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[Music] Let me ask you this Microsoft buys a Four percent stake in the London Stock Exchange How will this help the company and start Going forward I miss London we need to go back shout Out to London Man tape London shout out To everybody out there man London let me Get a breakdown of what the merger means And then you give your all right so for Those who who weren't up on the news so The partnership involves Next Generation Data and analytics as well as cloud Computing products according to the Statement by the lseg which is the London Stock Exchange group it includes A new data infrastructure for the London Exchange and analytics modeling Solutions with Microsoft Azure uh Ai and Microsoft teams so pretty much think About Microsoft incorporating their Technology into a stock exchange to make It more word of the day efficient Um Ian God Um I've said it before and I'll say it Again I think every company on Earth at Some point is going to have to get into The hedge fund business which is the Business of who can provide the highest Returns you don't think let's say like I'm watching Robin Hood right we all are You don't think Microsoft watch The Craze of Robin Hood and The Game Stop

Craziness An FTX And didn't say If we come in and provide a safe Platform with cyber security and our Global reach We can probably take over this Market Let me ask you right now who would you Rather invest in Microsoft's platform or TD Ameritrade I love TD Ameritrade but If Microsoft had a thinkorswim I would Be there Ft and you don't think they're looking At this crypto space and then calling All their lobbying friends and say hey Why don't you put a call in and see if We can legitimize and leverage this Crypto space but with our trust in International backing plus with lobbying Plus with government and safety Now that's another Market they could tap Into easily I think this is just the beginning of a Bunch of Investments that they will make In a financial space to ultimately build A robust Financial product Because The number one market in the world is The money market I'm surprised they haven't moved there Prior to so if apple is hiring crypto Developers and all the stuff on the back End working on that project Um and Tim Cook is being slightly Petty

To upset Elon because they could have Launched this initiative as well Microsoft is very quiet we wanted to Write this down one of the fundamentals That I look for in a CEO of any company Is And aggregate how many times will they Speak publicly versus their competitive CEO I like it very quiet Calm humble CEO they are from an Indian Background even better Because culturally things are done Better there but I think We're going to see a hard push just what Apple deal with health Healthcare and Amazon deal with health care and they've Tested some things with this credit card And a couple other products in four or Five years you're going to see apple Excuse me Microsoft make a heavy push Into the financial space and with all This crypto contagion blowing up and Tether leaning on and hanging on by Thread it's going to be a great push and I think this is just a test at scale Like let me be honest them testing this With the London Stock Exchange was my Episode 70. I also needed proof concept Cool Now the platform is going to be Market Mondays for them and when they come out With the platform in a couple years it Is going to be game Set

Match But what are your thoughts is there any Competitor that can take down Microsoft In a financial space Of course Microsoft is a giant sure Um So it is it's going to be interesting to See Uh You know you always have to give Advantages to companies that do Things full time Like I like apple as far as going into The to the car space but I wouldn't Count out Tesla because Tesla's been Doing this right and it's it's it's a Side it's a it's a side meal for for Apple it's not that mean it's not their Main course So I'm always gonna I'm always gonna be Partial to companies that actually do it Full-time so Microsoft isn't a full-time Financial company they're definitely Going to be formidable in the space Um But you know you still have to look at Of course the JP Morgan's of the world The fidelities of the world the you know These are these are companies they're Not as big as Microsoft but this is what They do full time this is their Full-time attention and their full-time Focus yeah Um and then it'll be it'll be

Interesting to see what other tech Companies want to get into the financial Space Apple yeah Um you know they get into everything so All right so imagine I imagine that they Would they would have at some point they They will have a strong push into the Financial services industry I don't see Why they wouldn't Um it goes hand in hand with a lot of Other stuff that they do anyway It'll be interesting to see Google I think Google is a company that you Know I could definitely see making a Strong push into the financial services Industry Um so I think the financial services Industry is is going to be you know Changed over the next 20 years yeah Question Yeah question your question for The sake of uh not interrupting remember I want to recall a conversation we had Maybe a year and a half ago you called Me like yo I'm tired of insert person Imma go make this move at Insert partnership right answer insert And I was like wow really Like yeah you know I'm tired of helping People and I'm taking it for granted and Not appreciating let me just blow it out Of the water You don't think that Microsoft and They're blown out of water I won't yeah I'm in a good space so I'm not gonna say

That but you don't think at some point Microsoft or apple will have the same Feeling because a lot of it's a good Lesson for people to learn You cannot Force a war time Strategy with the team that you cannot Beat So if Microsoft gets upset enough like You said even the the car project is a Side project if you are a fan of Apple You know Evie was not even on a top 15 Considerations three years ago until Elon Had his commentary And then blocking metal was not an issue For apps the App Store until Zuckerberg Said what he said about Tim Cook Um so sometimes strategically ego gets In the way if you've ever seen Succession of billions and we're all Human sometimes we want revenge Um and they may not be able to beat the JP Morgan but I think they can take down A Robin Hood Oh well yeah I mean so the thing about It is because I used to work in the Financial services industry so one thing That I know for sure is that the Technology is not where it needs to be And it's it's it's it's it's behind as Far as there's still way too much Physical paperwork there's still way too

