Before You Buy a SINGLE OUNCE of Silver – Silver Stacking Tips 2023

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm going to be Showing off some silver coins that I Recently purchased but I also want to Talk about silver stacking in general Because I know there's a lot of people Who are new to Silver they're just now Starting to buy silver for the first Time or they've recently started buying Silver so I want to talk about Purchasing physical bullying give you a Few tips and just talk about silver Stacking in general that's what I call It when you buy physical silver I call It silver stacking some people call it Silver investing but it's basically the Same thing essentially you're buying Physical silver you're storing it Probably at a safe in your home and at The end of the day what you're doing is You're transferring your wealth from the Fiat currency system into real money Because that is what silver is so I want To talk about that and give you a few Tips on how to get started if you're new To silverstack so let's do it Buy your gold and silver at SD bullion Get started today at New thank you so much for watching my Video I do sincerely appreciate it if You want to learn more about investing In precious metals or if you just want To watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my

YouTube channel okay so first things First these are Canadian silver maple Leaves these are silver coins that come Out of well you guessed it Canada and Each one of these tubes contain 25 Ounces of silver or 25 1 ounce silver Coins now they go in this monster box And when the Monster Box is completed it Will contain 20 tubes and you can do the Math that's 500 ounces of silver so Here's tip number one if you need a goal When it comes to Silver stacking you can Purchase an empty Monster Box and then Your goal will just be to fill it now This could take a year this could take Several years just depends on your Budget and how fast you're able to buy The silver but I've already done this Once before with American silver eagles And it really motivated me to keep on Stacking so I wanted to try it with the Canadian silver maple leafs and I'm Making really good progress I got about 100 coins to go and then we're done so Really stoked on this but uh I'm gonna Open these up and show off the coins in The video maybe I'll make a little Pyramid with them or something but uh Just give you something to look at while I'm giving you these tips on buying Physical silver so I think we've gotten A little bit ahead of ourselves let's Take a step back when you're new to Buying silver your first question is

Going to be where do I buy silver and Obviously there's several places online That you could purchase silver at some Of them are legit some of them are not Legit and then there's places you can go Locally to buy silver as well now if you Want to buy silver over locally which is What I recommend because you can build a Relationship with your coin shop owner Maybe you can get good deals and then Obviously when you want to sell your Silver down the road you'll have a place To sell it I recommend finding a coin Shop in your area sometimes they're Called bullion dealers or coin shops and They're not all the same so I'll say That right off the bat some of them they Love to deal in Precious Metals some of Them more just focus on numismatic Collectible coins but what I would Recommend is go on Google Maps or Whatever online service you use type in Coin shop or type in Gold type in silver And see what pops up and then you can Call these places and ask them about Their prices do they have a website what Do they mostly sell or you can just Drive down there and check them out Yourself now I will say this if you've Never been to a coin shop before they Prefer to take cash which is the best Way to buy precious metals literally you Hand them cash and they hand you silver Back which is such a great transaction

Because you're getting rid of that fiat Currency that can be inflated into Oblivion and in exchange you're getting Real money which has real value which Will last for hundreds of years and Thousands of years so it's a great Transaction and at the end of the day You're not really buying anything all You're doing is converting your currency Into real money so really you're saving That's what you're doing when you're Buying silver you're not spending so This is great for people who have a Habit of spending all the time they get Their paycheck they try and spend it as Fast as they can if you buy silver this Will actually help you save and this is One of the reasons I initially got into Silver to begin with so definitely try And find some coin shops in your area Now I don't recommend going to pawn Shops because typically their prices are Higher and their selection is really Pull 4 so I would kind of stay away from Those and then if you want to buy silver Online if you're new to purchasing Physical precious metals you definitely Don't want to go to places like eBay or Facebook groups and stuff like that Because there are scammers out there I Would stick with the large reputable Online bullion dealers like SD bullion They've got a great selection great Prices so feel free to check them out

There will be a link Down Below in the Description now the next question I Always get is what type of silver should I be buying and if you live in the United States of America like me there Are the three pillars to Silver stacking These are the three categories you Should focus on if you live in another Country then probably don't focus on the Third one as much which I'll talk about In a second focus more on the first two So the first pillar of silver stacking Is going to be your silver coins there Are lots of Nations around the world That make their own silver coins in the USA we have the silver eagle American Silver eagles Canada Canadian silver Maple leafs Great Britain they have the Britannia's Austria has the Philharmonics Australia the kangaroos South Africa the krugerrands lots of Countries make these one ounce silver Coins they're great for stacking because They're extremely liquid they're really Easy to recognize so coin shops and Online bullying dealers love to buy and Sell these all of the time they're super Liquid so if you ever need to sell them You're going to have no problem selling Them at all so that's pillar number one And if you're curious which silver coins Are the best I actually made a video on That for this year I'll put a link up in The corner as well as a link Down Below

In the description of this video feel Free to check that one out now your Second pillar is going to be generic Silver and within generic silver we have Two categories those are silver rounds And silver bars now silver rounds they Look like the silver coins however They're not backed by a Sovereign Nation These are produced by private mints the Most common design is the one ounce Buffalo round but these are also very Liquid very easy to buy and sell and Typically the premium on these is going To be a little bit lower than the Premium on the silver coins so the Advantage to buying rounds is that You're going to get more silver for your Money and then when it comes to silver Bars you can buy the larger sizes so you Got five ounce ten ounce kilo 100 ounce And the bigger you get the lower the Premium so the more silver you can buy For your money so if you're just going For weight if you want to Stack as many Ounces as possible then generic silver Is going to be your best option I say It's best to have a mixture of silver Coins and generic silver in your stack So if you ever need to sell you can Decide what is the best to sell it that Point in time and then sell that and Keep the rest or what have you so it's Nice to diversify within the different Pillars and the third pillar of silver

Stacking is constitutional silver or Junk silver this is going to be US Mint Half dollars quarters and dimes from 1964 or earlier these contain 90 silver And 10 percent copper they're a great Thing to stack because typically the Premium is not super high on these and They are fractional which means they're Smaller than one ounce of silver so if You have 14 silver dimes for example This is going to be one ounce of silver And if you ever needed to barter with Your silver trade it for goods and Services and you want to just buy Something small that's where the silver Dimes come in same goes with the Quarters and half dollars every one of Them has their place but this is going To be great for bartering in the future Or if you just want to buy these and Hold them and then eventually sell them To a coin shop or pass them down to your Kids or whatever these are still a great Thing to be stacking especially for Those of us that live in the United States of America so I have a lot of Junk silver a lot of constitutional Silver in my stack as well certainly one Of the more important things to be Buying that's everything I'm going to Cover in this video if you have any Questions feel free to put those down Below in the comment section I want to Say a massive thank you so much for

Watching and I will see you all in my Next one silver dragons out

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