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[Music] Um and then in August right they had This whole strategy where they were Going to have this turnaround strategy And the stock is just plummeted even Ever since that moment um so the lights Are getting dim the lights are going to Get are getting nothing but slow singing The Flower bringing F5 Burger a little Long start ringing yeah they filing for Bankruptcy right or did they file Already Why is it not because of course if you Listen to Market Mondays then you might Be you know not willing to but there's Always going to be people it's appealing Because it's it's human nature to say Okay This stock is a dollar and sixty cents Even if it gets to three dollars I can Double my money and it was at thirty Dollars at one point this is this is how People think so yeah bigger than just This why is this an example of still Don't buy something even though it's 95 Off of his high and it's a dollar and You're thinking okay I just get in real Quick even if it goes up 80 cents I'll Make a lot of money like why should they Not why should you why should you not Take that approach okay so let's say I Play for the New York Knicks right and I Come off the bench and Julia's like yo Shoot every shot you want but I'll tell

You For the last since 2015 I've only had one two three four five Six seven good quarters since 2015. You kicking me to rock at the top of the Key to shoot the ball you keeping me on The bench so when I'm looking at the Chart now bad back and Beyond literally Has only had Seven quarters Since 2015 where they were going up They've been slying since then Can you get in at a dollar maybe and it Rise up to two maybe but even that the Mathematical probability of it happening Is very low and let's say even if you Get to let's say it gets pushed up What's the chances you're gonna be able To get your money out first It's been a lot of rug pulling happening As of recent and even when everyone was Like the institutions are being taken Over by the short tellers and the little People are going to where did all the AMC action go and I as someone in red Panda yo I had uh a friend in red panda Make almost 500 000 trading AMC up and Down I'm telling you there will be no Liquidity there also if you go look at Just the volume If you look at that it'll tell you the Real story Of what the action is there I know it's

Fun to gamble Um I used to think that way when I was First getting started but if you're Guessing and hoping that more than Likely is not there if we look right now If I'm looking at a monthly chart Let me go to uh clear to be more fair It's not even a million shares being Traded Instead They're dead I I would say like Especially like when we were teaching Young adults about how to read like Stock charts I would just simply like Let's look at a two-year chart let's Look at a five-year chart let's look at A 10-year chart and we always talk about If your mounting is ascending if it's Going up that's probably a company you Should probably do a little bit more Research on if this one that has just Gone I mean if you look at the tenure We're talking about from 82 down to a Dollar this is something that is Obviously trending in the wrong Direction just from just from my Observational standpoint homework Assignment for those of you of Montclair Go to a Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow And just stay hour And go live and see how many people come In So I got people over there shout out to My folks in Edgewater right

Um oh update has Ticketmaster sent us The emails yet are we going through I Got an update I got an update for you Okay so that's still coming see I got You I got you I got I got the solution Gotcha Well Microsoft get an edge on Google By integrating chat GPT Into Bing Bing bing has not been talked about in Years Yeah well so here's the Bing so those Who are not in those it's a search Engine so like when we think search we Just had this conversation in the car Exactly yeah I was just I was where were We going it's a deal that's spicy did we This week So if you don't like when we think of Search engines we automatically think Google is like the now it became Everything when you think of search Engines Bing is Microsoft's surgeon it's that's What it is it's a search engine and so When most people have been they're like They haven't they've never heard of it Or like what it does it do it it's a Search engine Is trash yo I I love Microsoft if it's One product that went wrong for them That was it that's from the balm era When they were like trying to chase Everyone I don't think um they'll get an

Edge on Google by integrating chat gbt but I am Really interested to see what they do With their data and how they're able to Problem solve it and then it probably Will pop up in azure and maybe I think It's going to pop up in in all the Products it's going to be propped up in Uh office Um but it I mean from a tech from a tech Standpoint you the AI that can be used It It's like one of those things like it's This could be great or it could be very Detrimental Well if you pair it with the other Tech AI that they have that uh volley you Know that one that does the voiceover Yep you you pair that with with chat gbt Now you it becomes like a like a Concierge like you're talking to it and It's talking back to you right so like Imagine rather than typing in your Search engine you're actually just Saying the search engine and rather than Sending you links it's actually Like giving you verbiage back instead of Like you having to click on the button To say all right we're going here I'm really interested to see like once They get their data set and they begin To test it how they're going to Integrate into Xbox That's what I'm really like

