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Welcome to Silver Pros no wait that Doesn’t sound right welcome to Gold Pros Sponsored by bullion Max I’m your host Silver dragons and I’m joined by my Knowledgeable co-host Yankee stacking What’s up Yankee how you doing SD it’s Great to be here it is great to be here We’re talking about gold we’ve never Done this before uh at least had me you You said silver Pros but you didn’t no It’s gold Pros tonight it’s gold Pros Baby so we’re talking about buying gold Uh some of our thoughts surrounding Buying gold Um and how you should probably buy it Before it’s too late that is kind of a Thing we will get to but I want to ask You first before we get too far into This why are you buying gold Yankee why Did you start buying it because you Actually stacked gold heavily before you Stacked any silver Yeah that’s right I did I did do a Little silver stacking when I was a kid But my big purchase was that right there The Yankee Cannon a tube of one ounce Gold American Eagle so that was a big Move Mrs Yankee kind of looked at me With that weird face said what are you Talking about like let’s let’s do it so I I bought it for a variety of reasons one Is like oh my word this it’s so Beautiful look it is beautiful gold is

Gorgeous But you know it really boiled down to The way I wanted to stack I wanted to Stack dents that means I wanted to have A lot of value Stored in a small place just in one hand I could hold a lot of wealth I could Transfer it around move it around so I Love the convenience of it and at that Time it was one thousand dollars an Ounce wow I know I know that was a great Time to get in Um and you know that was a big reason Um and we’ll talk more about some other Reasons but that was the big one so you Wanted to be able to just grab it and Run if you needed to like uh you weren’t Gonna have to Lug around all this silver You could throw in your pocket out the Door yep I just had that there right There 20 of these well it was twenty Thousand dollars in one hand of gold That that meant a lot and and I thought It was a good way to protect myself from What I really thought was coming and What I still think is coming yeah it’s Interesting because a lot of us we call Ourselves silver stackers but we stack Gold as well and they’re kind of Different reasons for stacking each Metal and people have different Strategies for how many ounces of each They should buy we’re going to talk About that but what would you say is

Probably some of the best reasons to buy Gold Well first of all they’re both Incredible to have right they’re both Very liquid they both have a history in The United States of being monitoring Metals you know they both have great Properties but gold is rarer it’s a rare Metal in fact when I was a kid I Remember my dad telling me that silver Was the poor man’s gold remember him Saying that and I was like Whoa does that mean Dad that that you go For silver which I did as a little kid But then you really want to you want it To be gold one day I I really didn’t Understand that phrase when I was young Here’s something else this is the This is the Achilles heel if you will With silver okay It tarnishes it does gold doesn’t Tarnish yes you can stick it in the Ground for 20 30 100 years and pull it Out it’ll look the same yeah there was a Documentary that came out this year on Netflix and they were looking for these Gold coins pre-33 gold coins on this Island up in Alaska I forget the name of The show but uh what they found well I Don’t want to spoil it but they may or May not have found a few coins but they Look perfect they look beautiful and They were just sitting in the ground for You know how many years decades and they

Look gorgeous when they pulled them out Of the ground So yeah gold does not tarnish which is Great and when you stack it typically You get uh you got kind of get more of Your money because the premiums are Lower than they are with silver Typically That’s a really good point Um yeah typically if you go with the Fractional It can be very uh very high premium Associated with those but if you go like Say it just if you can get a whole ounce The premiums are in the single digits Sometimes three four five percent yeah You don’t put that with silver yeah Absolutely I mean just like with uh Silver the smaller you get the higher The premium so if you’re going to be Stacking gold you know usually I mean we Both I think would recommend getting the One ounce uh but if you can’t afford one Ounce try and get as big as a PC can Just so you don’t get torn up on the Premium right I like I like the save up For at least a quarter rounds that’s my Uh rule of thumb it’s interesting if we Look at how gold and silver have Performed over the years it seems like Gold is a little bit more stable Um and so maybe some of the older Stackers yourself included Yankee Uh Wood perfume fur gold over silver

Because silver has that volatility that We’ve seen right yes for us older Stackers I see what you did there no but You’re right as we age we start to think About whoa you know I want some Stability I don’t like a whole lot of my Portfolio in a volatile investment I I Like the fact that gold is less volatile Historically uh and that’s both a Positive and negative right I mean if You’re younger You might want that volatility because You know silver has more upside Potential with that volatility in fact In the in the past especially during uh Recessions you’ll see how gold and Silver are inversely correlated with the US dollar actually with almost any Currency you’ll actually see this so as The dollar strengthens gold and silver Tend to drop if the dollar weakens gold And silver both go up however gold won’t Go down as much as silver when the Dollar strengthens and conversely when The dollar starts to get weaker Gold won’t go up as high as silver we Saw that back in 2011. when silver just Really percentage-wise blew away gold Yeah but yet in this last you know Recession I guess you could call it you Know 20 21 and so forth gold dipped just This little bit compared to silver Silver really got hit hard Yeah so if you want that kind of

