WORLD ECONOMIC FORM – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] First and foremost shout out to Dre yes Dre Lyons The legend cool and Dre shout out to Cool Andre yes but uh we gotta give a Special shout out to my brother Dre It was his vision to put this together To invite us out there Family a16 Z yeah shout out to Eugene Shout out to Megan happy Birthday Megan Lots of Forbes yes the good Folks at Forbes yes Um Shout out to Joey Joe Crackers What up rich player it was good and Dougie Fresh Dougie wow all right so Legend let's get into this let's get Into this world economic form I did not Sign Illuminati contract Uh we we did not I'm not sure I wasn't with you to hold you you was With me man we did not sign I can only Speak for myself I was with you man I'm Holding how many drop the blood I'll be honest I'm holding out holding Out we did go into some rooms you get The email It was dangerous but we made it out oh Man Candles everywhere it was It was that's why I even had to smash it With the candles Candles was crazy all right let's get

Into this let's get it Be clean keep it clean we got we got Deals to do I'm proud I wish I was Joking No I know I know you know let me let me Let's get into this let's have a serious Let's have a series let's be serious About this one minute so a lot of people Um They you know a lot of people was they They thought it was dope that we was There some people were less than Enthusiastic about us being at the world Economic forum And um you know they said that this is The place where you know Illuminati That's why we made the Illuminati Reference Illuminati and the people that Run the world come to make decisions About the world Um and yeah pretty much true Um but my thing is that If we're a media company right if we're A financial Media Company Why will we not be at the place where 200 billionaires are Where World economic policy is being Discussed where the most powerful people In the world are at I don't know like would you criticize Forbes for being there because they were There would you criticize Wall Street Journal for being there because they Were there would you criticize CNBC for

Being there they were there but you only Criticized us because you think you Think you know us we're the homeless We're the homies so you look you look at The black business like we're not a real Business You look you don't look at us like a Real Media Company you look at us like We're just so naive and we're so stupid That we're gonna go and we're going to Sign lifetime contracts to Illuminati And now we're gonna we're gonna change Our content and we're gonna like you Have such little faith in yourself Because we we are you so when you look At us you look at yourself so you have Such little faith in yourself that you Think any level of Temptation any level Of being around somebody and oh my God I Gotta I gotta sign this contract now Like yeah are they projecting but you But you never but you never would even Think that about CNBC Cnbc's there to cover the event they had To talk to people they didn't Network Wall Street Journal I never heard nobody Talking about Wall Street Journal Fox News you never have none of that energy For that but when we go there instead of Saying yo that's dope earn your leash is At the world economic Forum like I've Never heard of that which is a big deal Now you watch a documentary and now You're an expert on economic policy and

What discovers in climate change and People saying like y'all better not come Back and talk about this and that like Hmm At some point at some point you you Gotta understand that You're limiting You're limiting yourself by trying to Limiting others and this is why I Understand why when you see people they Don't tell you what they do They don't share the information they're Not giving you the insight They could just run like run off with The plug themselves like you know I'm Saying like we could have just went and You would have never even known where we Were at and and all the information that We got you could have never got you Would have never got none of this and It's just like where were you at I was Up nowhere nowhere I wanted nowhere and We know people we saw people there Who you know who have never told you That they've gone and they're never Going to tell you that they're wrong and They're never going to share information That they win or the people that they Met When you look at us for four years That's all we have done so to think we Would do anything other than that is Really confusing to me right like this Is a situation where it's like

You really can't talk while we talk if You ain't been where we've been and we We're in places Not just for the sake of us but the sake Of opening opportunities so the fact That we're out there now educates people Yeah they have to research what it is They have to research what happens here That might not happen how are we not Going right but on top of that we now Have to and you guys got them fighting And we got invited but we get to be in Circles that pay two million dollars a Year we get to be in circles that now Validate the space right that people Never thought was possible How Could You How Could You Reach This audience right On top of that people recognize what We're doing right so if they recognize Us that means they recognize you But nobody's looking at it like that it Was I was disappointed I read the Comments I'm just like why would y'all Think we would actually switch up just Because we went to a place where if you Think about it And I know somebody was like yo it Wasn't 200 billion years yeah well maybe There was because we were there And some of them didn't report and he Didn't even know some of the people were There but if this is the largest Accumulation of wealth right in the World and there's opportunities to meet

CEOs and opportunities to network and Opportunities to gain funding and gain Resources why wouldn't we be there Telling you a lot of a lot of you guys Are idiots and thanks Dad you know a lot Of you guys it's mostly the men it's Mostly the men you guys are idiots and The thing about it is Pride it's arrogant Pride that you you Don't know what you're talking about Like somebody was like we we all know What's going on over there no you don't Because you've never been You don't you really don't I'm trying to Help you Yeah I'm not even upset I just want People to really understand it's not Even upset it's just it's reality but You're the biggest disappointment people Are the biggest hindrance to to moving Forward Because everything you do you're so Critical and then it's oh you sold your Soul and you sold your company and you Did this and then you speak with so much False information And this is why people after a certain I Understand they don't come they're not Coming I didn't walk away they're never Gonna come back They're never going to come back because Because you don't because you don't Understand how when you're speaking to Them you think that that makes them feel

Good So like all right this is this is how You feel about it then figure it out for Yourself There's a lot of things I learned and we Kind of spoke about it last week be Prepared right just by happenstance we Happen to walk into CEO as a company we met the CEO of cloud Fair we're about the CEO of avalanche Not like somebody who works for Avalanche the actual creator of Avalanche we met the CEO of usdc the Number one stable coin in crypto company Company we met the CEO of Forbes not Because we we just happened to be Walking into these people so be prepared For that opportunity when they heard What we were doing they said you know The next thing they said how can we Partner how can we help right I met one Of the leading financial institutions in India and he said look I love what you Guys are doing how can we work together How can we help educate And so Networking at that level is is different It's just different I also learned that The conversation that we have are having Need to be more advanced and they need They need to be more advanced they meet They need to be more number one Encouraging and they need to be more Thought-provoking because these are high

Level conversations and it's not just The people that we're walking into but I'm listening to the conversations that People are having I'm like wow this is This is incredible this is interesting Like The conversation that they have in our World changing right so when people are Saying yeah this is where they come to Me yeah they are having World Conversations when we were inside a Plant a palantir I'm listening to the Conversations The AI conversations that are having the Crypto conversations that they're having The investment conversations that we're Having talk about nature right like I'm Gonna talk about you I know you're gonna Go there but it's like this is we're Like behind in in terms of the level of Topics that we're actually having as a Community So of course are we going to sit down With people that we met of course that's That's the goal to now have them share Their expertise and there's a lot of People there's people that look like us I met a brilliant man from Jamaica and I'm not even going to say his name Because we're going to sit down with him And share his story but incredible one Of the best architects in the world has Never had a story told we met him on Stage okay well now we get to share his

Information with the world and we get to Share with our community because it's Only going to uplift us and help us grow In advance and that's what this is all About that's what this is about how do We advance how do we get into these Spaces that they never thought we could Be in so yeah Dre is a genius people Look like Dre is a genius because he Went there one year and then next year He said I'm going to do something to Make sure that we're represented there's People who've been there for 10 years And I've never thought that I never ever Thought that absolutely the fact that he Brought us the fact that he brought Fat Joe the fact that he bought Dougie fresh The fact that we were there with the Cultural leadership fund it tells you All right representation is coming And it's going to continue [Music]

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