Should I Buy Smaller Gold Coins? 1 oz vs 1/4 oz Fractional

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So these quarter ounce American Gold Eagles are great coins I like them a lot But at 50 premium are they worth it Well if you ask me I have to go with [Music] So I made a video in 2020 discussing Fractional gold I've made a few since Then as well but that original video was Made at the time that the premiums for Fractional coins began to jump the Premiums on my fractional coin of choice The quarter ounce American Gold Eagle Had jumped from nine percent to 13 and I've been getting them for even less Than that nine percent for years so that Changed to me was very noticeable and Very dramatic So why are we doing this again well I Had made that more recent video on Fractional gold in March as well and Even between then and now the premiums At least the premium disparity has shot Up and at some point Maybe we should just ignore the line Between spot price and premium just look At the total cost but there is a line There and if a dealer is asking 48 Premium for quarter ounce American Gold Eagle well I feel like we found that Line now I'm not making a video to shame An online dealer or a group of online Dealers I'm just using appmax because That's the site that I quoted from 2020.

I can't imagine buying one from them Right now but they're not the most Expensive in the field you can find that Same coin for more if you look it's not That hard you can also find them for a Little bit less and we're going to focus More on the lower end of the price range In this video Okay so let's cover a few things in this One I will start with some updated Prices quarter ounce coins you can Compare that against one ounce coins I Will suggest a few of the cheaper Options to look at you know I might rant Just a little bit about some of the more Expensive ones and then we'll come back To a final comparison on what to buy Then at the end of all of this I do want To cover an idea of why you might want Fractional gold even if you're convinced One ounce is the way to go now as a Little bit of a spoiler I bought quarter Ounce gold coins regularly for five Years I have no bias against them even If they do cost more I think they're Useful as long as the price is within Reason and the same goes for fractional Of any size it's just that I am most Familiar with quarter ounce those are The ones that I buy so let's start with Quarter ounce American Gold Eagle the 48 Premium is not okay now my friends at JM Bullion they have them for similar price And I will say that you can find them

For cheaper uh the best price that I Found right now is 32 premium and on one Hand if you just want to ape in you Think that the price of gold is going up Another 32 percent you know go for it I Do understand that a little bit at least Especially if that 550 dollars would be The total cost for the coin is your Absolute price cap you don't want to go Above that and the eagle is really the Only coin that you want I totally get it That is the fractional coin that I would Like to stack the most but if you're Focused on cost and you want a better Deal there are a lot of options So I'm going to run through a few of Those options real quick here because I Don't have them to show but just use Your imagination here you can find Quarter ounce philharmonics for 10 Premium that's a great coin it's known Worldwide it's 24 Karat it's 22 Millimeter diameter coin that makes it The same size as an American Gold Eagle Now I have two I just don't have them Here I like the coin maybe not my Favorite design now that 10 should stick With you should let you know that there Are deals out there you're not always Going to be able to find them for 10 but I'm finding that right now I think That's an incredible deal the hands down To me that would be the way to go the Other really low way to go is to go

After those random government coins and A few of the dealers have that option And you'll see that that will come in For just about the same price 10 to 11 But you may be getting unknown Commemorative coins in there as well I Don't like those personally but others Love the variety they're pros and cons To that route the other one of course is The britannias we've talked about them a Lot there another 24 Karat 22 millimeter Diameter coin again the same size as the Fill harmonics the Eagles and normally I Would just stop there but right now with Everything going on they're just very Hard to find at the moment I can't even Get a current best price on them since Appmax seems to be the only place that Actually has them they have them for 17 Normally you can find them for Less Again when you can find them I think Prior to the queen passing I was finding Them for 13 or 14 so lots of numbers Here let me give you two more important Ones next up quarter ounce Canadian Maple leaf now 14 to 15 percent that Will get you arguably the second most Popular fractional coin here in the United States it's very hard to complain About gold Maple Leafs but I'll give it A shot the 20 millimeter diameter of Those coins makes them look small and That is the reason that I don't have any But as it turns out I do have a few

Other 20 millimeter coins I'll show them In a moment all that aside though I Think the Canadian maple leaf has to be The best looking gold coin made right Now personal opinion on the flip side of That we have krugs they're 15 right now As well now I don't know why but they're Very hard to find at the moment I Couldn't get a solid price on them but I Did see them for 15 percent So those are the big choices the obvious Choices and again since we're talking Best prices we go from 15 from the Maples or the krugs to 27 and a half Percent just to get to where the American Gold Eagles are today so you're Paying at least fifty dollars more for An American Gold Eagle over really any Other choice So if those are the big choices the Obvious choice is one that might not be Quite so obvious is the idea of buying Series coins at their initial release And that part that's pretty important Because the price continues to go up Throughout the year oh I never got into The Queen's Beast series but I would Have liked to probably collected that Series in quarter ounce coins looking Back and being laid on that I think that Got me started in on the Perth Mint Lunars in the quarter ounce size again Assuming that you catch them at the Initial release they typically sell for

