 and you can See back here That the market had a huge drop and it Went from 36.44 down to 35 15. this was inside of Two minutes and then when the market Opened we began to shoot up to the Upside number three you have to learn to Stick to your primary targets your big Targets and do not deviate from them Because the one day it seems that you

Choose not to use your big Target You're going to miss out on a move that Can change your life So let's say if you were using The target I've given of 523 points And You were trading it down And let's say you were doing 29 Contracts so you would take 29 times 523 Times 5. that's 75 835 dollars that you missed out on as a Result Of not using your big Target now let me Ask you a question it's missing out on 75 000 I know you guys have to love this Amazing Uh handwriting 700 70 75 835 dollars In one day is that worth missing out on As a result for not using that big Target every single day I don't think That it is please put in chat I will use My big Target for the next decade when Trading the reports Um And the truth is the final reason There's a lot of short-term money in the Market so now we're not look there are Not a lot of people that are looking to Hold for long periods of time you have To adjust someone there's zero interest Rates that's the time to hold into the Market and I told you guys previously

And that's why I say watch every episode Because there are gems that I drop even Inside of the ranch right where I'm Giving you information that is key so I Said if inflation goes above 15 that's When you would start to have decay in a Two Tech Two index strategy and a zero Interest or low interest rate Environment it will go Um it would be a lot easier now if we Get above 15 interest rates the two Tech Two index model does work you just have To buy at the best areas and fifty Percent off as one of the areas that I've talked about historically before And look at this For those of you that trade options if You got two thousand dollars in call Options on that Thursday you could have Turned that into one million dollars [Music] Four or five times a year you're going To have a chance to hit a life-changing Amount of money In the marketplace And I know as you're trading and you're Taking losses is not fun It is heartbreaking and it feels like You are wasting your time and I know Even your family may tell you hey your Kid you're killing time you're wasting Time Um But the truth is if you wait for the

Right prices to get into the market you Can hit a huge home run what's the Number one thing that I can do for you Going into 2023 that will allow you to Hold your targets longer So I can help make you rich do you need Me to call out the prices for you do you For trades do you need me to be on a Zoom with you and call it out uh do you Need me to build the algorithm to take Them for you do you need for us to be in Person and do it let me know Because the truth is if you're able to Hit some of these moves and these are The moves like so in 20 August 24 2015. remember when I told you Guys to go study that session last year And earlier this year to get you Prepared for what was going to happen This year How many of you want to go study it but When you're able to pull off trades like That in 2015 and the night of the Trump Election when he won when he was not Supposed to win hypothetically and it Turned the market upside down and the Mexican peso flipped down and NASDAQ and Down flip down when you're able to make A lot of money on those days and I can't Believe that's been six years ago Those moves allow you to be able to Easily hit big Targets in a very Condensed or choppy Market And when we have a breakout move like we

Did Thursday It will allow you to make a whole bunch Of money and it will prepare you in Advance For these kind of games please put in Chat I am worthy of hitting Twenty thousand dollar days and a Hundred thousand dollar days in the Market and I will prepare myself for These kind of victories I deserve to hit twenty thousand dollar Days in a hundred thousand dollar days In the market And I deserve these kind Of victories [Music]

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