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In 2008 we watched our neighbors losing Their homes It was really really personal you know As you watch a retirement account of Stocks and Equity Funds you know just Poof you know it can go away And so having gold and silver in our Portfolio was going to be very very Important I had stocks pretty much no bonds there Were funds but I didn't have any Precious metals and that's where I Changed most recently with U.S money Reserve I just see the the US dollar is Just Falling completely and I think the gold And silver they have an intrinsic value I can take gold and silver and go Anywhere in the world and it's Recognized it's accepted it is currency I feel Absolute Peace in knowing that no matter what Happens with the economy I've got a Means of protecting our family gold and Silver precious metals are going to hold Their value and increase especially with The dollar being in trouble precious Metals is a foundation it's solid it Should give you confidence and that's What you need in your portfolio if You've bought gold in the past or would Like to learn more about why physical Gold should be an important part of your

Portfolio pick up the phone and call to Receive the complete guide to buying Gold which will provide you important Never seen before facts and information You should know about making gold silver And platinum purchases with two decades In business over a billion dollars in Transactions and more than a half a Million clients worldwide U.S money Reserve is one of the most Dependable Gold Distributors in America

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