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[Music] You know I met Don peoples 15 years ago And I read his book and um he was coming To New York and he was doing something And at the time I was just starting out As a financial advisor I was probably Like 20 something years old and I went I Was in Manhattan I went and he spoke and I waited afterwards and I introduced Myself to him I told them you know I Read your book I'm a big fan of Everything that you have and he was like You know just don't keep working And that's what I did and then the next Time that we meet them now it's a whole Different situation because now we Actually have real value to bring to the Situation so now we're prepared to take Advantage of it and I always tell people It's like at some point in time you're Gonna meet somebody that can change your Life Yeah the thing about it is most of the Time you're not ready So when you when you meet Jay-Z when you Meet Don peoples What you're going to do is ask for a Picture Mistake and it's like Because at that moment that's the only Thing that you can really conjure in Your brain right I guarantee you at some Point in time you're going to meet Somebody that can change your life

If you're not ready then that's on you Yeah because you haven't put yourself in A position to add value so from the time That I met Don peoples to the next time That I met him 15 years later I worked Every single day for 15 years I didn't Know exactly what I was going to do but I knew at some point I was going to be In a position to add value and the next Time I met him It was a completely different Conversation because now I'm not just Asking for a picture I'm not just saying Hey I like your book Now we have a whole media Empire that is Behind us so now he sees the value not a Conversation is how can we work together How can we collaborate right that's not Done by accident so it is like I said This goes back to this dinner situation Of course the situation that we're in Right now in life is a lot different Than most but that's because we worked Our whole life to get here so we worked Our whole life so now we have enough Value add that anybody that we sit down With is going to be a productive Conversation So just keep that in mind because it's Like relationships ultimately are more Valuable than money And this goes back to even the Michael Roberts if you don't know who Michael Roberts senior is you should look him up

Google them Um yeah it's worth over probably 500 Million close to a billion dollars who's Counting Um black billionaire so took three Companies public uh telecommunications That part again you took three companies Public Um but it's like you know These are the these are the type of People that you want to network with Right but the only way you're going to Be able to network with them is if You're just as valuable as they are That's the part that nobody tells you Networking is not just getting a room And just be in a room networking is Getting a room but you have to add value To be in the room getting the room is Only half the battle then you're just Then you'll just be in a room there's a Lot of people just in the room and People are saying why are you here but It's like now if you have enough value To bring then you understand that your Resources your network is much more Valuable than money and the last thing I Say about this is shout out to Derek Falcon he had said something a while ago And he was like You know you talk about middle class You're talking about poor people When people say okay I'm gonna fall off People when you think about falling off

Right what's your first thought if you Lose everything today what's your first Thought I'm a hustle I'm gonna get it back I'm Gonna go back on the grind he said no Yeah rich people how I'm thinking like My first stories I'm gonna call my Friends Who call my friends And it's like they're gonna help me That's the whole point of cultivating Relationships right and I thought about It I'm like damn you right you really Right that's right that's what I'm gonna Do like God forbid if everything falls Apart today I feel like I have enough Resources well I'm gonna call people I'm Not even gonna call them and ask them It's not about asking them for money but It's the ax it's going yo I need this I Need to get put back in position the Real One's Gonna send it right away too Yeah but but it's like you know I'm not Even gonna I'm gonna ask to get put back In position y'all need this I need you To introduce me to this person I need This I need to build I need to be on Your show I need to do this I need to do It like and They're probably gonna say yeah because I've helped them the way you treated Them on the way up so it's like that's The difference it's like who do you have To call on right that [ __ ] network

