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I think we are going to see silver price Move down over the next few days based On what Powell says if the totality of The data were to indicate that faster Tightening is warranted we'd be prepared To increase the pace of rate hikes here Is a screenshot from my video I posted Yesterday and these were the Probabilities at that time for the rate Hike at the next fomc meeting so it was A 69 chance of a 25 basis point rate Hike 30 percent chance of a 50 basis Point rate hike and I'll show you the Updated probabilities in a second but First listen to what I said about the 50 Basis point rate hike however 30 percent Chance that there's going to be a 50 Basis point rate hike if this happens This is going to be really bearish for Precious metals obviously the higher Rates go the stronger the dollar will Get and because silver is essentially The opposite of the dollar we could see Silver move a lot lower here are the Updated probably abilities after Powell Spoke you can see it essentially Switched now there's a 33 percent chance Of only a 25 basis point rate hike and a 66 percent chance of a 50 basis point Rate hike obviously Powell speaking has Had a huge effect on the probabilities Here it's looking like they're going to Do a larger rate hike at the next Meeting and this is pushed silver price

Lower currently silver is down 93 cents For the day so silver is getting crushed Is it going to continue to fall it seems That way we are so close to Silver going Under 20 dollars an ounce I think it Could happen today it could happen Tomorrow could happen later this week Who knows but it's almost a certainty Silver price is going back down into the Teens I am going to be buying the dip Today I think it's a great time to be Buying silver whenever it's in the red Whenever it drops like a dollar you Basically just need to buy silver no Matter what so that's what I'm doing It's pretty amazing that Jerome Powell Speaking can have such an effect on the Price of silver but I mean when you Realize silver is just gonna do the Opposite of whatever the dollar does it Does make sense and he is the chairman For the FED right I mean this is the Central bank for America they literally Print the dollars that we use so his Words have an incredible amount of power Whenever I see the price of silver get Crushed like it is today it leaves me With a sense of excitement excitement That I'm able to buy even more silver Today than I was the day before I mean These lower prices truly are a blessing Because we know that in the long run Silver is likely to go so much higher Than it is right now the dollar is going

To get crushed in the future the dollar Is so strong wrong right now I mean Think about when the FED pivots and they Actually have to start lowering rates This is going to be so extremely bullish For precious metals so I would say be Excited about these lower prices if You're new to Silver and you've recently Bought some and you're kind of thinking Maybe I made a mistake maybe I should Have waited or maybe I shouldn't have Bought it all that's the wrong mentality You should be a contrarian investor buy When the price is low not when the price Is high you want to buy silver when no One's talking about it right the the Media the news they're not talking about Silver I mean it's like at 40 percent of Its all-time high but once silver price Starts moving up the media they will be Talking about silver when it goes to 30 40 50 an ounce they will be covering it They're going to say wow Silver's at an All-time high how high is it going to go And a lot of people are going to start Investing at that point so anyway I'm Gonna end the video there it's kind of a Short one today but I would appreciate If you smash that thumbs up to help Spread the word about silver put a Comment Down Below in the comment Section what silver are you picking up Today and I'll see you all in my next One silver dragons out

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