BREAKING UP GOOGLES MONOPOLY – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] Can we talk about the Department of Justice that wants to break up Google's Monopoly while Amazon Uber and others Are getting into the ad game how do we Think this will play out so what's the Deal with this Um when I saw the headline I thought it Was old because it was talking about a Double click in the acquisition of it This acquisition I think happened 11 Years ago Um so they're saying of course they have A monopolistic uh Stranglehold on the Market And maybe back then you could have made That argument But when you have A serious competitor in meta You have the Apple App Store which is The ad platform Um e-commerce is dramatically changing More people are advertising and building Their business on Amazon's platform I don't know how you can argue that Google has a monopoly when they don't Have a Lion's Share of the business Coming into them like when 18t or my Bail got broken up I think they had like 96 percent market share literally at the Time and that had to be broken up I'm in This Tech landscape I mean of course you Have Tick Tock there's a bunch of Platforms in which you can advertise on

Now does Google have a more efficient uh Platform to advertise on absolutely one Of my favorite companies of all time and I always say Google was able to do to The advertising industry with ad Agencies were not able to do like Leo Burnett should have built Google's Platform they didn't Um that's why you always have to worry About the tech Bros coming to the space To destroy or find the gaps in what You're not doing right I think it's a Mistake but also doing a recession Um not only does violence go up domestic Abuse alcoholism drug use but cases from The government goes up as well So you have to be mindful and be Prepared for these attacks they'll end Up paying some kind of enormous fine I'm Sure but there's too many platforms to Advertise on and they have too many Competitors to be classified as a Monopoly and then also if you look at Um even when Microsoft was When Gates was running it they were Proposed to break them up like if you Look at Google a stock has done great I'm looking at Gog but it's at 97.95 it's not like they're just Producing the highest returns ever They've been on a great run since 2012 Pretty much Um I think it's I wouldn't say it's

Inappropriate but I think it's Misleading to classify them as a Monopoly great company do they have an Enormous market share yes but everyone Put into that homework assignment what Percentage of market share does Google Have over the entire advertising Industry internationally To drop in a bucket In comparison to what a monopoly will be Classified as so Yeah but you know tech companies at some Point have to go in front of Congress And they have to go there's a cost of Doing business so I always say there's No such thing as like true Freedom the Higher you get there's a sweet spot Between like 10 and 25 million where you Have just enough to be like Fine and have Leisure and fun but you're Not on the radar once you cross a Certain threshold as a company or as a Person and you get into that 50 to 300 Million dollar tier and up personally or 300 million to 1.5 billion as a company The sharks are going to surround goes Back to not being robbed You're always Going to have people that try and Rob You or get pieces of your business in One form fashion or another which is an Amazing segment by Rashad last week so Yo Google Um who purchase YouTube Just Just for Context just for like looking at the

Numbers they purchase YouTube in 2006 For 1.6 billion dollars uh steel but They were at time they overpaid but what A hell of an investment that's like Facebook Facebook Um YouTube brings in Instagram YouTube Brings in 28 billion it brought in 28 Billion dollars last year just YouTube To Google I remember I never forget I Never forget when Facebook brought Instagram for one billion one billion And they had the CEO of Instagram on Forbes and they were saying like Um What is your company worth to like what You did your company's not worth Anything you don't have to make any Money he's like well we made one billion Dollars It's obviously worth something and um Fast forward now Instagram is Everything right so it's like the most Popular Man somebody will say like that is a Stupid for Facebook to pay one billion Dollars now that's a steal one point you Can argue if they wouldn't have had it Though kudos to have it actually my First designer Mikhail is the one who Built the uni user interface the first Two for Instagram Um without Instagram Facebook would have Died probably six years ago they would Be dead

It's their most it's their most Important tool in the toolbox It's the most important tool in the Toolbox so it's like what's up important No whatsapp's important but it's not as Important they haven't monetized it Correctly though Instagram is is the Most important tool so like you said you Know they bought they buy YouTube for 1.2 billion at the time people were Saying that you know you overpay for it Um last year I bought a 19.7 billion Well 2021 it brought a 19.7 billion 2022 were born in 28.9 billion now this Is the amazing part talking about like Ponzi schemes if you get a million views On YouTube what do they pay you right Now oh let's break the internet well it Depends on your podcast Let's say Financial content or something In that realm the higher tiers well like Probably twenty thousand thirty thousand Right there yeah I would say anywhere Between that twenty to thirty thousand And let's say you're doing prank videos Or lower brow Kind of content Profanity or no Yes Closer to saddle gotta keep it clean you Under you're under 10. Maybe maybe under 15. I'd say under 15 For sure can't curse on YouTube can't do That that's why even math how you gotta

