2023 Morgan and Peace Dollars – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video I'm gonna talk about The new 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars That will be coming out I'm going to Give you all the information about them The different types that will be coming Out the price point we're going to be Talking about how you can actually Subscribe so that you make sure you get Them and uh we'll talk about how that Works we'll talk about how many people Have already subscribed lots of stuff We're going to cover in this video so Let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it here we are At the US Mint website it's literally Just Usmint.gov and as you can see they have This banner up right now it says now is Your chance to subscribe for Morgan and Peace silver dollars now right off the Bat I don't like this Banner because it Looks like they recycled the images from The 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars I mean Literally they block off the date and You can even see on the 2020 uh one There's a little bit of the one sticking Out there so for sure they recycled some Images they didn't even use new images For this Banner so a little bit of Laziness there but the first thing to Note is that you can actually subscribe For these coins and so it's not called

An enrollment anymore for many years the US Mint had an enrollment program and I Always thought the name was really weird The idea was kind of weird as well but Calling it a subscription program in my Opinion is actually really smart because It's easier for us to understand what a Subscription is you know you subscribe To a magazine you subscribe to a TV Service or whatever you pay every month Or every year or whatever it is and then You get the product right so I think a Subscription is easier to understand for The majority of people and that's what They're calling it now so you can either Click on this Banner here shop now or if This Banner is gone when you go to the Website just go to subscriptions and Then go to Morgan and peace silver Dollars okay so here we are at the Subscription page for the Morgan NP Silver dollars and these are all going To be coming out in 2023 and one thing I Do want to mention is that there is no 2023 product schedule out yet all right So there's no 2023 product schedule However you can still subscribe to Purchase these items when they do come Out the other thing I want to note is That the Morgan Silver Dollar on Uncirculated peace Silver Dollar Uncirculated Morgan silver dollar proof And peace silver dollar proof do not Have a date on them you know the coins

Say 2023 but I'm assuming these four Coins are gonna come out every single Year so you're probably gonna get 20 23 2024 2025 so if you subscribe you're Just going to get these coins every year That's what I think they're going to do Uh we'll talk a little bit more about That in a second but this one right here I think this is going to be the big Winner for 2023 the Morgan and peace Dollar uh two coin reverse proof set They call it a subscription but I wonder If it's just going to be this year and Then next year it'll be something Different because they do have the date On here but anyway let's click on one of These we'll just start with the Philadelphia Morgan silver dollar subscription so Here's how it works you're gonna be Charged nothing today when the coin Comes out you're going to be charged Approximately 67 Per product okay and you can get up to Three of these uh so household order Limit is three mintage limit 275 000. now this is a big mintage limit Because you will remember in 2021 there Was only a hundred and seventy five Thousand of the Philadelphia Morgan Silver dollars so the mintage has gotten A lot more robust and there's no product Limit so they might even make more than This we don't exactly know could be in

Some other set or something like that so If you want to get these you select how Many you want one two or three you will Notice if you try to go up to four it Says your quantity has been reduced to Three due to product limit within single Purchase so the most you can get is Three with the subscription model so We'll just hit add to bag we'll pretend Like we're actually going to subscribe Here right and let's say these are the Only ones you wanted to get we'll go View bag and check out and look at this Charge today nothing so you don't have To pay anything to sign up for the Subscription but you're gonna pay 67 a Year approximately right I mean Obviously if the price of silver goes up Then they're going to charge more for These coins so it's kind of weird to Subscribe to some something where you Don't exactly know what the price is Going to be next year you know what if These are 100 a coin Um whatever uh but you are going to get The budget shipping and I mean look at This you don't have to pay anything so I Guess you just put in your credit card And confirm and then once these coins Are released they'll charge your card at That point in time but let's go back and Look at the other coins that are going To be coming out so we have the peace Dollar subscription as well now this one

Here is also 67 per product Approximately and and again these are Just uncertain circulated so nothing Super special about these they are from The Philadelphia mint you can get up to Three of these as well and you will Remember in 2021 there was 200 000 Peace Dollars released they've upped it to 250 000 now so kind of interesting uh but Let's add those to the bag as well I Mean hey it's free I mean yeah they're gonna charge my card Later if I actually sign up for these Subscriptions but you know whatever so The Morgan proof silver dollars this is Something new we've not seen any Morgan Proof silver dollars to come out they Didn't release any in 2021 so these in My opinion are probably going to be Fairly uh hot I think they're going to Do fairly well on the secondary Market Just because it's a proof finish it's Something new but these charge uh 73 Dollars per product so they're a little Bit more expensive but the mintage limit Is higher for hundred thousand mintage Limit right so this is interesting I Mean they went from 275 to four hundred Thousand it is a different mint San Francisco meant not Philly you know but Uh you can also get three of these so Let's add those to the bag let's just See if we uh if we can add them all to The bag and uh what's the other one here

The Pea staller the proof peace dollar From San Francisco so this is basically The same as the Morgan Dollar add three Of those to the bag as well so we're Gonna subscribe to as many of these as We possibly can I think you're probably Going to be able to make money on all of These I think if you went ahead and did Every single subscription once these Coins come out you're probably going to Be able to sell them for a little bit of A profit I don't know that for sure but Um I think that there's worse Collectibles you could buy Um and then let's go ahead and click on This one as well so this one I think Definitely is going to be the biggest Winner if you subscribe to any of these You should probably do this one now it Is the most expensive coming in at 175 Per product but you're going to get two Coins you get the Morgan and the peace Dollar and they are the reverse proof Which I think this is the first time we Will have ever seen a reverse proof Morgan or peace dollar ever and so I Think collectors will definitely want Them and the mintage limit is smaller Than all of the other mintages this year So for 2023 I mean this will be the Lowest mintage 250 000 so we're gonna go ahead and add Three of those to our bag as well and Then if we go to check out we can see

