Big Run on Gold Price, and How To Get In On It

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So what are we looking at here three Thousand dollar gold in 2023 It's not my number but I know some of These ultra high relief double eagles go For that Does that count So how about that goal shot up to 1920 And actually held there for the first Time in seven months this past week That's up 300 since November and even if It were to fall back to that first Support level we'd still be at 1880 that Would be 100 up from just a few weeks Prior it's pretty good now what this Means is that gold is stepping up to a New level potentially it's getting ready For another jump it's always hard to say But if it does retrace that 1880 point It could be that it's taking a step back To take a bigger jump forward on the Instinct it's usually just to hurry up Get in on it before the price runs away But big movers for gold they're probably Still ahead of us we're seeing right now It could just be Traders trying to get Ahead of what's coming later in the year And that's great if you're speculating But when it comes to buying physical Metal you just run the risk of Simply Getting too excited maybe you buy at the Wrong time at the local top before the Price takes that step back to make the Big jump forward a price runs like this They typically split the camp it's good

To see the price moving up but it's more Expensive to buy it so it's never going To make everyone happy especially if You're someone who's wanting to profit On gold moves or at least getting the Green quick in real estate you hear People say you make your money when you Buy and you know I guess you hear that In the markets too but what it means is That you end up with profit if you buy The property or the stock when it was Cheap now gold it's not exactly cheap Right now If you picked up this ultra high relief Double Eagle in 2009 when it was Released you paid a little bit less than Twelve hundred dollars and you could Probably sell it right now for a minimum Of twenty four hundred dollars and good For you if you grabbed it in 2009 but You can't really make money if you buy This coin today not quickly at least This coin has already gotten popular you Needed to buy it before that happened We're just really not going to have much Luck buying any physical metal right Right now it's just already become Popular and that's why we're seeing all These analysts calling for new all-time Highs for gold in 2023. saxo bank that's One that sticks out partly because they Called it outrageous themselves but they Were calling for three thousand dollar Gold in 2023 now that's higher than I

Would go but we'll just stick with it For a minute that would be a 70 jump From the 1780 that gold was sitting at When they made that prediction Now I'm no analyst and they are my Number probably be lower than that but Our reasoning is pretty similar there Are two big factors in play this year The first is the Fed shifting gears We've talked about that quite a bit that Would lead to the dollar taking a hit Dollar goes down gold goes up the second Is China reopening their economy that Would also lead to a spike in commodity Prices once again sending gold up now Both of those are very likely to affect The metals prices throughout the year It's probably a little while off yet Right now what's happening with last Week's run that could be premature but It really does seem like it's just Getting started we could see prices Retrace a little bit and then make that Big jump forward and that's what saxo Bank and some of these other analysts Are pointing to now if you're sitting Here wondering how would you take Advantage of a run like this the idea of Making your money when you buy kind of Means that you need to find it unknown Or something it's not already popular Gold and silver they are known quantity Of these but if you looked at the past Three months gold it's done really well

It's up fifteen percent Silver's up 20 Percent if you bought your gold for a Premium lower than that 15 you silver For less than twenty percent over spot You're in the green and probably just Barely we all know what premiums are Doing right now compare that to a miner We looked at a few months ago Silver Mountain resources they're up 100 in the Same time frame so 15 for gold 20 for Silver 100 for this minor the minor they Were the unknown now we're going to take A look at another one this is a Sponsored post we're going to take a Look at Clarity metals they are an Unknown for most of us I'm going to tell You what's cheap about them but if you Know others this idea does not only Apply to them so Clarity has a gold Property and a lithium property we're Going to start with gold because that's What we like their gold project is in The Abba TV greenstone belt in Canada You've probably heard about this region Some of the largest gold companies in The world are there it's a safe Jurisdiction and Clarity they're working On surveys right now to find the right Drilling targets so well-known area but Clarity is just getting going this is Pretty straightforward gold is on its Way up Clarity wants in on it and next Up Clarity has a lithium project and Lithium it's not even in the same

Ballpark as gold and silver lithium is Up 400 percent since November of 2020. We all know why there are Electrification initiatives everywhere The U.S infrastructure plan alone Specifically allocates 174 billion Dollars for vehicle electrification now Those EVS they run on lithium ion Batteries so the amount of lithium Needed right now Well it's a lot one study specified a 40x demand by 2040. now 2040 that's a Long ways out but just consider how fast Things have been changing all this Requires lithium and the us only has one Lithium project One so a lot of our lithium what's going To be coming from just north of us So clarity's lithium project it's a lot Like their gold project they grabbed Land in a very well known area with safe Jurisdiction and some of the biggest and Most successful lithium and gold Operators have a presence in the Immediate vicinity you can see that on This map it shows a lot of the other big Players in the area alchem is the Adjoining property in purple here they Have a market cap of 7.5 billion dollars Compare that to Clarity they're at about 10 million dollars right now a Cisco They're in yellow that's another giant With a 1.3 billion dollar market cap and Then we have Patriot battery Metals

They're worth 500 million dollars right Now so Clarity did a pretty good job Grabbing one of the last pieces of great Land here so the upside for clarity Metals it's in their drilling potential This is a high risk High reward Situation and it will be drilling this Year so if you're looking for something In the metal space that could really Take off something that you could buy Right this might be a good one a Clarity Is in the right jurisdiction they have Great management and they aren't already Well known so this is one that was Introduced to me as having huge Potential also coming with some risk You'll want to make your own assessment On this you always do but this would be A venture investment in your portfolio And I think that covers it this should Be a fun one to watch just a lot going On in Gold already definitely a lot Going on with lithium so thanks again to Clarity Metals for sponsoring this one Be sure to check them out and then let us know What you're up to in the comments if You're enjoying the run up in metals Prices or maybe it's making a little bit Less fun to buy right now either way let Us know and while you're there be sure To hit the like button if you found any Of this interesting be sure you're Subscribed with notifications turned on

If you'd like to see more on the topic And if you're still here thanks again For watching and always appreciate your Time Take care [Music]

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