Stability uh you don’t want to ride the Wave so to speak uh and maybe if you’re Going to be cashing out your precious Metals like if you’re if you’ve saved Them for retirement and you’re gonna be Uh sort of selling them to pay for Things and what have you you don’t want The crazy price swings that silver has Because you might be forced to sell it On the downswing so if you have most of Your Metals in you know most of your Value in Gold that would be more Beneficial I would think for for the Older stackers especially if you’re Wanting to cash out right right so and Then another thing too when it comes to Stacking gold if you stack gold as an Individual this is something you’ve Talked about Yankee you know being your Own bank you’re kind of doing what the Central banks are doing uh because they Buy gold right they don’t buy silver They stack gold although publicly they Malign it they make fun of it they Ignore it they don’t talk about it Privately they stack it especially in Other countries too I mean who knows how Much gold we really do have in Fort Knox But we’re supposedly the biggest stacker Of gold anywhere in the world right yeah But it hasn’t been audited in quite a Long time so we we think yeah if if it’s All there then the US by far has more Gold than any other country

Um but yeah I mean Knights love it they They stack it yeah they understand it It’ll help them protect their wealth Um it’s very stable it it and you know If your currency goes through a swing You know if your currency is being Devalued it’s very wise to have gold on Hand which is kind of one of the reasons We stack to begin with right it’s a Hedge it’s a hedge very important So yeah so those are some of the reasons I really do enjoy stacking gold now I Want to ask you this Yankee how much Gold do you stack as compared to Silver Uh we could talk about like value-wise What would you say your personal stack Is where are you leaning towards well Again starting out with gold it’s more Gold so I would say about two to one Interesting yeah so two two to one Value-wise uh gold over silver yeah and And for my stack I’m kind of the Opposite I’m two maybe closer three to One in favor of silver I have way more Silver than gold in ounces but also in Value in my stack and I think maybe that Is because I’m younger and I can PL I’ve Got more time to play the ratio and I Really do want to talk about playing the Ratio because that’s a very important Thing when it comes to buying gold Um right but yeah just just let me say This one thing too both I say this a lot But both silver and gold are important

To stack for similar yet slightly Different reasons for me gold is for Preserving my wealth through A dollar collapse an shtf a a a a a Massive horrific economic Scenario that I pray doesn’t happen Right but silver for me is much more of A transactional barter uh much more Flexible type of metal that I also stack So both of them are important both of Them are a hedge both of them are wealth Insurance yes that that’s very important And when it comes to actually purchasing Gold let’s talk about what types are Sort of better Um I think we already alluded to this But the lower premium is usually the Best and that would be the one ounce Size right right the largest you can Purchase and then also Um one thing that I prefer and I I can Tell by your stack as well you prefer Coins over bars I think coins they’re Just trusted more uh they’re easier to Sell so liquidity is higher with coins And so if I could choose between a coin Or a bar I would almost always choose The coin I agree I think it’s almost Psychological I think people associate a Round object with money isn’t that Interesting yeah we’ve always coinage It’s always been most of the time Browned so I like coins and I like Trusted mints preferably if if the

Premiums aren’t too high yeah absolutely Uh speaking of premiums uh let me show You over here at bullion Max uh they are The sponsor for the show but they are Now selling the 2023 gold britannias and The premium is only five percent over Spot so you’re getting a great deal on Uh on some gold from Great Britain and You and I both have britannia’s uh right Yankee we love the britannias they are Beautiful coins uh this one’s gonna have The is that one have the queen on it uh The 20 20 23 does have the queen but I Believe they’re going to switch it over Um to the king at some point but yeah Absolutely gorgeous coins huh Beautiful coins wonderful security uh Features on their coins too Yeah really good I need to get some more Britannia so that’s a great option Um that’s a great that’s a great premium You said five percent right yep five Percent premium If you can get five or lower that’s That’s really good yeah and then so Let’s talk about the ratio and I I like To talk about this more than you do Yankee I think because it’s more in my Strategy Um but I had this idea there’s a lot of People buying silver and I think maybe Not all of them but there’s a good Portion of silver stackers who actually Are intending to sell their silver to

Buy gold down the road once the ratio is Lower because you could just simply get More gold for your money if instead of Buying gold now you buy silver wait till It’s more in your favor to trade your Silver for gold and then do it at that Point but I’m worried that when the Perfect time exists there won’t be much Physical gold available so you should be Buying gold now don’t you think that Would be possible Yankee that is a big Concern for I think for people playing The ratio with physical gold and silver You may say this is it I’ve been Stacking silver exclusively and now I’m Ready and you go and that day the ratio Might be favorable like you said or that Week and you can’t get it you can’t get Your target metal right yeah because the Whole idea is that if you look at when The gold silver ratio last hit its low It was back in 2011 and at that point in Time gold and silver prices had gone up But silver had gone up much faster right Which is why we saw the ratio narrow and You had a very Short period of time to exchange your Silver for gold if that’s what you want It to do but the problem was that demand Was so high if you go down to your local Coin shop you know sell them your silver And then go all right let me buy some Gold they go what gold You know what I mean yeah sold out buddy

And again I don’t think the strategy is Bad it’s just that I think maybe you Should add some gold to your silver Along the way yeah I I certainly think So and with the ratio now being under 80 Um I think it’s a good time to buy a Mixture of gold and silver so I might Start buying some more gold here uh in 2023 at least buying it more heavily Than I was uh because you know again With the premiums on Silver it kind of Narrows the actual real ratio Um so that’s definitely something to Think about I think long term it’s very Wise to stack silver and to stack gold Again like you said for different Reasons uh but definitely the older you Get I feel like the more you should Lean Into Gold you should go heavier on gold Sort of as the years tick by just so You’re not exposed to all the volatility That silver has I agree All right all right well hey this is Really fun we need to talk about gold More don’t we I think so we could be Gold Pros well silver ah no let’s be Silver Pros well either way just make Sure you stack like a pro

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