Again we're going to be charged nothing Where's the total look at this nothing Today but when they eventually come out Of course they're going to charge my Card for however much money this is I'm Not exactly sure I have to go through And add it all up I mean it's probably a Thousand over a thousand dollars easily But still I think you'd be able to make Money of these so here's the thing Should you subscribe to these coins or Should you just wait until they're Released and try and buy them at that Point in time I would say if you know That you want them you should just Subscribe and then you can always cancel Your subscription later if you don't Want to get future releases so if we Click on one of them we can actually see How subscriptions work and they tell you About it right here so uh relax knowing You'll save money on shipping and never Miss a release of your favorite US Mint Programs number one select your Subscription add a subscription to your Shopping cart you'll automatically Receive all future releases of your Favorite products as they're available Stay in control we will send an email Notification to subscribers 14 days Before each scheduled product release You can skip an installment or cancel The subscription up to three days before The shipment there is no commitment and

Joy free budget shipping all Subscriptions come with free budget Shipping so you actually are gonna save Money on these these products if you Subscribe it's literally free shipping So if you wait till the coins are Released and try and buy them at that Point in time you are going to have to Pay for shipping unless for some reason You're like a I don't know you bought a Lot from them and they give you some Special offer or I'm sure some people Get free shipping but not everyone so to Guarantee that you'll get free shipping Definitely You're Gonna Want to Subscribe and then of course you can Just cancel your subscription three days Before so I think this is a really cool Idea I mean two weeks before the coins Come out they're gonna say hey we're Gonna charge your card you know it's Coming up and then you have up until Three days before to either say you Don't want the coins or to just outright Cancel your whole subscription all Together so if you decide you want to Cancel your subscription then you're not Going to be charged any money at all and You know that's it I mean you're out of You're out of the program at that point Um I guess and then you could go on and Try and buy them when the coins are Released if you wanted Um I don't think you're gonna be able to

Buy them when they're released and do The subscription I think you have to do One or the other because the household Limit is still just three so I don't Think you can cheat the system and try And get six of each although you might Be able to I don't know but let's talk About how many people have actually Subscribed for these coins so far this Is a coin World article that came out Back in August of 2022 and I could not Find any more recent information than This but they do list how many people at That point in time had subscribed for These different uh coins they actually Do call them enrollments but it looks Like for the 2023 Morgan Dollar Uncirculated 21 000 enrollments I don't know why they Say reflecting 42 000 coins I think that Probably means that on average everyone Has subscribed for two coins so maybe a Lot of people decide to get just one a Lot of people wanted to get three and They're just doubling it I'm not exactly Sure what that means uh but either way Uh 2023 peace dollar uh 25 000 Enrollments reflecting almost 50 000 Coins uh for the proof Morgan Dollar uh Let's see almost 50 000 coins for the Proof peace dollar almost 48 000 coins And for the reverse proof set uh let's See 50 000 sets so there you go and when This article came out uh they didn't

Have the pricing yet but we know the Pricing now so I wonder if that will Affect things at all but either way it Looks like there's not a ton of demand For these coins yet I think that once The 2023 product schedule comes out and People are like okay now let's sit down Let's take a look at this I think it's Possible that they will fill up on their Subscriptions by then I mean I have no Idea I don't know what the demand is Going to be for these but I do know that Back in 2021 there was a lot of demand For these coins so I do think it's Possible that the subscriptions will Fill up you know if you want to make Sure that you get the new Morgan and Peace dollars you should probably just Do the subscription thing I know it's a Little bit weird but hey you are going To get free shipping I think I'm Actually going to go ahead and sign up For the uh the subscriptions myself I Went ahead and just loaded up the most I Possibly could so that's going to be Three of every single product I'm just Gonna subscribe and make sure that I'm Getting three of every product because It's such a hassle you know when these Coins are released to try and log on to The mint website you know it's crashing And it's in you know nothing's working And then you hope you get the coins and It's always so nerve-wracking I feel

Like I'm just gonna be at peace knowing That no matter what I'm gonna get three Of every single coin that comes out and I think this is definitely a better way To do it so you know props to the US Mint for actually coming out with a Subscription thing I know they had the Enrollments in the past but that was a Little more confusing and this is just I Think a better idea where it's literally No money to get your subscription locked In and you know they're going to email You with all the information before the Coins come out and all that stuff so After this video I'm definitely going to Go ahead and subscribe for the maximum Amount that I can and I I guess I just Want to finish off by saying that I do Not know that these coins will be a big Money maker I mean I have a feeling that You're probably going to be able to sell Them for a profit on the secondary Market at least right after they come Out usually there's a lot of hype so you Know I think definitely you probably Could flip them for a profit but if you Just want to collect them you know pass Them on down your kids stuff like that Then you should try and subscribe and Get at least one of each right just so You're guaranteed to have them but I'm Probably Gonna Keep most of them for Myself I don't know I mean if there's a Lot of hype maybe I'll sell some for a

Quick uh profit you know and buy some More silver with that or whatever but That's sort of my plan my stride Strategy I actually am excited for these Coins I was a little bit salty that they Didn't have any come out in 2022 but uh I really like the 2021 versions of the Morgan dollars and the Peace dollars so I'm just probably gonna get them every Year moving forward but anyway what are Your thoughts on the new 2023 Morgan NP Silver dollars are you going to be Getting any of them yourself let me know Down Below in the comment section I do Want to say a massive thank you so much For watching my video and I will see you All in my next one silver dragons Out

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