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The economy today Has changed dramatically from what it Was we're the age now that we aren't Working we're you know retired And we want to be able to take care of Ourselves and be able to leave some for Our our family If we weren't of the age that we are Then there's time to recover Being invested in stocks bonds equities Whatever they could be as much as Recovering at four to six years out And that's at our time life could be too Much we first moved some money into gold And the reason for it was just to uh Hold on to what we have For that rainy day To have gold in your portfolio gold Moves totally different than the stock Market and it's more stable so we took a Position to uh to obtain some gold and At that time we didn't have an inflation Problem and so fast forward Uh the inflation is a huge issue and if For no other reason to obtain gold and To have gold for a hedge against Inflation Is enormous to me If you bought gold in the past or would Like to learn more about why a physical Gold should be an important part of your Portfolio simply pick up the phone and Call to receive the complete guide to Buying gold which will provide you

Important never seen before facts and Information you should know about making Gold silver and platinum purchases U.S money Reserve can walk you through The three simple steps of transferring Your existing 401k or IRA into a Precious metals Ira backed by physical Gold to further protect your assets from Market instability pick up the phone and Call us money Reserve America's gold Authority right now to get your free Gold kit and Ira information with U.S Money reserve the process is streamlined And anyone can have precious metals Within their self-directed IRA account In a matter of days or weeks I want to Talk to you about a pivotal point in Your retirement well-being it's called a Retirement risk Zone and it's the final 10 years of your working life and the First 10 years of your retirement if You're a baby boomer you're probably in This zone now and what you do will Dictate the quality and direction of how You live out your retirement years Nest Egg balances within the retirement Risk zone are typically the most Vulnerable to Market losses based on History we all know that recovering Market losses could take decades decades That many of us simply may not have And this is why some analysts are urging Baby Boomers to move to safety owning Gold and silver Is wealth Insurance it

Can be your protection and the Retirement risk Zone At U.S money Reserve we've helped Hundreds of thousands choose the best Precious metals for their retirement Portfolios and many are in profit Positions today because of those choices So don't wait until the next Crisis get Started securing your financial future Today with the markets breaking Volatility records is there any logical Reason why anyone would limit their Portfolio to traditional assets Particularly anyone sitting in the Retirement risk Zone call for a copy of Protection in the risk Zone exploring Your options is free but doing nothing Could cost you dearly if you've bought Gold in the past or would like to learn More about why physical gold should be An important part of your portfolio pick Up the phone and call to receive the Complete guide to buying gold which will Provide you important never seen before Facts and information you should know About making gold silver and platinum Purchases don't wait until it's too late Call to get your free copy of my new U.S Gold report inside you'll find the top 25 reasons I've covered on gold Ownership and why you need to start Owning gold today this exclusive list of 25 reasons covers my views on the real Issues impacting gold and silver when

You call be sure to ask about how you Can transfer your existing 401k or IRA Into physical gold held in a precious Metals Ira to take command of your Retirement savings call U.S money Reserve today to request your free Precious metals Ira information kit and Learn how you can Safeguard your Financial future in three simple steps By combining the traditional protection Of gold and silver with the modern Convenience of an IRA U.S money Reserve Will be with you every step of the way Pick up the phone and call America's Gold Authority U.S money Reserve with Two decades in business over a billion Dollars in transactions and more than a Half a million clients worldwide U.S Money Reserve is one of the most Dependable Gold Distributors in America

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