Keep it clean his videos they bleep the Cursing out Can't curse on YouTube do not if you Want if you want to get monetized keep The content clean yeah I see I'm so my I say this to say like For those of you who are invested would You rather like try to get a million Views and shout out to those you can or Be able to trade and make 20 30 000 in a Day with all the headache and hassle But If they're paying you 20 grand for Million videos I'm assuming on the back End YouTube is probably making four Million dollars and but I sent you a Plaque Same music business finesse The game is the game man the game is the Game Shout out to YouTube like YouTube is Like y'all say Like it's funny that people say Vlad is A culture vulture while on YouTube When they are the big vulture That is a uh also a Little lead for our chicken question From earlier too I love breadcrumb No pun intended no pun but what do I Know this guy with a jacket in the chat To to nailed it they got that yeah got It put that there the what yeah the Vulture What that's what chickens came from

And This year so they they let a lot more Things uh slot than what they were used To inexcusable what they did what they Doing on LeBron man I know somebody even message me like hey I still don't know where to begin v-o-o Vti is the first two you should have Those are index funds index funds are an All-Star Team Pro Bowl team if you will Other two apple and Microsoft are the Other two to invest in and hold for five Years 30 years is our deal And if I've made you money please put Yes and Shout it's the easiest formula Ever the Fang era is dead Dad daddy said real quick yeah uh big Week for earnings big week big big big Big big real big Um We spoke about tomorrow Exxon will be Reporting AMD another company we just Spoke about we'll be reporting and when We talk about Healthcare we talk about a Couple of companies Striker will be Reporting tomorrow Wednesday we got meta Uh and Thursday is the big day big boys Come out uh we got Apple we got Amazon Google Qualcomm and Ian you're one of Your favorites and I agree with you in This settlement uh Lily will be Reporting as well and Friday for General I'll be recording it's a big week for Earnings

Um I mean we know the importance of Apple uh and so I saw some estimated Reports that looking at uh maybe another 100 billion dollar quarter somewhere in The range 96 to 100 billion for the Quarter not bad which would be Incredible and then we got Jerome Powell Speaking on Wednesday uh what are we Thinking quarter half a point what are We doing what you think I think quarter Yeah okay interest rates will will be Going up ladies and gentlemen on Wednesday and so shout out OJ the juice Man that's what I thought of when you Said quarter quarter chicken half a Chicken anyway okay Shout out Juiceman yeah we got to keep Uh this this phase of quantitative Destruction going so rates will go up But the market will do good uh Eli Lily Though is like the Beyonce of the of the Healthcare industry like you can't go Wrong instant whatever every time slept On sometimes Shout out to Eli I mean and also if I Can add The old vti Apple Microsoft Lily That that's like that's unbeatable That was five A little little Uzi vert A little go ahead and do the dancer shot He walked he's walking he walked the Eagles out With 10 10 Rockefeller chains on you did

You did that's hard you definitely did That's hard Eagles gonna take it in the Super Bowl huh the Eagles gonna take it In the Super Bowl You want back uh yeah I do yeah Uh five grand get your curb service For me it's this this personal I was a Chiefs fan when I was 10 years old Christian of course I've been a Chiefs Fan since they had Christian Okoye the Nigerian Nightmare and Joe Montana and And you know keep going keep naming some Players man our Thurman no no no Um Derek Derek Thomas Thomas uh the Chief's male Smith the Chiefs this is This is the era and I used to like the Chiefs because of their colors that's Why I really like that um what what are You going with teams now I thought it Was just plays no I'm just saying I was A Chiefs fan okay yeah so I have to I Have this knife and a question who I'm Going for in the Super Bowl yeah Um I just got it that's gonna be ready I Don't know about everybody else I got a Whole bunch of Kansas City uh Exclusive gear Exclusive gear did you fly like you're Not Arizona is that true right here Hulk okay right here at my home so Somebody pick up the phone Pat my home Boy did the best the best in the Business for a hundred absolutely

Um yeah I'm riding with the Chiefs on This one man all right he's gonna be Ready I don't know if his teammates are Gonna be that experience they had with Brady is going to help them though but I Don't them lights get big man They've been there before he got one This is his third time I don't think They're gonna do it you know that's his Third time I can't I want to take away The Eagles the Eagles have a good team Though they definitely shout out to Hurts they have a they have a great team Um But I I haven't lost Super Bowl bet in Like eight years either I got it I gotta Go I gotta ride with Kansas City I've Got a ride with the Kansas City on this One who you going with uh I'm a Washington guy so it's tough for me to Root for the Eagles I'm beyond I just And I used to love Randall Cunningham And like I gotta thank you Jerome Brown And Reggie White like I love those Eagles I was like I could root for those Guys but I'm just a loyal guy to Washington man Unfortunately so I just want to have a Good game I I think I think the Eagles will win though I can't root for him but I think they're Going Philly shout out to Philly [Music]

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