That's why I say relationships worth More than money because ultimately money Goes up it goes down it's It's something that you know is is a Byproduct of of what you've built but Relationships are here forever and you Really can't even put a value on that You can't put a value on having done Peoples on speed dial you really can't Like what's the price what's the price Point that it is to have a personal Relationship with Robert Smith is it Worth one million is it worth 10 million Is I don't like you don't say like how Do you how do you even measure that Quantifier because you don't know how Much money can actually come from that Like how much money can come from Steve Harvey have a relationship with him Right like these are things that you Have to understand so All of that to say Don peoples a gentleman and a scholar But I just really want to hammer that in Because it's like we can talk about our Takeaways but I guarantee you you're Going to meet somebody that's going to Be able to change your life I guarantee You if you live in L.A you meet you're Gonna run across somebody just wait on Every day just wait in the Beverly Center like Starbucks Go to lunch on Sunset just be on the Sunset it's going to happen you're going

Right into Stevie Wonder like it's gonna Happen for you you're gonna run into Tyler Perry like just wait if you live In L.A just wait outside like I'm being Honest if you live in New York just like L.A Atlanta if you don't live in those Places go to those places and just wait At some point in time you're going to Meet somebody or you could be Intentional like me when I was Intentional about meeting Don peoples I Went and I met him I didn't have enough To offer him at that time but if I had Enough to offer him at that time I might Have changed my life 15 years ago true So it's like I guarantee you at some Point in time you're going to meet Somebody that can change your life Are you prepared If you're not prepared yes you guys if You're not prepared start preparing Yourself Day in day night day in and night and When the time comes take advantage of it Every moment with the pages for the next One is it's a fact every moment we never Skipped any steps no steps was skipped No battles were not fought like we Grinded literally grinded for years we Had I mean I remember conversations we Used to have before we started teaching Before you a financial advisor who's Sitting in the car like yo what we gonna Do all right this is my plan this year

All right let's let's go after it that's Good let's go like fearlessly let's just Go after it let's create this business After that let's see if this works it Didn't work all right well what do we Learn from it all right let's attack the Next thing we didn't skip any steps That's why I always tell people they're Like yo man this happened so fast five Years four years and I'm like nah bro Like we was really in a band room 97 Degrees like people on vacation in Costa Rica you know what I'm saying spending Two months a day summer just on vacation We were teenagers in a band room but Cafeteria tables just get into it and Really just trying to encourage them and Help them learn it's a fact man you know What's one of the best stories of that Big Sean Big Sean if anybody doesn't know Big Sean's story so how he got stood outside Um Kanye West was in Detroit for a radio Run he went to the radio station and Big Sean's you know he knew he was coming to The radio station he stayed outside the Radio station and he saw him walking He's like yo I can rap I'm sure that Happens every single day all day right He's like I rap I got I got bars so yay Like all right rap and as he's walking Yay still walking like all right rap for Me and he said he rap for 10 minutes Straight and at the end of it she's like

I what's your information and then the Rest is history the bottom line is that How long you think you can took him to Prepare himself for that moment he Didn't know exactly when that moment was Going to happen you know he didn't know When it was going to happen he didn't Even probably know who it was going to Be it could have been Jay-Z it could Have been at the time But he was preparing himself for years Not only just from a talent standpoint But from a psychological standpoint as Well because it's how much how many People are going to have enough courage And from Detroit like you only get one Shot don't miss your chance to blow like That's the microcosm like if we had to Put A paraphrase this do not miss your shot It's gonna happen let me ask you another Question don't miss your shot going to Happen how many people do you do you Know actually work seven days a week Even when they say we're in Bungalow Everybody's sending texts trying to get Deals done that's a fact how many people Do you see actually working seven days a Week The entrepreneurs the entrepreneurs Because when you're entrepreneur there's No days off so the entrepreneurs working Seven days a week but I feel that Even out of them