Much you know there's there's a lot more Room like don't get me wrong technology Is obviously you know plays a big part In financial services obviously right From you know trading Um computers and different things on Asia but there's still a lot more of Them especially when you start thinking About artificial intelligence and you Know all of this this new technology That's coming that's not even out yet Um I feel like Financial Services Industry still has a long way to go as Far as you know catching up to the to The tech industry so the it's it's a Perfect marriage between financial Services and Tech perfect especially on The blockchain and that's what that's What really really you know the Blockchain I think is really going to be Interesting to see how that plays in Financial services because it's like um So to give you an example life insurance Right Um if you're if you're trying to buy Life insurance what happens is that you Go through an underwriting process and a Lot of times if you have like a medical Issue or if you just went to the doctor Or something like that then they have to Send out for your doctor records now the Doctors that's this is still a manual Process and it could take As quick as a couple days it could take

As long as a couple of months it really Just depends on how efficient the Doctor's office is because the doctor's Office has to actually get the records Like physical records yeah then they Have to actually email the record Sometimes they even steal even facts Which is crazy they still actually fax Records like doctor's offices they Actually need technology more than Anybody so it's like imagine if all of Your medical records are on the Blockchain Once the insurance company asks for it Is sent within a matter of seconds and An underwriter and not a and not a human Underwriter because human humans have Objections no matter how you still have Some level of bias you have some level Of objection imagine if it was Artificial in technology artificial Intelligence that was an underwriter and Just they just get the data all they see Is numbers and they can give an approval Right now yes or no so imagine that you Can get approved for life insurance on The spot within five minutes Like I've seen policies take eight Months to get approved because you got To go back and forth you got to get the Doctor you got to talk to the Underwriter you gotta explain to the Underwriter why yeah he has diabetes but It's coming down it's like you know it's

Still a personable it's still a Personable business imagine if all that Was taken away Imagine how much money that would save Imagine how more efficient that would be Of course it's going to be issues Because there's no more human element to It but I could definitely see I'm just Using that as one example there's a Million different examples but imagine If you could just apply for life Insurance and then within 10 minutes you Know exactly if you got the policy how Much it's going to cost what you got Rated at that's that's a game changer For the whole entire industry sounds Like a way more efficient way to do Business That's the common theme and I want to Give the analogy but I want them to see The episode of how he explains how Business Works in that efficient manner But when you're talking about especially With with the London Stock Exchange do You want to become one of the most Global recognized marketplaces yeah What do you do you make a partnership With the best manager and this is Wall Street Journal the best managed company Of 2022 was Microsoft right Hold on said It again The the number one the best managed Company In 2022 is Microsoft right so you get

With them now you obviously are going to Create infrastructure that is going to Be Premier but what also you've done is Now you've created a contract for a Company right so when we're talking About the the cloud and AI segment They've made a commitment to spend three Three billion dollars to build Infrastructure three just on that alone Right so now when you think about the LSU you've seen even in today's their Stock has gone up just on the thought of This collaboration happened but it's Going to be more efficient for everybody Right it helps them it helps them on a Global scale it makes them legitimize You know their efforts even more so when They get with a company like this so I Mean I'm excited for them Microsoft Stock yeah bullish bullish always Bullish um hey did you know who they Bought the four percent from the four Percent State oh you might have heard of The company BlackRock Well play Well at some point we got to have a Conversation about the guy that's just Is buying the stock exchanges that was Dead broke five years ago Um Serious conversation that was a real Conversation That was a that's another conversation Who owns a New York Stock Exchange who

Owns do your Google searches on that Yeah right now do your Google searches On who owns New York Stock Exchange your Google searches of Where where he appeared from Magically yeah Child of nowhere shout out to Peter Shout out to Peter on that man he Enlightened us he he gave him I mean Even with Sam there's a few people in The crypto space who popped up out of Nowhere You look at the CEO he's had A history of bad Exodus and bankruptcy But there's a few people who have popped Up out of nowhere And Boston brokerages with no money to Their name house way For those who don't know it costs Hundreds of millions minimum to acquire A mid-size brokerage let alone some of The biggest but I want to stay on air But think let's think about that Language like think about the language I'm sure there's people sitting here Right now they didn't even know that was A possibility that you could buy in Exchange right so like once we see the Possibility like that's even a thing That opens the eyes to educate yourself The great thing is Just had an idea like yo I want to buy I Want to actually I want to buy I want to Start buying stock exchanges

And if I can make them more efficient Just Market Purchase the New York Stock Exchange Create infrastructure Yep mergers and Acquisitions well play Role play and that's why I say you only Get one life And for brand and purposes people may Only know you for three things Throughout the course of your life you Have to pick those three very carefully But this is why when you have Conversations with like a Robert Smith Or Dave Rubinstein like you have to Level up your thinking your level of Execution and level of automation Because these opportunities like and I'll say this now for those of you Trying to get rich and get the bag and Get it real bad not just the bag so you Can go smash whoever you want to in Atlanta that got their body but you know ATL I'm not yeah [Music] Um I mean it's not happening in Albuquerque Well a little bit anyway Um now over these next three or four Years you're going to have some Opportunities to have the conversations Trust me if it was in a bull market I Wouldn't be on Exchange as much there Would be no need for me there if we were In the bull market trust me I would be

Kicked out of meta like Jazzy Jeff used To get thrown out by Uncle Phil but in a Down Market you have to untuple your Efforts to get these deals done because People are now open to them but yeah to Even buy an exchange with a thought of Foreign [Music]

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