Would you be able to use AI to be a Better gamer and and I don't want to go too deep into that But I think there's some things Creatively that they can do that will Have a big impact there on that side of The business and Azure on like the B2B Side Bing is um probably one of the Worst products for all my Microsoft People that work in corporate please Don't report this to your managers But Bing is terrible on the planet yeah So it's not gonna have an impact but I Think going back to Microsoft being like One of my stocks of the year Um this was a great partnership that was Needed that will give them an edge in Other areas over the years to come but Not in that search space yeah they had a Million was it a billion dollar Investment in gbt and it just okay so Okay so what um One of the remember when I spoke about Sitting In First Class And I said like the guy uh lower your Tone in your voice they don't think You're elitist because you can't do the 500 date and no middle class and the First class Yeah even the term middle class that's Kind of crazy I've never even thought About it like that right right who wants To be in the middle of a plane Comfort Seats not fun

Comfort plus economy blunts well for Plus we met a guy who who um he said he Sits in first class not necessarily for The comfort but for the networking and He's in the Sky Lounge and he's in the Lounge the lounges matter and the lounge Is going crazy right so Yeah this is this is interesting so We're we're in Atlanta the other day For a day trip and uh we're headed back To New York and We're In First Class so the people Behind me it was an Indian guy who Worked for Google ironically enough and It was a white guy and he was in private Equity And he sold his uh company a few years Ago and he made a bunch of money I was Like eavesdropping on the conversation Because they were literally right behind Me so they're literally talking for the Whole entire plane ride and what they're Talking about Guess what they're talking about Chat GPT chat GPT they are talking about Chat GPT for an hour and a half and they And the guys are saying like how Revolutionary it is and how it's going To change the world and given the whole Education and Elon Musk involvement with It and the whole education like I'm Literally I'm literally listening to the Cold conversation because I can hear it And they're behind me

Um but it's interesting because I Honestly Have never seen a technology that has Been more impressive to me Than chat GPT and I've only experienced It a little bit but The things that I've been able to to see With that it's actually it's actually Astonishing it's actually astonishing Like to actually just type in a couple Of words and then a whole essay is Written for you yeah and it's not even Good yet that's the crazy part yeah no It's um these this chat GPT is going to Revolutionize the world and it's going To change things for not only creatives But it's going to change education Is going to change the way that um we're Able to interact with each other and Whoever Kind of gets a strong hold on it is Going to have a tremendous advantage in The space so I still have to say if Microsoft is trying to I wouldn't Bing Of course is nowhere near you know a Search engine that anybody uses but the Fact that they even already thinking About Jeep chat GPT and trying to Integrate it in a different service it's Extremely uh Forward Thinking and it Lets me know that okay they're not just Thinking about Bing what else are they Trying to integrate it when are they Trying to integrated with LinkedIn are

They trying to integrate it with Um office yeah GPT is going to be Amazing when it gets if it gets Integrated with Microsoft Office if That's what I'm saying you're thinking From a standpoint where it's like They're doing like what we saw was like I gave it a word and then it created a Host imagine when you have Microsoft Word and you're using chat gbt on that Yeah actually One-Stop shop business to Government or B level And at any point We have to have a conversation on if Elon is getting too powerful Because if he asks Tesla And he's a primary investor in chat gbt And Twitter And neuralink And starlink And hyperloop Elon may become one of the most powerful Dictators we've ever seen In an American landscape if he gets all These projects to work And I know some people gonna say I'm a Conspiracy theory but if I can take all The data from Twitter and I can run it Through check GPT and run all these Models and sequencing and have neural Link workout installing is a [ __ ] an Amazing product as is right In about 10 years He is going to be the real life Iron Man

He already is but if if you if you Somebody said Chad like if you combine Chat GPT with Microsoft Word Game over Game over And what's up [Music]

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