6 Inflation Proof Assets In 2022 (Protect Your Wealth)

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Fixed Versus Variable Loans – The Low Down

Today, in Australia, 90% of the mortgage market is on variable and my advice would be to follow this high percentage and stay variable. Lending institutions today benchmark all loans at an interest rate of 8%. Give yourself the 8% test. Does the investment still stack up for you? Can you still afford the repayments? Eight percent has been the average interest rate here in Australia since 1920. For this reason, I encourage you to do the 8% test on all your investments moving forward.

Safe Investing Isn’t Scary – It Only Takes Little Time

Is safe investing scary? Or is it simply that we are afraid to change? There are a zillion philosophies and proponents of investing and investing techniques. If you want to improve your financial health along with your physical well-being, try and investment software program that offers or focuses on relative strength investing.

529 Plan Investing For High Net Worth Investors

Section 529 plans have grown into one of the most common ways to save for college. While the decision to establish a 529 plan account is often simple, managing the assets over time can be much more complicated. High net worth individuals with the means to pay full tuition regardless of the market environment will have different decisions to consider about the account’s asset allocation and the optimal changes to that allocation over time.

UK Housing Sector Offers a Variety of Opportunities for Investors

With the 2008 property bubble burst sufficiently in the past, the demand for housing – particularly rental – provides new means to grow income and assets. There is increasing interest on the part of investors in housing in the UK. This is evident in statements from a multi-asset manager at Henderson Global Investors to a personal finance columnist at The Telegraph.

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