How many I don't know man I don't know when the Opportunity is there and people can feel When you're prepared People can people can feel like even When last time Peter called me he's like Hey I need to come to The Exchange I'm Like bro I feel like oh I'm tired go People from Citadel JP market like you Have to be you're not talking to the the Market maker who trades the most amount Of shares for Exxon and I'm telling them Where I would get in I'm not qualified Technically to have a conversation but Me not missing any days in the market Made me really confident me and Ross Mack was just there chopping it up and He's talking about what he did at Morgan Stanley amazing interview by the way Um and a black box trading and like you Have to stay on your ish every shout out To my brother he said he want to come on And debate too by the way so we got to Set that up but I'm like but even for The 500 500 is not a lot you go you can Get a car jury put away some tuition tax It the 500 be gone in a year less all Right less bro gotta have a real Conversation about like what it really Takes to keep and I know my 28 million Dollar number sounded crazy a couple Years ago you can blow through 500 000 In LA or New York New Jersey I shout out to Jersey

Um in a year getting the house and a car And tuition and taking care of your kids The way they should be taken care of you Got to set the bar higher and also this This next time take next time out of Your vocabulary Take next time out of your vocabulary Because it's like that one of the Biggest crutches And Escape goats that you people use They're like I'm doing next time I'm Going next time we'll see you next time I remember I'll tell the story like That's what happened when we met uh Jay Prince in Houston and the girl was Telling me she was like um now is not a Good time It's the only time Yeah we got to make [ __ ] happens How are you going to tell me it's not a Good time when he's here And it's the only time That's a very blessing what are we Talking about We're not gonna get Another chance we gotta maximize this Opportunity because we're not guaranteed That right now that was the last again Some of these things we learned like When and shout out to Biggs you know Like I'm a big Rockefeller guy Where you had an opportunity to Interview him in our first year of doing Earning Leisure and I was like you know What he's coming to New York we'll do it

When he gets there I didn't seize that moment four years Later four years later we still haven't Sat down with Diggs and no disrespect to Him and you know we've we've met him a Few times it just hasn't happened but I Realized in that moment that will never Happen again when we have an opportunity To do something we're doing it we're Doing it he's doing it right there yeah We're doing it yep even when they came To town they're like hey we're gonna be Here I just had picked up Xander I'm Alexander go to bed bro I'm sorry I Don't never pop out into Thursday And you have to show up so people can Feel your energy shout out to like Jonathan shout out to him shout out to J.R they like I've been following you For a minute but it's different when a Person can be around your energy and Also see what you're selling you move a Character one thing I came and Introduced myself to everybody like These are small things That people are going to see but you Have to show up and be there in person I Know social is amazing people can't feel Your accounts on social media and They're gonna stop as soon as you walk In and and and Shout out uh shout out to Larry again but you walked in people are Stopping you because it's like yo you're Here in real life I gotta stop you to

Tell you how much I learned how much You've helped me can we take a picture In the middle of a nightclub you know Pineapple juice was in the air and but We gotta stop because yo it doesn't Matter the environment we're in this Environment together we're one of the People we with the people of course We're going to stop and have a Conversation that's somebody was saying That to me one um my man Mario shout out To Mario believe 313. shout out to him Yeah he was like yo I've been around Y'all a few times one thing I noticed Y'all never say no like it doesn't Matter how much times people want to Take a picture or they want to pick your Brain y'all always open to the Conversation I'm like yeah because this Opportunity this is somebody's you know This is my one time and I understand That facts I understand it I understand I didn't always when that girl grabbed Us man yeah it's like yeah this is the One moment let me tell you about this Business I have and it's like yo I want To be gracious with the Impressions with The time that they have because I know It takes courage I met a young lady at This this Gala and she was almost in Tears I'm like you're good we're gonna Have a conversation I'm gonna walk you Through this this doesn't even have to Be a nervous interaction tell me about

What you're doing and for 20 minutes we Talked about it and I said you know what Everything that we just talked about I Want you to walk in the room and I want You to just use it and let's see what Happens tonight and sometimes people are Ready sometimes they are ready that's Another thing too you guys that's true That's true if you don't listen you Could actually miss yourself on your Opportunity it's not always the other Person's opportunity sometimes it's your Opportunity as well like you know I'm Saying sometimes they they actually do Have a billion dollar idea And what's up [Music]

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