About the same as the standard coin from The mint so in this case the Perth Mint The lunars they're about the same price As a kangaroo I just bought a quarter Ounce Luna rabbit for 13 so it's about The price of the britannias right now The quarter ounce britannias as well It's if they were available that's Cheaper than the Canadian maple leaves Cheaper than the krugs and I would say That it's a little bit more fun to Collect a series I'm not sure that that Makes them a stacking coin say but it Gives you some options if the price if The premium of the coin you typically Buy is running a little crazy like right Now for me the American Gold Eagle I Won't touch it at 27.5 but I'm happy to Pick one of these up at 13. and these Are also it's more likely that some or All of these coins in the series will Appreciate more than a standard issue Kangaroo or Britannia or even American Gold Eagle for that matter So let's get some quick price Comparisons in here I also bought a one Ounce lunar rabbit on the pre-sale that Was 6.74 premium now there's a lot of Talk about how premiums are just way out Of control right now they're going up so Fast that the spot price decline isn't Even being felt and that's partially True in some cases American Gold Eagles 11 that is the best price you'll find

Online right now when they were just Seven percent a few months back but That's not the case with everything I'm Finding one ounce Canadian maple leaves Right now for five percent premium and Maybe that's a little bit of an anomaly But I haven't seen Canadian maple leafs For five percent premium for a long time It's probably been more than a year five Six percent for a CML I think that's a Great price now back to the quarter Ounce these lunars these quarter round Salooners they're 20 millimeter diameter Coins in that well that irritates me the One ounce lunars they are 32 millimeter Like the Buffaloes Eagles britannias Krugs but the quarters they switched to The size of the Canadian maple leafs for Some reason I don't know what it is some Of you yeah you won't care at all others You just might not like the smaller Diameter the important part here of Course is just that there are plenty of Deals to be had or at least reasonable Prices to be had I'm not sure that 13 is A deal but it's at least reasonable So the takeaway here is that there's a Crazy disparity on premiums and if we Were only to use Gold Eagles as our Marker I'd say it's probably a bad time To be buying fractional but all you have To have is a backup option or two and You will find reasonable prices and Reasonable of course is relative as for

Whether it makes sense to pay the higher Premiums on quarter ounce coins it's not Really a debate to me if you need to Keep the total cost of each purchase Below say 500 well questions pretty much Answered go for the quarter ounce it's Just Logistics if you want to spend the Least amount possible then you go for The one ounce now the spread between Those lunars I think that's worth Looking at because the spread there is a Pretty common spread between quarter Ounce and one ounce coins quarter ounce That I bought 13 the one ounce I bought Six percent actually it was about six And a half percent so by the time that You have an ounce if you're buying Quarters you would have spent an extra Six percent and right now that works out To be 115 dollars it's not trivial but It's reasonable there are costs in Minting coins So the last thing that I said that I was Going to mention was a reason that you Might want fractional coins regardless Of cost and I'm going to keep this short For now because I will be going into This more very soon but if you're buying Gold for long-term savings I don't think That it's crazy to think that payment Options might be changing between now And then five years down the road 10 Years down the road it doesn't matter I Personally like the idea of having some

Smaller increments just in case whether They can possibly be used for actual Transactions or not now I haven't even Done the math here but I think at least 90 percent of what I have is one ounce Coin so I don't go overboard on Fractionals I just think that they're Very useful if you need them and you can Say that silver fills that role I'm not sure that I agree with that but I could be wrong but since we've been Talking about premiums and now that I've Mentioned silver it's probably worth Throwing on one more point of comparison Because appmax is selling American Silver eagles right now at 100 premium Yes you heard that right 100 percent and It's not just them again the best that I Can find online for an American Silver Eagle is 90 if we're looking for a new One so the disparity between Eagles and Really just about everything else Continues it is a tough time to be Trying to accumulate Eagles of any size Or in either metal type So let's call it good there we'll come Back to that last part let us know what You think about fractionals of any size Really I kept this one specific to Quarter ounce but there are similar pros And cons to half ounce and to one tenth Ounce it really just comes down to Comfort level and utility let us know What you think and what you're buying

Lately and then while you're in the Comments like always be sure to hit the Like button if you found any of this Interesting be sure to subscribe with Notifications turned on if you want to See more on the topic and if you're Still here Thanks again for watching I always Appreciate your time Take care [Music]

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